The Dream Man

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When Jess wakes up, she wishes nothing more than for school to be canceled, but how will she react to the surprise she has in store for her once she gets there?

Submitted: October 11, 2013

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Submitted: October 11, 2013



I wasn't sure where I was, the walls were white, the bed sheets were white and the sun was gleaming through the window. He was sleeping peacefully beside me, his tanned skin glowing from the sun so he looked almost angel like.

“Jess!!” I heard my mum shouting, then I opened my eyes and the picture came crashing down, I was back in my bedroom with the rain pounding off the windows.

“Jess, you’ll be late” my mum called, starting up the stairs.

“ok I’m up” I called back as I sat up in bed. Another boring day of school ahead. I put my uniform on slowly, hoping a meteor would come plummeting down on top of the school at last minute or that there would be a freak snow storm. In the middle of April. Just so i could stay home and go back to that dream.

It didn’t happen. If it had, I wouldn’t be stuck here in a classroom, sat at my desk with some random guy holding a gun to my teachers head. I know right, how weird is that, anyway we all just sat gawping for the first five minutes completely stunned, then the guy started talking to Mr Morton who is probably the most boring guy I’ve ever met. Gun man didn’t even seem to notice the rest of us in the class, to him it was just him and the teacher. Which is why I decided to pull out my notebook and write it all down, just in case I don’t make it out alive, I could be one of those famous dead people. I like writing, I often write stories at home when I’m bored.

Gun man has started shouting at Mr Morton who seems surprisingly calm. A couple of girls and even one of the boys have started to cry. I can’t understand a word gun man is saying, he’s too worked up to make any sense. He has tanned skin with dark brown eyes and dark hair, a bit like the guy from my dream. Gun man lifted a finger towards the trigger causing one of the girls to shriek, he looked round at us then. Like it was the first time he’d seen anyone else in the room.

“Carl, Carl would you just calm down” Mr Morton is saying now, in a voice that only shook a little. So sexy gun man is called Carl, and Mr Morton appears to know him. This could be more interesting than I thought. Certainly not the same old boring day of school I thought it would be this morning. Carl realising he probably shouldn’t let anyone get out or in at risk of getting into trouble, and realising he was in a school so it was likely he’d get caught, began to barricade the door whilst ordering some of us to help. Luckily for me I wasn’t one of those people.

My arms beginning to ache now and there’s not much going on so I’m going to stop writing for now and just watch.

So. I’m back to the writing, we’ve been here three hours now and no one from outside appears to have noticed that a bunch of teenagers and a teacher are missing. I quite like the idea that I’m being held hostage, makes my life seem a hell of a lot more interesting, definitely something to tell the kid’s, if I even get to have any. At this point, I wouldn’t say it seems very likely. I wish we had our phones but we have to leave them in our bags at the other side of the room.

Ok so I just looked up for a second, can’t seem to keep my eyes off Carl, he really is quite fit. Well anyway I looked up and there he was watching me. I tried to avoid eye contact but I couldn’t knowing he was watching me.

“What are you writing?” he asks giving my notebook a quick nod.

“Just a story” I say going red. I felt like I was lying, but I wasn’t it’s my story of my death. Maybe, we’ll see anyway.

Carls still watching me, it’s starting to make me feel rather uncomfortable. The next time I looked up he smiled at me. Yes that’s right, angry, sexy gunman smiled at me, and for some reason I smiled back, well until Mr Morton coughed and Carl suddenly shot round to face him like he’d completely forgotten he was even there.

“So James, are you going to give me some answers or do I have to blow your brains out?” Carls said glaring at him. Whoa. The whole situation seems a lot scarier now he’s said that, and yet for some reason I was just curious of what Carl was so pissed about.

“I think you already know Carl, otherwise you wouldn’t be here” Mr Morton says standing up slowly.

“Yeah that’s right, you killed my dad, bonked my mum and tried to play happy families” Carl said almost spitting with rage. I look around to see the whole class staring wide eyed at the two of them. I’m beginning to hope they can work through this by talking, I don’t do blood and I’d rather not be scarred for life.

“That’s not how it was Carl” Mr Morton says, starting to look rather nervous.

“I thought you were my dad” Carl says. He said it quietly but you could still see the rage in his eyes. Then he looks up at him.

“Then I find out you were just trying to replace the man you killed” Carl says almost shouting now.

“I didn’t kill him, he killed himself” Mr Morton said trying to remain calm.

“Because of you” Carl replied, pointing the gun at Mr Morton’s head. But then he hears something and spins around fast, gun still raised in his hand. He sees Matt Jones dive across the room to his bag, trying to get to his phone. Carl looks startled, he points the gun towards Matt shouting “oi!”.

Ok, thinking back to that day now I can’t think what made me do it, I remember it all happened so fast, when I saw Carl point that gun at Matt I moved as fast as I could to get in front of him, next thing I knew I was on the floor with a gunshot in the arm. I’m now in the hospital. Not sure what happened after I got shot as I fainted from all the blood.

When I woke up there were some flowers on the bedside cabinet, from Carl. They made me smile, I don't know why, I don't even know the guy. My friend told me Mr Morton hadn't pressed charges, apparently he managed to pull some strings down at the station too as Carl got away with just a warning as long as he started going to councling sessions each week.

So anyway, i was happily admiring my flowers when a dark shaddow fell across my door. I looked up to see a guy standing there, looking at me. Carl.

"I'm sorry" he said, nodding at my arm.

"Oh, it's ok" i say smiling, i seem to be doing alot of this smiling at the moment.

"Well, can i take you out sometime?" he asks me.

"Sure, i get out of here on thursday" i say, blushing a little.

"Pick you up at seven on friday then?" he said before turning to leave.

And thats how our beautiful realationship started and seven months later we were married with a baby. ok, ok i'm totally kidding. I'm sixteen for god's sake! but we are still together, and very happy. I finally found my dream man. Litterally.

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