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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part 2 of the epic Short Story of Chaocrin! Think it deserves a part three??? RATE AND COMMENT!!! XD

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012






Ch. 1


“I dreamt of him again last night…”

“The boy…?”


“Did he say anything to you this time?”

“No…at least I don’t think so…he was screaming something…but it was like I had gone deaf all of a sudden.”

“You couldn’t make out what was said?”

“No…but it was almost like he was warning me. Warning me of some great danger…”

“Can you describe the surroundings of the dream?”

“It was dark…it’s always dark when I dream of him.”

“Hmm… what does he look like?”

“Tall…brown skin…he’s wearing some sort of red fleece and blue jeans but he’s dirty. As if he’s been rolling through the dirt…”

“Does he have a name?”


“Serene? Does he have a name…?”

“His name…is Dami….”




My eyelids raised slowly and took in a great amount of the morning sun. I narrowed them slightly and pulled the covers over my face as the beams of light struck my eyes. The covers were snatched from my body quickly.

“Wake up, girl!” Tessa shouted as she jumped onto my still tired body. “You always do this when we’ve made plans!”

I smiled lightly. “Come on, Tess, just a few more minutes.”

“Uh, hello?! I’ve given you thirty more minutes of sleep already! If you don’t get up now we’re gonna miss out on that huge sale at the outlet mall.” She pleaded. I groaned and placed my pillow over my face. Tessa proceeded to beat the pillow mercilessly. “Oh no you don’t!” She said as she grabbed the pillow and threw it on the floor with the covers. “Get your butt up, girl.”

I giggled softly and took in a deep breath. “Okay. I’ll get dressed.”

“You better.” She warned as she pointed a finger at me and glared slightly. I rolled my eyes as she left my small room.

Tessa was my roommate ever since I graduated high school. I was eighteen and she was nineteen but she acted as if she was twenty-three. She was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and tanned skin. Her eyes were hazel and she had a gorgeous smile. It was no mystery how she obtained all of the guys’ attention where ever we would go.

I sat up in my bed and took a moment to let everything sink in. I didn’t have any weird dreams about the boy last night. In fact, I didn’t dream at all. My slumber was the most sublime it had ever been. It was part of the reason I didn’t want to wake up.

I emerged from my bed and walked over into my bathroom. I turned on the light and peered into the mirror.

My long black hair had remained straight and shiny throughout the night. Even my brown highlights were glowing as they do every day. Tessa never understood how I never had to wash or brush my hair. I could do whatever style I wanted with my hair and it would always come out perfect without all the hassle. I never really paid attention to that little trait of myself.

My skin was a very light brown and my eyes were hazel as well. I had arched eyebrows that somehow made my round face gorgeous, as Tessa would put it. I had a healthy body even though I had never been to a gym in my life. Again, another trait that Tessa envied me for having.

I turned on the faucet and ran some warm water. I cupped my hands underneath the flow and threw the contained water across my face. I grabbed a dry towel from the rack on the side of the mirror and dried my face off.

I removed the towel and saw not only my reflection within the mirror but a man as well. My eyes went wide with horror as I stared at his grinning face.

He was taller than me by a few feet. His eyes were covered by black aviator shades that held both of our reflections within them. His hair was jet black as well as his arched eyebrows. He was wearing a black trench coat as well.

I turned around quickly and was about to scream until I realized that I was in the bathroom alone. I turned back to the mirror and saw only my reflection within it. I peered at myself in curiosity for a brief moment.

“Hey!” Tessa shouted from outside of the door. “You better be getting ready in there!”

“I am!” I shouted back. “I’ll just be a minute…”

Who was that? It wasn’t the boy from my dreams...

I shook the image from my head and traveled back into my room where I proceeded to get ready for the day.



“This is going to be so much fun!” Tessa shouted as we walked down the stairs from our apartment. She was wearing a pair of her favorite blue jeans that she had gotten on sale at a place called Taylor’s located in the outlet mall. She also wore a red and white Alabama shirt with white converse sneakers. I was wearing a pair of white fitted pants along with my white half-shirt that showed off my bellybutton. The shoes I had on were white and silver. Tessa never really understood how I adored the color white. She never considered white as an actual color. “I can’t believe you’re wearing all of that white to an outlet mall sale.”

“It’s just an outfit, Tessa.” I said with a smile.

“It’s an outfit that makes you look like a black and white movie.” She said as she rolled her eyes. The comment made me giggle as we made our way to the red Volkswagen Beetle parked in front of the apartment complex. Tessa had gotten the car for a graduation present. She was looking to give it to me after she got her new car next year.

The morning was quiet, mainly because it was Sunday and everyone was already at their desired churches. I’ve always loved churches. I love the singing the most. It always made me feel warm inside when I heard those beautiful voices singing about peace and care for the world.

We entered the car and began heading towards the outlet mall.

“So, anymore dreams about your lover boy?” Tessa asked as we cruised down the highway.

“He’s not my lover boy.” I corrected. “And no, not last night anyway.”

“Hmm…you know what they say about dreams, right?”


“Well, the people that you meet in your dreams are actually people that you’ve met before; even if it was just you glancing at them for a brief second.” She explained.


“Uh-huh. I read that in a book somewhere.”

“What?! You can read?!” I asked sarcastically.

She reached over and punched me in my shoulder.

“Ha-ha very funny. I’m serious though.”

“Well I’ve never met him in my life.” I assured. “I’ve never seen him before, not even for a brief moment.”

“Whatever you say.” Tessa drifted off of the highway and onto the road towards the outlet mall. The traffic was backed up all the way down the street as many anxious customers waited for a parking spot for the epic sale.

“You ready for this?” Tessa asked as she lifted her hand with an outstretched pinky finger.

“Born ready.” I said confidently as I grabbed her pinky finger with mine.

“Let’s go shopping!” We both said in unison.



Ch. 2


“Oh my goodness, can you believe this dress?!” Tessa asked as she stared in shock at a blue and white dress on the clearance aisle of the store. “And look at this! It’s only forty-five dollars!” The store was packed with anxious buyers. By just standing and examining the dress we were entitled to bumps and soft shoves from other customers.

“It is cute…” I said with a nervous smile. Tessa glared at me a little.

“Come on, Serene, you have to have some color choices when you go shopping!” She acknowledged.

“Since when has it become a rule that I have to love other colors?”

“Since the dawn of women.” She said bluntly. “Now get into one of those dressing rooms and try this gorgeous garment on!”

“Alright, alright.” I chuckled as she tossed me the dress. I politely eased my way through the crowd of people. I wasn’t really paying attention to anyone until I saw the pair of glasses….

They were dark, tinted aviator glasses that showed my stunned reflection as he and I crossed ways. Everything about his aura was a mystery. He felt intimidating and threatening, but I also felt something besides that…

My entire surroundings went into slow motion as we each bumped into one another’s shoulders softly. I turned my head over my shoulder and watched as he did the same…with an evil grin stretched across his pale face.

All of a sudden a crowd of people blocked my view and then he was gone. I was so petrified that I almost dropped the dress. I quickly clutched it and ran through the crowd as quickly as possible to reach Tessa.

I found her examining some earrings on the display rack right by the entrance of the store. I threw the dress back onto the rack awkwardly and grabbed her by the arm.

“Hey, that was quick.” She said with a smile. “Did you like it?”

What should I do? I thought. Should I tell her about the man? What do I say?

I looked around the room and checked to see if I saw him again. If I was going to tell her what I saw then I was going to need proof.

“Uh…” I said nervously. “Hey let’s go check out that huge sale at Taylor’s.” I suggested.

“Oh yeah! Their having a sale on everything in the store! Plus, that cute guy Kevin works there too.” Tessa said as she bit her lip seductively.

“Right!” I said over-dramatically. “Let’s go buy some nice clothes and talk to the hot clerk!” Tessa stared at me with a raised eyebrow for a moment. “Right…?”

She bellowed a loud laugh and tossed her arm around me as we made our way out of the store.

“You are such an awesome roommate.” She said happily. I smiled brightly at the compliment and placed my arm over her shoulder as well.


Ch. 3


There was no sign of the mysterious man on the walk towards our next store but something didn’t feel right.

As we were just coming up to the entrance of the store, three men in black suits rudely walked passed us in unison.

“Hey, watch where you’re going assholes!” Tessa yelled at them. None of them paid us any mind as they continued to march into the store.

We finally made it to the entrance of the crowded store and stared in shock at how packed it was. We couldn’t even get half of a foot within the doorway. We did, however, see the three men standing patiently at the counter waiting to be seen. One of them slowly looked off into the distance at something. I followed his gaze to the back of the store where the employees were only allowed but saw nothing.

Then, out of nowhere, gunshots were fired throughout the store and everyone within it fell to the floor….except for the three men and the manager.

Tess and I stood frozen at the horrendous sight as the manager of the store open fired on the three men. The three men split up within the store and shot back at her viciously. One of the bullets ricocheted off of the metal manikins and darted towards me.

My eyes went wide before I held my hand up and commanded it to stop. A small white light emitted from my hand and caught the bullet just as it was about to pierce my hand.

The illumination caught the attention of not only the customers and Tessa, but the three men as well. They all ceased firing for a brief moment and stared at me with blank faces.

“Harmonium in sight, sir.” One of the men said into a hidden earphone. “Proceeding to eliminate.”

“Oh no you don’t!” The manager yelled as she charged towards all three of them, spraying bullets along the way. “Serene, run!”

“What….? How do you know my name!?” I asked.

“No time for explanations!” Tessa yelled as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the line of fire. We both ran all through the huge outlet mall until we came to one of the exits.

The car was parked all the way on the other side of the mall. Tessa darted towards the direction still clenching my wrist tightly. We ran and ran until I began resisting.

“Come on, Serene!” Tessa yelled desperately as she tugged. “We’re gonna get hurt if we stay here!”

“Something doesn’t feel right about all this!” I said. “I feel…I feel…”
“You feel what?!”

“Like…I’m supposed to be here.” I said confused. “As if…I’m supposed to be looking for someone.”

“The only thing we need to be looking for is the car!” Tessa shouted, jerking me forward towards the direction of the car. “Now, let’s go!

We didn’t make it two feet before we saw and heard the major explosion coming from the back of the one of the stores. The giant smoke cloud ascended into the air slowly as me and Tessa watched in dismay.

“Tessa…?” I asked.

“Come on…we have to go.” She barely whispered. This time, I gladly grabbed her hand and we both ran down the sidewalk towards the other parking lot. We ran pass the entrance gate of the store’s back parking lot and saw the fire where the smoke was originating from.

We also saw the three men shooting at some unseen object.

Tessa and I both almost screamed until we realized that they hadn’t noticed us. We calmly continued to run across the entrance and down the street to the parking lot. We spotted the Volkswagen Beetle just as we turned the corner.

There was a sharp screeching of tires from behind us that made us both turn around. A blue Ford Fusion rattled with bullets raced out of the parking lot and down the street as two of the men in black suits continued to fire at it.

I didn’t get a chance to see who was driving the vehicle before Tess yanked me towards the car forcibly. We both entered the car and placed on our seatbelts. Tessa started the engine and broke about five road violations as she made her way out of the outlet mall, leaving the men in black suits watching us as we drove away….


Ch. 4


We both sat on the couch in silence.  

We couldn’t fully contemplate what had happened within the shopping mall. It all happened so quickly…

“Shocking news at the Madison County Mall just now…” The news reporter announced as she stood in front of a scene that looked like something out of a movie. Tessa and I both watched sadly as the stretchers were being taken out of the outlet store and into the ambulances in the background. “A bloody shoot-out, held at the outlet mall known as Taylor’s, ended in eighteen deaths including the employees and manager of the store. Witnesses report seeing three tall men dressed in black suits walking into the store before the shoot-out began. The three suspects fled the scene as soon as the gruesome massacre ended…”

“This can’t be happening.” Tessa muttered under her breath. She took a deep breath and walked over to the television to turn it off.

“Hold on a second…” I said, stopping her in mid-reach before she could turn it off.

“Thanks Diana.” A new reporter chimed in. “As if the mall shoot-out wasn’t bad enough, a few miles away from the mall in the quiet suburban neighborhood of Pine Oaks yet another shootout took place. This one claimed the lives of three people including an elderly neighbor found beaten to death in his basement. “

“Oh my god…” I said as tears formed in my eyes. “So much pain…”

“We don’t need to be watching this, Serene.” Tessa pleaded. “Let’s just call the police and give them our information.”

“There have also been reports of a missing boy.” The comment made me become more alert as I leaned in from the couch and peered closer to the screen. “While examining the crime scene, investigators were given footage from a smart phone taken while the shooting occurred.  Watch closely towards the end of the video to see the boy.”

I almost jumped from the couch as they began playing the video with bad camera angles. It was blurry for the most part and the beginning only showed the men in black suits running around what seemed like a house. Tess became equally intrigued by the footage and kneeled down beside me as well. After a moment the footage became clearer and we could see the backyard of one of the houses. We saw an old man on the back porch of the house. He was waving at someone as the men in black suits crawled over his fence…

Tessa and I both peered in closer as the camera moved down a little. There, right in the bottom left of the screen, was a boy…

I couldn’t tell his face because of the bad quality of the camera but it was definitely a boy. He was running from the men in the black suits and heading down towards the back street until….

He stopped.

He was staring at something as the men continued to run after him.

“What’s he looking at?” Tessa asked in a hushed voice. A chill went down my spine as the boy tilted his head sideways for a moment and then turned back to run towards the old man. The video ended and the newscaster came back on the screen.

“Although we can’t judge by the quality of the camera, the boy is said to be a light-skinned black male no older than eighteen of age. He was wearing a red fleece at the time of the shoot-out as well as blue jeans and tennis shoes. Neighbors from around the house say that his name is Damien…”

“Damien…” Another cold shiver went through my body as I said the name. I closed my eyes for a brief moment and tried to picture the boy in my dreams….

“Damien…? Was that you in my dreams?”




“Yes and thank you officer.” Tessa spoke into the phone as she walked up and down the hallway of the small apartment. After turning off the television she had called the police station to give them everything we knew about the massacre in the mall.

I couldn’t help but think about the missing boy from the small community.

“Do we know a Damien?” I asked curiously. Tessa stared at me blankly for a moment before shaking her head in response. I went back to thinking about him.

“What’s a Harmonium?”  She asked curiously.

“A what?”

“Back at the mall, one of the men in black suits looked at you and said that ‘the Harmonium was here’.” Tessa explained.

“Oh yeah…” I thought. “He also tried to kill me.”

“I think they were trying to kill everyone.”  She said as she came to sit by me on the couch. “It’s what serial killers do, you know?”

I shook my head slightly. “I don’t think they were after everyone in that store.” I said thoughtfully. “If they were, then why would the same men in black suits be chasing that boy?”

Tessa thought about it and then nodded her head in agreement. “You know what? That’s actually a good point. What if that boy actually worked at that outlet store?”

“Then that would mean that everyone in the store was just getting caught in the crossfire.” The ideas were flying out of both our mouths as we came closer and closer to our master hypothesis. “ Those guys in black suits must have been the FBI or something!”

“But what did he do?” Tessa asked suddenly. She and I both looked at each other with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ll go get my laptop.” I said as I jumped off the couch as if I had some secret mission I had to uphold. 


Ch. 5


The sun was just beginning to set as we peered into the bright computer screen at the random documents from the search engine.

We had been researching everything we could on the boy for about four hours with no results. We had gone through five cups of coffee each and were on the brink of being burnt out.

“This is hopeless.” Tessa sighed.

“There has to be something about this kid somewhere.” I said hopefully.

“Come on, Serene, he doesn’t even have a Facebook.”

“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a birth certificate.” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“You know in some cases, it actual does mean that.” Tessa retorted.

I shook my head and typed in the Wayside Hospital Website. I went down to the tab that read: Birth Certificates and clicked on it. I was instantly taken to another page where I was supposed to enter the name and year of the person born.  “Quick, what was his last name?”


“You don’t know?”

“Not really…” She said with a shrug of her shoulders. “Wait! The newscaster guy! He said that the names of the two people that died in the house were Laura and James Keller!”

“That’s right!” I said as I recalled him saying it. I went back to the computer and typed in: Damien Keller.

In the year slot I put 1992. I clicked search and waited for the process to begin.

“I’m not going to lie, this is actually kind of exciting.” Tessa admitted.  “It’s like we’re secret investigators solving a mystery or something.”

I chuckled and continued to stare at the screen. A few moments later the screen changed to an error message reading: Birth Certificate Not Found.

“Huh?” I clicked search again and the same message popped up. “That’s weird…”

“Maybe he’s an illegal alien from Cuba or something.”

“I doubt it…” I said in thought.

My concentration was broken by the sudden banging on our door. The noise made the two of us jump slightly and grab our chest. We both took a breather and chuckled at the gesture. Tessa calmly walked over to the door to answer it.

“Who is it?” She greeted before opening the door. There wasn’t a response. Tessa froze a foot away from the door and stared at it cautiously. “Hello?” She asked. The person on the other side of the door banged on it once again, causing it to shake with great force.

Tessa quickly turned around and ran back to the living room. She jumped over the couch and landed beside me, clutching my shoulders as we both stared at the shaking door with great fear.

The door was shaking so much that the hinges on the sides were beginning to come unhinged.

“Serene, who is it?” Tessa hissed.

“Definitely not the police.” I jumped up from the couch and grabbed Tessa. We both ran down the hallway just as soon as the door to the apartment fell down and slammed on the floor. The two of us ran into my room and closed the door gently as six men in black suits entered the home.

“They’re here somewhere.” One of them said. “Find the Harmonium, kill the spare.”

Tessa and I could hear them turning over tables and breaking down the closet doors outside of the room.

“It’s them…” I whispered to myself. “They’re looking for something called the Harmonium. You think it’s that boy?”

“Why would they come here to look for him?!” Tessa hissed as she paced around the room in a panic. “Look, Serene, we can’t stay here.”

“I know.” I pulled myself away from the door and looked around the room. I instantly saw the fire-escape outside of my second window. I pointed towards it and Tessa followed my lead.

We both lightly jogged over to the window and carefully lifted the pane up without making any noises. The sounds of the men rummaging through all the things in the apartment were becoming louder and closer. Tessa was the first one to crawl through the window and began climbing down the ladder. I placed my foot outside onto the metal platform and stopped all of a sudden.

“What is it?!” Tessa asked hoarsely from below.

“Do you hear that?” I asked as everything fell silent.

“I don’t hear anything.” She replied after taking a second to listen for something.


The door to the room burst open and all of the men barged through aiming their guns and shooting towards me.

“Serene!” Tessa cried out as she climbed back up the ladder. I struggled to get my body out of the window before one of the men grabbed me by shoulder.
“You are no longer needed, Harmonium.” He said calmly as he pointed his gun at my forehead.

“Please…” I whispered.

“NO!” Tessa cried out as she through a metal folding chair through the window. The chair made contact with the man’s face and sent him flying back to the floor. The other men paid him no mind and continued to pursue me. “Serene, let’s go!”

Tessa grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me out onto the platform as the bullets continued to dart towards us. I grabbed onto the ladder and quickly made my way down. Tessa was right behind me, shaking and breathing quickly as the sparks from the bullets hitting the metal surrounded us.

One of the bullets ricocheted off of the metal and pierced my shoulder, making me lose my grip onto the ladder.

“Serene!” Tessa yelled.

“I’m fine, just keep coming down!” I yelled back. I could feel the blood trickling down my arm as I painfully grabbed the ladder once again. I made it to the end of the ladder and was stunned to see that it wasn’t all the way pulled down. Tessa and I were both at least ten feet from the ground with no type of way to cushion our fall.

“Oh my gosh….what do we do?” Tessa asked in fear. “What do we do?!”

I looked back up the ladder and saw the latch to bring the ladder down. I also saw the men within our apartment beginning to exit the window.

“Hang on…” I said calmly as I concentrated on the latch to the ladder. As I concentrated harder and harder the latch began to shake and rumble as if an earthquake was happening.

“Serene…” Tessa warned. “Whatever you’re going to do? You should hurry!” The men in the black suits began to walk down the ladder quickly. I continued to concentrate on the latch with all my will power.

“Come on…” I growled. “Unlock…UNLOCK!” The latch flew to the side and the ladder began to descend like a runaway elevator. Tessa and I both screamed at the top of our lungs as we plunged down to the sidewalk. The ladder suddenly stopped and the two of us were thrown onto the ground.

“Oh my god!” A nearby pedestrian called out. “Someone call an ambulance!”

Tessa and I were both dazed and confused as we became surrounded by a crowd of people curious to know what had just happened and if we were alright.

I looked up from where we had fallen from and saw that the men from before had vanished. They weren’t on the platform nor were they on the ladder.

They were all…gone.

“Serene…we have to go.” Tessa said weakly as she got to her feet. She grabbed my hand and lifted me to mine as well.

“Maybe you two should sit down and wait for the ambulance.” A man suggested from beside us.

“No…we have to go.” I said as I held my head. There was a sudden headache that erupted as soon as I tried to walk. The two of us walked through the crowd slowly and headed for the car parked outside the apartment. The pedestrians all followed us to the car and made sure that we didn’t faint or anything. “Thank you for your kindness.” I said with a weak smile as Tessa and I both entered the car. The people stood by the car and smiled kindly towards us.

“It’s our pleasure, Harmonium.”

My smile slowly turned into a frown. “Wha…what did you just call me?”

The men and women didn’t answer. Instead, they dispersed from amongst each other and went back to their own business.

Tessa, oblivious to what had just occurred, started the car and placed on her seatbelt. I did the same but continued to look down the alley towards the fire-escape.

While pulling off from the apartment my eyes became transfixed on the dark figure standing at the top of the fire-escape. A chill ran down my spine as my eyes met the black tinted aviator glasses of the man in the black trench-coat. What frightened me the most was the way he was clapping towards me and smiling sadistically…


Ch. 6


The sun was setting now.

I could see the stars hanging over the shades of dark purple and pink in the sky. The moon had not yet shown its pale face but it would be rising soon. I turned my attention to Tessa who hadn’t said a word the entire time we entered the car.

Her face was emotionless. I couldn’t read anything that she was thinking. The silence was beginning to become unbearable.

We had been on the road for an hour and a half now going down only one road. There were no signs of the men in black suits tracking us in a nearby car nor was there any sign of the man in the trench-coat. For this sweet and blissful moment, it was just the two of us.

“Where are we going?” I asked, finally breaking the silence. Tessa didn’t answer to quickly. She took a deep breath and relaxed her shoulders a little bit.

“I’m taking you to go see, Daniel.”

“You’re friend from school?”

“Yes. I think, if anyone, he will know what’s going on. He’s good with this type of stuff. I just never thought that I would actually need his help in any of it.” She replied.

I slowly turned my attention  back to the road in silence and thought hard about everything. All of it just seemed like a bad dream. One minute we were going to the mall on a normal day and the next thing we know we’re being hunted by the FBI or whoever.

“What do you think is going on?” I whispered softly, not acknowledging her.

“I think…”Tessa trailed off for a moment and breathed in deeply. She turned to me and smiled with confidence. “I think that whatever it is; we’re going to get through it together.” I smiled back at her as she held up her outstretched pinky. I grabbed her pinky with mine and we both chuckled a little.


Daniel’s house was a small simple installment to a similar community. All of the houses on the street had their porch lights on as the sun disappeared into the ground and the moon took its place. We parked in the driveway of the home and walked up onto the porch. Before we could even reach the doorbell the door to the house flew open and revealed a skinny pale boy with brown curly hair and round rimmed glasses. He was wearing a novelty Star Wars shirt with matching pajama pants and slippers. His eyes were wide as he stared at the two of us. Tessa was the only one not stunned by his appearance.

“Did you see the man in the trench-coat yet?!” He asked hurriedly.

My attention became more acute. “Say that again?” I asked.

“The man in the black trench-coat!” He stammered. “Did you see him?”

“Daniel what are you…”

“Yes.” I said calmly cutting Tessa’s question in half. “I’ve seen him.”

“How many times?”


Daniel released a deep sigh of relief and grabbed his chest. “Okay good, you’re safe for now.”

“Wait a minute, hold on!” Tessa shouted as she stepped in between us. “Am I missing something here? Daniel how did you know we were coming?”

Daniel frowned a bit and walked back into the house. The door was left open so the both of us took it as a sign that we could enter. As we did, Daniel went into the explanation of everything.

“You guys have really gotta start watching the news.” He started. He took us both into the small living room where we both sat down. Daniel stood in front of us as if he was some business representative showing us a new product. “There’s a manhunt going on for you happening right now.” He said staring deeply towards me.

“What? Me? What did I do?” I asked confused.

“You didn’t do anything.” Daniel stressed. “It’s who you are…or what you are in that matter.”

“What do you mean, Daniel?” Tessa asked.

He took another breath before explaining any further. “Tessa, your friend here is not actually a real person.”

“Come again?” We both asked in unison.

“Please, let me explain.” He continued. “Serene, you’re not a real person, in fact you’re not even human. You’re the Harmonium.”

“The what?” Tessa asked.

“Harmonium…” I thought back at how many times that name was used to acknowledge me. Once in the mall and twice at the apartment. One of those times it was a random person. “Daniel, what is a Harmonium?”

“Well, it’s you.” He said bluntly. “You’re the main subject of a government project called The Harmonium Assignment. You were made to bring a stop to the Chaocrin if it ever got unstable.”

“The Chaocrin?” I asked. As the words left my mouth I felt as if I had known it for my whole life. The image of the boy slowly faded into my mind.

“The Chaocrin is another government project that was supposed to be used for The Great American War a few years ago. Shortly after creating the war machine the government realized its actual potential and sent it away to grow into its power. The government didn’t stop there. This is where you were made, Serene. They made you for when the Chaocrin becomes the weapon once again. They can use you to cancel out the Chaocrin’s power and stop it for good if it ever got to that point.”

“This is all a little too much…” I said trying to wrap my head around this new information. “How can you be so sure that I’m this so called Harmonium?”

“All your life you’ve been nothing but perfect.” He said. “You’ve had the perfect hair, the perfect body, even the perfect shade of skin color. Everything about you is perfect.”

“No one is perfect.” I corrected.

“No human is perfect.” Daniel shot back. “You are not human.”

“If I’m not human then how do you explain the bullet wound I got from my apartment?” I asked.

“What bullet wound?”

“Are you blind?” I asked pointing to my shoulder. “The bullet wound right….here?” There was nothing there. Just a small hole in my white shirt. “What…?”

“Listen, Serene, I’ve been studying this conspiracy ever since it happened.” Daniel pleaded. “Believing me or not is all your choice but please take this warning I’m giving you and run.”


“You have to run or else they will find you and kill you.”

“They’re not going to touch her.” Tessa said.

“Tessa you should stay out of this whole situation.” Daniel suggested. “They already know that your friends with her and that’s bad enough but if you just leave now you won’t get hurt through any of this.”

“I’m not leaving her.” Tessa said, crossing her arms over her chest.

Daniel rolled his eyes. “Why is it always the blondes who are so difficult and stupid?”

“Hey!” Tessa shouted as she punched him in the knee. “I take offense to that.”

“It was intended that you did.” Daniel said as he rubbed his knee in agony.





Ch. 7


“Why did you ask me if I saw the man in the trench-coat?” I asked quietly as Daniel and I sat across from each other in the living room. Tessa had fallen asleep on the couch in the middle of the living room. I, however, was too shaken up to do anything but sit and think.

“He’s an omen.” Daniel explained in a hushed whisper. “He’s plays a huge part in you and the Chaocrin’s existence.”

“What part is that?”

“He’s the one that made you.” Daniel said bluntly. “If you ever do get caught by the government, which I hope you won’t, they’ll probably tell you that some guy named Lex or Tyler was the one who created you but they were just part of the operation. The man in the trench-coat was the one who actually made your blueprints, sculpted the models, and even gave you two your names.”

“He gave me my name?”

“Yes. Your name and the Chaocrin’s name represent what you bring. Your name branches from the word Serenity, while the Chaocrin’s name branches from the word Damnation.”

“Damnation…” My eyes went wide as I gasped. “Damien!” I shouted.

“That’s right. The boy on the news. Are you starting to get the picture now?”

I nodded my head in response.

“The clues get even more clear when you look at your operational names.” He added. “What word do you see when you spell out the word Chaocrin?”

I thought about it for a moment and then it hit me. “Chaos.”

“That’s right. And yours?”

“….Harmony?” Daniel raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. “Chaos and Harmony…”

“The worst part about all of this is still yet to be uncovered…” Daniel said sadly.

“What do you mean?”

Daniel took a moment to think about how to word what he was going to say. He then leaned in closer and brought his voice to a hushed whisper. “Something tells me that the man in the trench-coat has other plans for you two.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked with a spark of curiosity.

“No one knows the true origin of that man besides the fact that he was the one who came up with the idea of a robotic weapon to win the war. The funny thing is, we won that war without the help of the Chaocrin. So it leads me to wonder…”

“If he created us for another reason besides the war.” I finished.


“You know what…I think you’re right.” I said. “In all honesty I think this is all a little out there but somehow I believe you. But I think the government actually found out what the man in the trench-coat wanted to do with us and now they’re trying to destroy us before he can accomplish it.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” He said with a grin.

“Hmm…great, now all of my questions have been answered. Except for one…”

“What’s that?”

“How do you know so much about us?” I asked.

There was an awkward silence that filled the room. “What are you talking about? I told you I studied the conspiracy while I was in school.”

“How did you know my name when I walked in?” I asked.


“Knowing what I am and what I’m capable of, why would you help me?” Daniel went quiet as an evil grin stretched across his face. He removed his glasses and stared at me deviously.

“It’s futile you know…” he said deeply. “Running? It won’t do you any good. We’ll keep coming and coming until you can’t run anymore and then we’re gonna eliminate your very existence. You’re going to die, Harmonium. If not tonight, then tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then we’ll get you another day. You think you’re actually proving something by running? Please. We’ve just been toying with you this entire time.”


The voice called to me through my head and instantly I began to feel a new energy running through my body. My skin began to glow as well as the clothes that I was wearing. I was lifted from my seat and floated a few inches from the ground as my long glowing hair began to flow around my face. Daniel stood as well and confronted me without fear. I glared at him slightly as I spoke with power.

“There’s one thing wrong with your theory, Daniel.” I said calmly. “I was never running.”

Tessa quickly turned around from her fake slumber and threw a glass vase from the table at him. The vase shattered across Daniel’s face, drenching him in plant water and his own blood.

“You bitch!” He growled as he came after her. I held out my hand towards him and stopped him in mid-run. He fought and struggled but I never released him. I waved my hand over to the wall and he flew with blinding speed towards it. He slammed into the wall once with great force and fell lifeless to the floor.

My feet finally came into contact with the ground. I stood and stared at the lifeless body of Daniel and felt no regrets as to his outcome. I looked at Tessa and raised an eyebrow towards her.
“It’s about time, Harmonium.” She said with a smile.

“How long have you known?” I asked.

She chuckled. “Ever since the mall.”

“Yet you still stayed by my side?”

“I’ve always had my wonders about you. Now it seems that I’ve got all the answers I need. I’ve never felt threatened by you and you’ve always been there for me. Now it’s my turn to be there for you. What else are roommates for?” She asked. 

I let out a small laugh. “We are so much more than just roommates.” I ran over to her and hugged her tightly. She hugged me back. “Tessa, we’ve gotta find Damien.”

“Huh?” She asked as we both released each other.

“I think I know exactly what the man in the trench-coat is planning to do.”


Ch. 8


 “What do you mean he wants to destroy the world?!” Tessa asked as we sped down the unmarked dirt road.

“Daniel was right when he said that Damien was created by that man.” I explained. “I think the only thing he got wrong was the man creating me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think that I was created behind his back by someone within the system. I was created to bring a stop to the man himself rather than his creation.” I said thoughtfully. “It’s all starting to make perfect sense.”

“When does he plan to do all of this destroying and whatnot?” Tessa asked as she turned onto another road.

“If what I’m thinking is correct than we only have a few hours before he begins.”

“Oh that’s just great.” Tessa said sarcastically. “It’s not like we don’t know where he plans to do all this anyway.”

I went quiet and tried to concentrate on Damien. His figure came into mind as I sat calmly in the seat. I still couldn’t see his face but the red fleece was undeniably his.

“Where are you?” I asked softly.

As if using some sort of sonar pulse I felt light waves hit the car and bounce back in the direction that we were traveling.

“Keep straight.” I demanded. Tessa obeyed willingly and pressed the gas pedal to the floor. Jerking the little car into its top speed.

“So why do you think Daniel tried to turn on you?” She asked.

“I think Daniel and a lot of other citizens of this town are in on the conspiracy.” I hypothesized. “But I also think there are people who want to help us put a stop to this whole thing.”

“It all seems so surreal…I’ve known Daniel all my life and I never would of thought he worked for the government.”

“Well you didn’t think your roommate was a robot created by the government either.” I said with a grin. Tessa smiled as well.

“Do you think Damien is okay?” She asked suddenly.

“Truthfully? I don’t know. Between the two of us he is the most dangerous and I think the government’s priority would be to kill him first.”

“Maybe he got away and he’s off in Japan or some other country.” Tessa suggested.

I shook my head. “If Damien is anything like me then he probably went to go confront the problem head on.”

“You mean he went to go find the man in the trench-coat?”

I nodded my head. “I just hope that he’s got what it takes to kill him.”

Tessa and I both stayed calm on the road until I felt the vehicles behind us rolling up with great speed. As they did, Damien’s pulse became louder and more vibrant. I turned around in my seat and saw a line of all black vehicles.

“Tessa, don’t be alarmed, but we’ve got company.”

Tessa took a glance in her rear view mirror and cursed.

“Great! This is just what we need!” She yelled in anger. She released the small sun visor from the car’s hood roof and turned it towards her window, guarding her face so the cars couldn’t look inside. The black cars slowly began to roll pass us without any altercations. Tessa and I kept our faces towards the roads and continued to drive calmly until…


I felt it! Damien’s pulse was within one of the cars that were now in front of us. I just had to find out which one…

“Damien’s been captured!” I shouted as I pointed towards the cars in front of us. “We have to find him!”

“Alright, hang on! This is about to get crazy!” Tessa said as she charged forward.


Ch. 8


We banged into the back of the cars lightly at first and then harder the second time.

The men in the car glanced into their rear view mirrors and then communicated through what seemed like some sort of walkie-talkie.

Instantly the cars up ahead went into a formation that blocked off the entire road. Men from the passenger side leaned out of the window and pointed their guns at our little car.

“Get down!” Tessa yelled as the bullets being to pierce the car. Tessa hid behind the steering wheel but kept it straight on the road. I buried myself beneath the dashboard as the bullets penetrated the cushion seat I was sitting on. “You know, some of that Harmonium power that you did back at the mall would totally come in handy right about now!

I growled a little and lifted my head. The window shield was shattered and tattered with holes. I pushed it out of its place and let it fall to the side of the speeding car. The men in the cars continued to shoot at us mercilessly. I held my hand outside of the car as a bombardment of bullets darted our way.

A bright white light illuminated from my hand once again and the bullets all stopped in their place. I twirled my finger around once and the bullets turned a complete 180 degrees back towards their origin point. I sent a translucent pulse towards the bullets and enabled them to move forward with blinding speed. The bullets pierced every wheel in sight and sent the majority of the cars screeching off of the road and exploding as they rolled over into the dead grass around them.

Tessa swerved and turned the car to dodge the debris of the cars and continued to stay on the road. There were two cars left in front of us. One of them had to have had Damien within it. I could still feel his pulse reverberating off the cars.

I stuck my hand out once again and attempted to pull the closest car back. My concentration was broken by a sudden burst that came from the back of the car.

“Shit!” Tessa screamed as she tried to keep control of the swerving car. “They shot the tire!” I looked back and saw random men in black suits emerging from the totaled cars and shooting towards us as we drove away from them. I turned back and there was another man leaning out of his window and shooting as well.

There was another burst and the car leaned to the opposite side. Tessa was having even more trouble keeping the car on the road. “I don’t know how much she can take, Serene!”

I place all of my concentration on the car itself and attempted to keep it steady. But I was too late. There was a third and final burst and the car flew off the road and into a nearby ditch…


Ch. 9


I was being carried.

It was the only thing I knew for certain. My eyes were closed. Either that or there was something blocking my view. I could feel strong arms holding me up from the ground. My body was lifeless. I couldn’t do anything but feel my surroundings. It was cold still air that surrounded me. The smell of metal and gunpowder filled the air. The person holding me had no smell at all. I wondered if it was even a person holding me up or was it just another one of the governments creations.

“What a shame.” The man holding me said. “Such a beautiful little girl. All going to waste now.”

“It’s not like she’s real.” Another man replied. “She and the other one are nothing but pieces of scrap metal that’s probably gonna be recycled and used to make another car.”

“It’ll probably be our new upgraded cars!” The men both chuckled at the joke. I tried to move but I was paralyzed. I felt myself being carried into a quiet room where everything seemed to be still. Whatever it was that was blinding me was removed as they sat me down into a chair in front of an empty chair.

I looked around and saw the two men’s smiling faces.

“Morning sunshine.” One of them said with a chuckle. “How’d you sleep?”

“Who…are you?”

“Don’t worry about all that.” The other man said. “Our names and who we are will have no benefit to you seeing that you’re going to be dead in less than five minutes.”

The two of them both let out a loud laugh and exited the brightly lit room.

“Wait a minute…” I said weakly. “Where is…Tessa?” I received no answer. The walls surrounding me were grey and dull. There was no other piece of furniture within the room besides the table and two chairs on either side. There wasn’t even a two-way mirror.

I attempted to move again but my body wouldn’t react correctly. I looked down at my left arm and noticed a small piercing within the skin.

“Oh…shit. Drugged.” I murmured to myself.

The door to the room opened slowly and a tall masculine man walked inside. A man that was short and pudgy carrying a cane walked in behind him. I stared at the two of them without any interest as the door closed and they came to stand in front of me.

“What a pleasure it is to actually meet you, Harmonium.” The man with the cane greeted. “My name is…”

“Lex.” I said nonchalantly. “and you must be Tyler?”

“Smart girl.” Tyler said with a slight grin. “How did you guess?”

“Isn’t this how all the thriller movies end up? The person actually finding what they want to find but having some sort of twist in the end?” I sneered.

Lex chuckled lightly. “Oh I like her! Do we really have to destroy her? We already have the boy being taken care of as we speak.”

“Damien…?” My voice became distraught.

“But of course.” Lex said with a grim smile. “In fact right about now, I believe he is taking his last breath.”

The anger that began to fill my body was indescribable. I wanted to see them die. I wanted to see them suffer.

I closed my eyes and concentrated hard on Damien. I couldn’t find his pulse.

“No…”I whispered.

“Don’t bother trying to read him, Harmonium.” Tyler assured. “You’re too late.”

“How could you…?”

“All this time and you still don’t fully understand what’s going on do you?” Tyler asked as he leaned down on the table. “The two of you were never supposed to exist. You both were supposed to be used for war purposes but that idiot created you for something else behind our backs.”

“End the world…” I said sadly.

“Ah, so you have figured it out.” Lex said with a giggle. “Consider your death as saving the people that you’ve lived with all of your wretched life.”


“Yes, even Tessa.” Tyler assured.

“So you’re saying she’s alive?’

“Why of course she is.” Lex said as he walked towards the door. “We’re the government. We’re not murderers.” He left the room with a loud chuckle.

“The time has come, Harmonium.” Tyler said as he walked over with a syringe in his hand. I tried to move from it but my body was still struggling to react to my commands.

“Don’t try to fight it.” He said. “It’s more peaceful this way.”

He stuck the syringe into my arm. A shot of pain went through me that made me yell slightly. All of a sudden my vision went blurry. My body became more weak than it was before. I felt all of my limbs go limp starting from my feet and ending with my neck. I closed my eyes as my head slowly lowered and my breathing stopped completely…



Ch. 10


“I dreamt of him again last night…”

“The boy…?”


“Did he say anything to you this time?”

“No…at least I don’t think so…he was screaming something…but it was like I had gone deaf all of a sudden.”

“You couldn’t make out what was said?”

“No…but it was almost like he was warning me. Warning me of some great danger…”

“Can you describe the surroundings of the dream?”

“It was dark…it’s always dark when I dream of him.”

“Hmm… what does he look like?”

“Tall…brown skin…he’s wearing some sort of red fleece and blue jeans but he’s dirty. As if he’s been rolling through the dirt…”

“Does he have a name?”


“Serene? Does he have a name…?”

“His name…is DAMIEN!”




The phrase echoed through my head as I saw flashes of red lights dancing behind my eyelids.  Behind the madness I could also hear another faint voice….

“Serene!” Tessa’s voice sounded distant at first but then it became louder. “Serene! You have to get up, baby girl! Come on, please!” I was being shaken by someone holding my shoulders. My eyelids parted slightly and I could see blonde hair waving frantically in front of me.

“Tessa…” I murmured silently.

“Yes! It’s me!” She said with joy. “But you have to get up!”

My eyes became more clear and I could finally see her beautiful face. I smiled and lightly grazed it with my palm. “I’m so glad…you’re not dead.”

“Ditto.” She said. “I know where he is, Serene.”


“Damien. I know where he is.” She said calmly. “You have to go save him Serene, you’re the only one who can.”

“We…can do it…together.”

Tessa chuckled lightly. “I think you’re going to be going to this party solo, sweetie.”

I stared into her eyes confused for a moment until she slowly looked down. I followed her gaze and saw the giant blotch of blood on her shirt.

“Oh Tessa…no…” I said as I shook my head and chocked on my tears.

Tessa grabbed my cheeks and brought my face closer to hers. “You listen to me.” She demanded. “You have to go save him or else everyone in this world is going to die.”

“But…I don’t care about anyone else.” I sobbed. “I just need you. We’re…best friends.”

“And we always will be.” She said with a confident smile. She held up her outstretched pinky finger in front of me.  The tears were streaming down my cheeks non-stop now. I raised my weak hand and grabbed her pinky with mine. “Go to the Chaocrin Lab…save him. Save the world.” She said as her pinky slowly released mine and fell to the floor lifeless. Her eyes lost their vibrant color and slowly closed.

“No…no!” I yelled as I tried to hold her up. “You have to hold on! You can’t leave me…”

I sat in the chair with my arms wrapped around my unresponsive friend. I sobbed and cried for what felt like hours until I finally got the strength to slowly release her and lay her down gently on the floor. I wiped the tears from my face and stood up straight.

I walked towards the door and stopped. I turned around to face Tessa one last time before I exited the room. “I will bring you back.” I promised. “You just wait for me.”

There was no response to my statement but I really didn’t need one. I knew she heard me and I knew she believed it. I opened the door to the red lights flashing on and off as the woman on the speaker continued to shout out the one phrase of a Security Breach.

I took a deep breath and ran out into the hallway.


Ch. 11


To my surprise, all the hallways I took were empty.

As I darted down each of them I looked at all the signs that were placed above the doors in hopes of seeing my destination. I saw many cameras on my way down the hallways. I wondered who was watching me now as I ran towards Damien. Did they know I was coming to save him? Were they going to send anyone after me? Was I already too late?

All of the questions were running through my mind as I turned corner after corner until I finally reached a long hallway that led to one door.

Above the door was a sign that read: Chaocrin Research Lab.

That’s it!

I ran to the door using all of my speed. All of a sudden the ground beneath me shook viciously.  I almost lost my balance before reaching the door. There was a commotion going on within the room behind the door. I had to get inside.

I opened the door and the first sight I saw was the man in the black trench-coat typing in something on the giant computer in the back of the room. I looked down and saw Damien being lowered into the Earth slowly.

“DAMIEN!” I called out. “My name! My name is Serene! I’ll find you Damien! We must make this right!”

The man in the black trench-coat heard me and turned his attention my way. He stepped in front of Damien with his devilish grin and stared at me with hidden eyes.

The anger from be

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