Believe In The Fight

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this is dedicated to all those fighters out their who loose their hope once in a while.

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012



Some nights i wish i knew what i do stand for
Wish i knew whether the fight was worth more
Wish the truth was not a dense meshwork mixed with the lie
Wish the good and the evil were not like ever changing faces questioning the very ground I stand by

Some mornings I wish I would wake up and had the answers to the feud inside
 Wish I could finally tear apart the truth from the lie wide
Wish I could look at the brightness of the sun in the eye
Wish I could tell those sleepless nights to go by

But most nights I keep wandering about my ultimate goal
In the light of the fire burning my  very own soul
Fighting with the darkness for the  light
Even sealing the deal with the devil to know the right

I know I am scaring you because it scares me too
Wish I could tell you things will be okay but that wont be true
But one thing that has been my guiding staff in the blindness of the wrong and the right
Is nothing other than my very own might
The endless will to fight

Some mornings to fight for what I believe in
Some days  fight to know what I believe in
Some nights fight just simply to believe in anything that will help me just to survive even if not to win

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