The romancer

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the title says it all...a heart that beats for only one person, a heart that beats for the last time.

Submitted: January 06, 2011

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Submitted: January 06, 2011



 The Romancer …
of unrequited love.
What will you say if I tell you I am in love with you?
What will you say if I tell you I dream of no one else but you?
Do I have the right to make you mine forever?
Or will you say our lives can never let us be together?
If I have only one wish in this world, you should know what it will be.
In your smile I will live and die, but will you smile for me?
Am I asking for too much, to want to be with you?
For in your happiness lies mine as it begins and ends with you.
Do I deserve to hold your hand if you are in pain or in fear?
Or will you say it was never me that you wished to have near?
If indeed I was condemned to bear an unfulfilled desire from the start,
I will gladly obey your wish to have me forget you, but will you keep me in your heart?
Have I ever given you a reason to not believe in me?
For I have never wandered away from whatever path you chose to tread.
When all the windows in the dark cease to open
Will you seek out for me if you are afraid?
If tears well up in your eyes when you begin to cry
I will rush to catch your tears, but will you notice mine even if I lie?

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