Memories of my past

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A short story of what a young teen goes threw to forget a horrible past.

Submitted: May 02, 2007

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Submitted: May 02, 2007



I layed on my bed. The room was hot. Sweat droplets formed on my forehead. I struggled to fall asleep. I turned my head toward the clock, it read 3:30 am once more. I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. I closed my eyes but reopened them noticeing that tiredness was far from near. I rolled over onto my side, I closed my eyes once more. Then, as if it hadent happened before, memories raced threw my mind. Startled I opened my eyes. I stared at nothing, except a blank wall.

"I have to get out of here." I said allowed to my self, "To many memories, thoughts, and past pain hide among these walls. There just waiting for the perfect time to strike." I sat up knowing it would be another restless night. I tossed my blanket aside and pushed my self on the bed. I stood there for a second thinking. The house was quite, too quite. I walked over to my door and opened it.  I took a step out into the hallway. I could hear nothing.

"This must be my chance." I said in my head. Not thinking on how I moved, I stumbled quickley back in to my room. I grabed an old ragedy backpack, that I seemed to have forever, and threw some clothes into it, I also grabed a old scrapbook. I quickley changed out of my pajamas, into more warm clothes. I ran into the kitchen and grabed what ever was edible in to my backpack. I took a deep breath in, trying to calm my nervous. I knew what I was doing was right, it has to be. Losing since of time, I walked over to the front door and opened it.  I stared ahead. Nothing but forset was infront of me. I was lucky to live close to the woods. It is a very easy place to get lost in but I have my chances. Without thinking I took of running. I didnt dare stop and look back. For the frist time in a very, very long time I actually felt free from my past.  No memories tried to enter y mind. It seemed when the wind flew by me, as I ran, my pain flew away with it, leaving me. Soon I stoped at the forset's edge.

I was out of breath. I took severaly deep breaths in. I look at the entrance of the forset. It was a dark place. I've heard many things happen here. They werent bad things, they were really not understandable. Taking these riskes, I started my journey threw these woods. The same woods, so many have taken before me. Suddleny I became afrid. The air around me was thicker, the smell of pine was  even stronger. I kept walking. I passed up millions of trees. I walked closer to one of them. I slowly touched the tree bark. I closed my eyes. I felt the pain other's have left behind. Sorrow, tears, and pain was engraved into these trees. In the back of my mind I could here a little voice telling me it is all right to let go. That my pain isnt they only one out there. I smiled to my self and coutinued walking on. I suddenly became tired, knowing i should stop. I noticed a tree a little ways away. It was different than the other trees that surrounded it. But I really didnt care. I walked over to it and swung my back pack off. I sat down and layied my head back against the tree. Soon enough I feel asleep. No memories of past pain dared to enter my sleeping mind. I dreamed of things I dont ever remember dreaming of. Before my mind knew it the sun began to rise. And between the branches of the trees a light shown threw lighting the ground around me.

The air out side was moist, dew from the air formed on my arms and face. The grass was wet. I rolled over onto my stomach. I had the slightest feeling that I was back at home. Hoping I wasn't, I quickly opened my eyes, rubbing away the tiredness. The sky looked as it just awoke from a long nap. I sat up taking in a deep breath. The air smelled of tree bark and dirt. I pulled my legs up close to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs. I looked around me, not seeing much but millions of trees, and a winding river along side me. Letting go of my legs, I grabbed my backpack and took out my last granola bar. I opened my breakfast, lunch and dinner for as long as I know. My stomach grumbled, asking for something else besides a old granola bar. I frowned and layed back down, still munching on the bar.

At little while later, I finished my meal and decide to start back up on my journey. I picked up my backpack and swung it onto my shoulder, I stood up, remembering that I came from the right, so I headed left. I walked slowly threw the woods. I could hear birds chirping and the rippling of the river I followed. I thought in my mind about where I was. I didn't know. All I knew was that I was at least two days away from my house. I stopped walking. Out of no where memories of where I once was, flooded into my mind. I stood there trying to let my mind go blank but it wouldn't. I knew that I had to acknowledge these memories. I dropped my backpack and sat down besides it. I slowly opened my backpack, and took out the scrapbook I manged to grab before I left the house. I flipped threw the pages. Past memories filled my head. Laughter, crying, yelling could be hear throughout my thoughts. As I looked at the pages in the book, I began to cry. I closed my eyes trying not to let the tears fall. I suddenly closed the book. I held it close, trying to feel the love this book once had, but it was gone. It was like holding a lifeless object. I put the book away and wiped away the tears. I stood up, having to move on no matter the cost. I turned to look behind me. I looked past the trees, the animals, the whole woods. I saw my last destination. Some place that I could never go back too. I shook my head and turned back to the left. Where my new path would be set. The path were I would make new memories, meet new people, and a place to really call home. I took a step forward, letting my past pain wipe away. With every step I felt different. I knew that what ever would happen to me would be for the best. I managed to crack a small smile, warmness raced threw me. My smile grew bigger with each step along with the hope I still had in my heart.

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