The Power of True Love

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This is a story of a man who was always alone or so he thought. with a bully and an unlikely person at his side he will find love.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



It was a cold winter’s night when I was walking home from school, and then they appeared. “Hey lets’ talk buddy.” One of them said. He looked nice and like he wanted to help me, but I knew better than that. “Just leave me alone already. You’ve already done enough.” I say. He stands there looking at me like I just hurt him, but I know I didn’t. I know that he will act like I hurt his feelings and make me want to say sorry, but for what? His friends and he have done it to me numerous times. They have never apologized for it. I walk right through them and start to continue my way home, when he actually says that he is sorry. I stand still frozen and somewhat angered at what I just heard. “How dare you try to tell me that after I’ve been through all of this pain!” I yell at him. “Don’t you dare say you’re sorry for what you’ve done to me when I try and do a little bit of the same thing to you!” I say. I turn around and continue my walk home and get away from him and his gang of assholes. I enter my empty house and go straight to my room, and plop on my bed trying to forget about the day’s events.

As I wake up the next morning for school my mom is there and she has a worried look on her face. “What’s wrong mom?” I ask. “I was worried about you. I saw that you were having a shouting match with him. She said. “Yeah, he kind of made me mad so I yelled at him.” I say. I get up and get dressed, then start my walk in the harsh weather conditions to school. As I walk to school I can feel the snow crunching beneath my feet. I start to shiver because of the wind being below zero. I make it to school and walk into class where I realize I’m the first student there. I sit at my desk and take out my textbook and tablet, then I wait for everyone else to show up. “What the fuck are you doing here so early loser?” the class jock asks me. “No need to be rude asshole, besides I just got here and I didn’t know that I was going to be the first one here.” I retort. “Pfft yeah right and I’m supposed to believe that a goody two shoes like you didn’t know when everyone showed up so you could look like the nerd of the class?” he said. I sighed not wanting to say anything more about the subject.

The teacher walks in the classroom and sees that the class jock and I were the first two people in there. On the first day of class we went over romance and what people do if you like someone. He told us that he would make a rule if two students were the first two people in the classroom that they had to go to the front of the class and kiss for five seconds. We were all shocked when he said that was now a class rule. It hit me and I told the class jock that you were screwed unless you have a secret no one knows about. The teacher asks the class jock and I to step to the front of the class and I know what’s going to happen. The teacher then says “What the fuck were you two faggots doing in my class room this morning?!” I look at the class jock like I can’t believe my ears and I really couldn’t, neither could he. One problem that gave away his secret right then and there he started to cry because he had been humiliated and called a faggot.

After class I grab his shoulder and I ask if he wants to hang out for a bit so we can talk about what happened. He of course tries to act like a big tough guy, but I saw right through it and dragged him to my house. While we were walking to my house we ran into him again. “Hey looks like you finally found someone faggot.” He says to me. “Leave me alone already. He is just a friend.” I retort. He lunges forward and punches me in my chest making me fall backward. The class jock saw this and punched him in his face so hard that he flew back. After his gang fled the scene the class jock came over to me and picked me up. “Are you alright?” he asked me. “Yeah I’m fine, but thanks for doing that.” I tell him. He carries me the rest of the way back to my house and lays me on my bed and stays there with me making sure I’m alright.

He stays the night and we wake up for school, but it is Saturday so he stays over for the entire weekend and we watch tv not wanting to go outside in the freezing cold. I sit on the couch and he cuddles up next to me with the heater turned on so we were warm in my house. I looked at him and asked “Why are you so protective and caring for me?” he stares into my eyes and leans in kissing me with his soft, wet lips and I kiss back. We hold that position for five minutes then he breaks the kiss and tells me “It’s because I love you” I look at him with shock and yet I don’t pull away from him. “I love you too” I tell him. He smiles and kisses me again and cuddles with me on the couch. We lay there and slowly start to fall asleep our lover in the others’ arms.

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