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a simple text..booze that reminds u of boys.. ;)

Submitted: April 16, 2012

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Submitted: April 16, 2012




I went on a journey to find Mr.Right,

So this is the story of that wonderful ride

Where some guys were good,some were bad

Some were mistakes I'm glad I had.


There was that cute lil' lover boy,

Sensitive, charming and even a little coy.

But the poor kid coudn't take the hotter spanking

so it was bye-bye for my vodka darling.


Then there was the one who took me on adventure rides,

Leather pants, tattoed back and fast black bike;

He took me for all kinds of naughty fun,

But a little unstable for me was Mr. Rum


Then came up the old and wise,

bought for me things that were expensively nice,

but for all of his experience he coudn't keep up with me,

it was a sad farewell to Mr. Whiskey.


And then in a party that turned too wild,

He came and rescued me like a knight;

And as we spent the days playing in the sand

He seemed to be the perfect man.


He was an adventure like sex on the beach,

Refreshing as a mojito is meant to be,

Experienced like my favourite fruity wine

I finally found my 'cocktail' this time!!


- Srishti Magan

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