Things Aren't As They May Seem

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Roxi Micheals is a 25 year old who has trouble holding down a job. And when she finally gets one, she starts seeing ghost like things. And then Shane starts actually noticing her for the first time....EVER!!! But what happens when a ghost takes over her body???

Submitted: October 22, 2008

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Submitted: October 22, 2008




I guess I should start at the beginning of my story. My name is Roxi Michaels. It all started on one stormy night, when my body got taken over by a ghost. Yes, I said ghost. I don’t know exactly when it all started but all I can remember is that the ghosts made me kill a lot of people. They have never caught me but there’s still time.  I guess now would be a good time to tell you that I can see ghosts. I won’t put it like the kid in The Sixth Sense did and say “I see dead people,” but I do however see a lot of stupid people everyday. Does that count? Well anyway, now to tell you my story on how it happened…

3 months ago
I was driving to New Orleans, from my house in Slidell. It wasn’t a good night, Tropical Storm Tracy, was coming through the lake. I was almost across the Twin Span when my car suddenly lost control. Sounds like that could happen to anyone that night, right? Well the reason it went out of control was because I saw something. I don’t know what it was! It was in the middle of the lane that I was in.  I was screwed! I was going to be late for work again. I can’t afford to get fired from yet another job. I’m only 25 and I’ve worked 5 jobs in the last year. It seemed like it was running towards my car. I tried to get out of my lane, but I almost went through the guard rail. As I switched lanes, I started to black out for no reason…
* * * * * * *
I slowly got out of my car and tried to walk, but my legs didn’t move. People stopped to check it out. One person called 911 when they saw all the blood all over my body. When the cops came to ask me questions I couldn’t remember anything.
The cops said that I was the one who started the accident, that is was my fault. I guess I ran into three other cars and they all died in the accident. I told them about the strange thing that was right in front of my car. But the people who saw the crash didn’t see the light. I had to go to the hospital because I had a broken arm, a couple of really ghastly cuts all over my body, and a really dreadful concussion.
“The cops all thought I was crazy. I’m not crazy!! I swear I know I saw something…I don’t know what I saw for sure. It was some kind of light. Someone has to believe me!” I said hysterically.
They took me to the hospital and called the bar where I work full-time. My boss, Shane, said that I could come to work when I was feeling better, but I think he is just going to end up firing me anyways. Shane I can understand why he would fire me.
I finally got out of the hospital a week later. Shane came by everyday to see how I was doing. I don’t know why he would leave his bar just because of me. I’m nothing special. I have no family. But he came even though I told him not to. My friend, Ash, came to see me in the hospital. She made me feel a lot healthier. When I got out of the hospital, and I went straight to work so I can get the money to start paying my bills that have piled up. Shane gave me the day shift. So now I bartend for the lunchtime crowd. The good thing about working the day shift is that I don’t get hit on like I do during the night shift. The bad thing is that I don’t get as big tips though.  Shane is always watching me now. It’s a little on the weird side because he never noticed me before. So it was really surprising that he came and visited me in the hospital. Shane is really gorgeous, so why would he look at somebody like me? I mean, I’m short, only 5’7”, not lean but not overweight either just stuck somewhere in the middle, my hair is black and so curly it’s out of control, and I’m really pale to. My eyes are a bluish-green color.So I don’t know what he would see in me.

I saw Roxi today. She didn’t look that good but what can I do? She doesn’t notice me. She is really, really hot. I went and saw her everyday while she was in the hospital. When she told me how she crashed and didn’t want to believe her. But how could I not believe, I see ghosts, too. As she described the strange thing that enveloped her car on her way to work, I just knew she could see ghosts too. 
I have always been able to see ghosts. When I was little I used to say to my parents ‘why is there someone outside, staring in?’ But when they looked out there would be no one there anymore. My parents tried to get me some help but all the so called doctors didn’t know how to ‘help’ me. So finally when I was 12, my parents gave up trying to get me the ‘help’ I needed so badly.
Roxi doesn’t like to let anyone to close because I guess she’s been hurt too much in the past. I try to get close but she doesn’t think that I would want to be friends or more if I could. I had always thought that ghosts were always good, but the ones that took over Roxi’s car weren’t good at all. I just hope that they don’t take over anymore. But I can tell that she’s scared that they will.
I will see her in an hour when I get to work. I gave the day shift so she could get a little bit of a normal sleeping schedule. I wanted to give her some time off but she shot that down as soon as I offered it. She also thinks that she’ll get fired because she was late again. I don’t see why because that was only the second time since I hired her; and that was almost six months ago!
I want to see her more but it’s like she’s been avoiding me. I wish she would just trust me a little bit so I can talk to her and get to know her a little more. I guess she’s just determined to keep it as just employer and employee relationship type of thing.
I finally got her alone, while she was walking to her car so I could talk to her!
“Hey! Roxi!” I yelled to get her attention.
“Yeah? Did I forget something?” Roxi said as she turned to talk to me.
“No, I just wanted a chance to talk to you.”
“Oh…” said Roxi.
“Yeah, anyways, why have you been avoiding me?” I asked.
“I haven’t been avoiding you. I’ve just been busy…,” Roxi said hesitantly.
“Every time I see you?”
“Well I just want you to know that you can talk to me or call me anytime you need to. And I wanted you to know that I believe you about the ghosts taking over your car a couple of weeks ago,” I said in a rush. I was pretty nervous now that I actually got her to talk to me in an actual conversation.
“Um…okay, Shane,” Roxi said.
“Yeah…do you think…that you would go out with me sometime? I mean like, when you get better and everything?” I said shakily. I hoped she didn’t notice the tremor to my voice!
“Sure. When would you like to go out or whatever?” she said.
“How about next Friday?” I said.
“Sure, that’ll be cool.”

What was I thinking? Agreeing to go out with him like that? He must think that I’m desperate! I should just call him and tell him that I can’t make it that night…or any other night for that matter. I think he just said that he believed me just so I would go out with me. But no matter how much I tell myself that I still believe him when he said that.
Well we are going out to dinner and a movie for our date. I think we are going to go see 30 Days of Night. It sounds really good, but I don’t know if the malevolent ghosts will come back or not. They seem to only come at night while I sleep. It would really suck if they came while I was with Shane.
The phone rang while I was pondering all of this.
“Hi, Roxi,” Shane said from the other end.
“Hey, dude. What’s up?”
“Nothing much. So what are you doing?”
“Nothing, just getting ready for work.”
“You don’t have to go until you’re feeling better,” Shane said. He wants me to take it easy for a little while. He said that he believed me when I told him that I thought an evil spirit had taken control of my car.
“Yeah, I know, but I need the money so I can pay the bills and stuff,” I replied.
“Okay, but you’re getting off early. Remember, our date is for tonight?” he asked.
“Yeah I know that but still every little bit helps.”
“Well I guess I will see you at six?” he asked uncertainly.
“Yeah, see you at six.”
“Okay, I’ll see you then.”
“Alright then, later.” I said.
I hung up the phone, and sat wondering whether the spirits would come back or not. I have this feeling that something really; really erroneous was going to happen tonight. I hope he doesn’t mind me being a little out of it while we’re on our date.
For our date, I decided to wear my orange and black striped shirt with my black jeans and my converses. Shane’s car pulls up into my drive way; he has a really awesome car, but then again he can afford nice cars and things. The doorbell rang as I was walking downstairs. But then all of a sudden the spirits came back!
I was unnaturally to walk back up stairs into my bedroom and to my nightstand where I keep my 9 millimeter semi-automatic handgun. I walked back down the stairs to open the door for Shane.
Shane stepped inside the doorway; he looked at me or at what was my body, and saw the dazed expression that was on my face. He was instantly cautious of me. Shane walked closer to me slowly; it seemed as if he wasn’t really moving but rather just suddenly there closer.
“Roxi, why do you have a gun?” Shane asked mysteriously.
I didn’t say anything, but then again I didn’t have to because I guess my facial expressions said it all, or well lack there of. Shane inched closer to my gun hand. Then abruptly he suddenly had the gun away from me. A shot rang out and I collapsed. I vaguely heard Shane call 911, but before I could hear anything else everything went black.
One Week Later
My side hurts tremendously badly. Where am I? Then the memories all came rushing back to me, I’m in the hospital because I was shot during the struggle for the gun. I open my eyes and see Shane hovering over me.
“Roxi? Are you okay?” Shane shot rapidly at me.
“Yeah…my side hurts but-yeah I’m fine,” I said.
“But what?” Shane asked curiously.
“It happened again didn’t it?”
“By ‘it’ I assume you mean the ghosts and everything?” Shane said.
“Then, yes is happened again; but I think that the ghosts are finely gone because I saw them leave your body after you got shot.” Shane replied.
“What now you can see ghosts too? What will you be able to do next?” I muttered.
“YES! I can thankyouverymuch!” Shane said defensively.
 “Oh…” I said surprised.
“So…when can I get outa here?” I asked
“I don’t know, but I’ll go ask your doctor.”
A few minutes later the doctor came in and checked me out and as long as I am very careful, I can leave at noon.
“I’m driving you to my house so I can take care of you.” He said.
“What?! No, you can drive me back to my apartment. I can take care of myself!” I roared.
“No I am taking you to my house whether you like it or not.” He said evenly with a hint of the rage that I’ve never seen from him.
“You know what fine, take me wherever you want. I don’t care anymore!”
 “Thanks I will.” He said smugly.
Back at his house, he set me up in one of his many bedrooms and told me to make myself at home. After a few hours of doing absolutely nothing, I got exceptionally bored. 
“Hey, Roxi?”
“We have to talk.”
“Uh oh…that never ends well.”
“Well…I really like you and I was hoping that we could have a do-over date?” he said dubiously.
“Yeah I like you too, but I always have liked you.”
“Yeah, but I thought you were always too bust or something to notice me…”
“I always thought you were too busy to notice me.”
“Nope, I always noticed you…oh now that sounds as if I’ve been stalking you.” I said amused.
“Yeah, it does, but I don’t mind!” he said laughing.
“SO where do you want to go for our date-“
“Will you marry me?”
“Whoa, yeah I’ll marry you!” I could barely talk but I squeaked it out just the same.
Shane sighs and murmurs “Thank God!”

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