She gone

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yeah she's gone

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



She's dying. not physical but mentaly why has the world and people around her let her down? She cries and cries wishing

she can see all the love around her. but she doubts it all the time. She pushed away the people that met so much to her

cause she can't let go of the past. How can words affect someone so much. Words hurt but what hurts more is that if you

know they meant it... She is hurt she hates to see the people around her hurt upset and living life without being happy. With

all that she has to give and  show she hides it because she's afraid she well be judged denied or unwanted. She's been

bullyed but that only because the way she dresses. Emo is what she's labled but it doesn't affect her until somone has to say

something. Tears is what she feels smiles is what she shows. She hates living she hates being alone. WHY why have you

done things your not proud of. You can hurt someone who's already living dead. Think and think how could this affect

someone. "You know there name, not there story". This is a quote WORTH remembering live by it cause you may make

someone hate thereselfs as much as she hates herselft... how do i know she does, well i am her and this is my message. And

i'm dead and walking. 


Thousands are bullied, neglected, and abused everyday and of every age. If you care and respect everyone for who and 

what they really are even if you may not agree. Stop the chain the aggression now before its to late.

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