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Sooo... I was going to write a science fiction idea before I did the maths and realized how much of a failure of an idea this was unless... Okay, I might try at it again, but for now, you can laugh at this.

This was the fourth draft of the start... I had already done a few going pretty far in before I didn't like them that much and restarted. The plan that I made that follows this draft will explain everything.
Planet Tyche
By Faizyrooma4
"It's feels like pre-history when we first got off of the planet, and yet back then, it was considered pre-history when humans first got off of the continent, so maybe it's not that much of a stretch to say our feelings are justified," said Balbs, as he chatted with his friend Haths about whatever he felt like in particular.
"I still can't believe that we ever thought it would be impossible to survive in this place," responded Haths in disbelief, "I think I-" he stopped to rub his eyes,"-really need to go now."
Balbs questioned, "Bye, but, and I'm not talking about you, I swear any of you people I try to talk with just says 'Okay, I'm gonna - insert generic activity - but don't worry - insert generic comment - so keep on trucking!' if you're nice, and just try to maim me if not."
"It's a harsh, strange world we're in."
"I'm glad you're not crazy or just plain mean" - then he whispered to himself - "Although most are..."
Haths let off a huge breath, "Okay then, I've gotta leave. I'm nervous..."
"Wait - OH! I remember! You were gonna go on a trip with your Baba!" 
Haths looked up with a tired look at Balbs and said, "You know, I really get tired of you using those words..."
Balbs stopped and thought for a little, then looked up at Haths. Anybody else might have thought that the large rich child standing in front of the young poor one would be attacking him, and anybody who saw such a thing would not be bothered. In the area where they lived, there had been a colonial disaster, and the area had succumbed to anarchy, with people getting beaten up, and a class system forming.
But Balbs and Haths were friends, not attacker and victim. Haths had been feeding the child ever since he had found him a few veets back. They were living on a moon of Jupiter, Io. This moon's volcanoes were all sites of several failed missions. It was strange why such a small moon defied all attempts at bring used. But perhaps it was nothing more than human error. Veets, five orbits of Jupiter. There was another calender that even the rich could barely figure out without precise equipment. Everytime Juiter orbited the sun, which was divided into 114 parts. These were called Ipitions. 
The point of it all bring that Balbs was a good friend of Haths, and Haths was a good friend of Balbs, and the two would often be together, Haths protecting the weaker Balbs. But soon enough, it would change.
Balbs responded, "You know, you people were almost aliens before I met you. We're not even that poor, and yet you upper class people treat us like dirt!"
Haths sighed and explained, "Look. I have to meet someone with my father. This someone is a very strange person who I have had tough relations with, and I don't want to have to meet them again, but I have to for my father."
Balbs just silently nodded and walked away, and Haths put on his black outer coverings and left.
Being a rich person in this neighbourhood was a very dangerous thing. It was sad. Nobody here wanted to do anything. A lot of people just tried to stay alive and keep their family going. 'Poor' people were always being used and usually not educated, but the richer ones were always fighting a gang war. The extremely rich people who virtually formed a government in the area were always sitting up in some old colony and not bothering with the affairs of others. Nobody of Balbs' type knew what they did, and none of Haths' either, but there were rumours of them having a lot of resources even after 'The Disaster' and working on escaping Io.
Haths continued in his disguised suit, and it was nighttime on Io, and it was fairly dark, so the disguise worked well enough. Haths walked around the streets, and slowly crawled his way up the streets on the mountain-side of the volcano where his parents' estate lied. He slept there, but did almost nothing else there. He spent most of his time either with Balbs or going on spy missions to find out what their family's enemies were up to. It was dangerous work, especially for someone who had only recently turned one orbit old. First orbit was childhood, second orbit was young adulthood or adolescence, and then third orbit moves you into not so young adulthood, and then every orbit onwards was adult life.
This was the revised plan... But near the end, the calculation I did DESTROYED everything. 
Plan for Planet Tyche
?There have been years of conquests on Mars and attempts to move a little onwards.
?The moon of Jupiter Io really doesn't like getting conquered.
?So everybody who lived in a really old colony fell into disorder.
?Meanwhile, the richest, most powerful people isolate themselves from the rest of society in the abandoned colony, establishing a project to create a ship to evacuate the colony.
?Meanwhile, many years later, Haths, a child fo a rich family helps out and befriends Balbs, a small middle class, 'poor' person. (by their standards)
?Haths talks with Balbs and then the thing is introduced.
?Haths goes home and the  after he wakes up he goes on a meeting with an ally clan
?After this commences, there is a big hubhub as the higher-ups finish the rocket and round up the whole colony to escape. 
?They all arrive at the rocket and journey to the planet Mars.
?From there, the people of the colony slowly dissipate and re-join society.
?Haths and Balbs manage to escape being attacked by the 'ally' clan that Haths had hated secretly.
?After all of this happens, they land on Earth, and Haths realizes that there are many problems there.
?Haths gets found by a scientist man, who takes him to his home before he sends them to some kind of adoption center.
?They tell the man, named Halicon, about the colony where they had resided for so long.
?After they do, a warning in the news the next day shows that Planet Tyche was 'predicted' to exist by a LOT of asteroids that came form the very, very, very outer solar system.
?Halicon decides to keep the children for a little longer, realizing that their information could be lost if he gave them away.
?They leave for Mars.
?The ship is interuptted on its journey by bandits.
?These bandits turn out to be the 'ally' clan.
?They flee to Mars and manage to disguise themselves on a regular space traffic road.
?Due to the epicity of new space travel ships, they get there in what takes 20 Earth days according to Halicon.
?There, they get to a space travel agency and tell them about the bandits and the threat they detected.
?Turns out, this has already been detected, and Halicon's precense, along with the two boys, is required.
?They agree and a meeting is held to discuss the matter.
?Turns out, that in the about 19.5 Sols (Martian days) it has been discovered that many of the asteroids heading towards them are going to hit colonies on Mars, even well-developed ones, making this whole thing dangerous.
?They decide that in the 10,310 Earth years, these asteroids will get close to the range of Mars and Earth's orbits.
?This is so much time that the story is broken, so scrap this poopid idea.
?..... :(
Sooo... That's about it. Don't worry, if you people think it'll be nice I might do it again with some tweeks, or maybe I'll do it even if you don't like it. 

Submitted: March 10, 2019

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