The fragment of leaf fell from my hand

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for all those tears we shed remember feeling pity for ourselves remember its a luxury which many cannot afford.

Submitted: May 21, 2012

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Submitted: May 21, 2012



I looked up at the dark blue sky above adorned by tiny bright dots. They looked distant, far beyond the reach of reality ,looking at us from a sad and melancholy place. I pitied them .Looking at them often made me feel better .  For they remind me that they will never know what it is like to feel alive.

The swirling wind suddenly whispered an untold mystery in my ears ,putting a soft smile on my face.The green grass beside me looked hurt for the winds never spoke, leave alone reveal any mystery. I patted them with consoling hands . I tried to tell them sorry for I could not reveal to it the secrets .For the winds had trusted me. A dry leaf  descended like a feather in my lap trying to calm the situation. I tried to pick the leaf from my lap but it soon crushed into bits.I did not mean to do it but the small fragments in my hand looked at me with mocking eyes . “I did’nt want this to happen.”I said with tears rolling down my eyes. “I never wanted to hurt you” I cried to it again. I lied on the grass  tears falling over them leaving a black stained route behind them, from the melting of my mascara.  The little boy came sprinting after the rabbit .My tear stricken eyes looked at the sight of innocence from behind the curtains of guilt .I let my soul wander with them.He picked up a stone lying lazily in the grass and aimed it at the rabbit.Wait not so innocent is it. I tried to stop the little fellow from doing the deed that will wipe away all of his innocence but I was too late. The little rabbit lay motionless .Its very sight screaming at us with condem.He picked it up and took it happily for it was his dinner he said.The best dinner he will have in days he said.”The blood”I asked “the blood does not scare you?”I asked again. “but hunger scares me more he said”.I watched him disappear in the lap of horizon and his happy face. I let the fragments of leaf fall from my hands.I have to live I said.I have to live even if it is with the guilt of bringing your end I said ,for life is the only truth ,the rest a luxurious dream I said.


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