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Maybe it wasn't a dream I said.

Submitted: October 20, 2018

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Submitted: October 20, 2018



My Reflection


I  was looking around I just woke up nobody was in the room but I heard a voice. I heard someone call my name I thought. Nevermind that I looked around wondering where everybody was, and why I was there. I went back to looking around the room. Then I went to the door and I tried the knob, it is locked. There is that voice again I thought. As it gets closer it keeps on calling my name. I think it's’ in the closet. I opened the closet and there I am. There has to be a mirror in her I said to myself. I tried moving to see if my reflection would move too. Well it didn’t. This is not real I thought backing away. “Well it is” replied my reflection. How did you, “I am your reflection we have the same mind” interrupted my reflection. I think what you think you think what I think. Now ask me what do you see. Ok what do you see. I see a beautiful young lady who is going to grow up and be amazing. You know what I am really pretty. “Well you know what?” asked my reflection. “What I” replied. “Walk with me to the closet, you have always been beautiful even when you don’t think so” said my reflection. “Ok” I replied. “You need to be more confident in yourself” said my reflection. “Here is a journal every day you need to write something about yourself that you really feel confident about” said my reflection reaching out to give me the journal. “I am afraid I have to go now” said my reflection. “Will you visit” I asked my reflection. “Yes” it replied. “Now go lay back in bed and go to sleep” said my reflection. “Ok” I replied. “I went to bed and I woke up to being back at my house. I soon realized that it was all a dream. But the only thing that I could not figure out is that when I woke up there was the journal that my reflection gave me sitting on my table. Maybe it wasn’t a dream I thought.


By: Jesseca Buzzelli


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