Tales of an Assassin: The Lothian War

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Final Installment to the Tales of an Assassin Saga!! Sydney, Demetrius and Sarah are back for their final adventure. The Lothians have risen from their slumber and are out for revenge with the First Lothian, Ethan, hot on Sydney's trail. Now it's all or nothing as they recruit different beings and many other extraordinary people for the army against The Lothians! Can Sydney and the others put a quick end to the rage of Ethan?

Table of Contents

Tales of an Assassin: The Lothian War

The Final Installment to the "Tales of an Assassin Saga"!! Sydney, Demetrius and Sarah are back for their final adventure. The Lothians have risen from their slumber and are out for revenge with the First Lothian, Ethan, hot on Sydney's trail. Now it's all or nothing as they recruit different beings and many other extraordinary people for the army against The Lothians and put a quick end to the rage of Ethan. Read Chapter

Adventure Starts Now

  Ch. 2   “He’s dead.” Demetrius said as he paced up and down the hallway with rage. Both he and Sarah had ru... Read Chapter

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures...

Ch. 3 “I hate to say I told you all so, but…” “Enough, Damien.” Kaiser said firmly towards the Ambient Lord sitting acr... Read Chapter

Untamed Memory

  Ch. 4   My wounds were beginning to sooth as I put on my layers of clothes for the cold night. As I did, I though... Read Chapter

Different Being, Same Fate

  Ch. 5   Fear encased our entire bodies to the point where we couldn’t move a muscle. Catherine began to slowly ... Read Chapter

The Warning

  Ch. 6   “OPEN FIRE!” The sergeant spat at his soldiers. Upon falling into the frontline, the forty-three year... Read Chapter

Yin and Yang

  Ch. 7   The living room where Mark was now seated was warm and cozy compared to the cold night outside. Mark ... Read Chapter

Lunar Mountain Pack

  Ch. 8   “Are we there yet?” Demetrius moaned out loudly. “For the eighteenth time, Demetrius, no.” Sa... Read Chapter


  Ch. 9   The woman stood on the roof of Ian’s house and watched as Mark and the four Ambient leaders made their ... Read Chapter

Wrath of the Ambient

Ch. 10 “So you’re saying we just missed him?” Mark asked the line of werewolves standing in front of him and the Leaders. ... Read Chapter

Sydney Vs. Sidney

  Ch. 11   “So we were wondering if you would like to join our army.” Sarah asked nicely towards the grungy loo... Read Chapter

Battle Grounds

  Ch. 12   “Take this!” She screamed as she shot out another wave of her exploding arrows. Sarah was quick to g... Read Chapter


  Ch. 13   Alexander stood on the rooftop of the Huntsville Bank with the most pleasurable grin he could manage on ... Read Chapter

Test of Power

  Ch. 14   Nathan stood in front of the giant window of the castle and stared in a repulsive manner towards the unn... Read Chapter

Come one, Come all

  Ch. 15   The entire road was hectic. I swerved from left and right to dodge the oncoming traffic. Cars were s... Read Chapter


  Ch. 16   “I know you’re not giving up that easily, Sydney!” The Keeper of the Fire said with a cocky smile.... Read Chapter

Flight Plan

  Ch. 17   “We are not stealing a plane!” Sarah cried out as the two of us stood in the cockpit of the plane we... Read Chapter


  Ch. 18   “So you’re telling me that you and this Sydney kid are one of those people who killed off my platoon... Read Chapter

Travel Agent

  Ch. 19   Mark, Luna and the others made it to the castle in only a few minutes with Sam constantly checking over ... Read Chapter

Egyptian Methods

  Ch. 20   “Hey guys…” Demetrius called from the cockpit. “I think I know where we’re going.” Sarah... Read Chapter

Rude Awakening

  Ch. 21   As the sudden shock from the news of Sydney’s whereabouts settled in the door to the ballroom flew ope... Read Chapter

King Ramuh

  Ch. 22   It turns out, Zaphia wasn’t kidding when she said we had to fix her excavation site. As soon as Demetr... Read Chapter


  Ch. 23   The battle within the woods was nothing but intense. The faces on all of the Vampires were covered i... Read Chapter

City of Lights

  Ch. 24   As Abasi kneeled down in front of the King, the rest of us just stared in shock and confusion. “Yo... Read Chapter

Power of Knowledge

  Ch. 25   “So you’re with Demetrius?”  Zaphia asked as she and Sarah made their way down the dark hall.... Read Chapter

Realm of the Dead

  Ch. 26   “Wait you were considered the best assassin in The Ambient?” Abasi asked as him and Demetrius walked... Read Chapter

Reunion Part II

  Ch. 27   “So you’re really not going to talk to me at all?” Mark asked as we both made or way down the corr... Read Chapter

Welcome to Transylvania

  Ch. 28   My heart went cold as we stood on the other side of the door. The figure. The dark figure that stood... Read Chapter

King and Queen of Transylvania

  Ch. 29   The six of us walked up to the giants doors of the castle in silence. Everyone was ahead of me and Mark.... Read Chapter

Passed Down Training

  Ch. 30   I had been on the balcony for hours now. I could tell because the sun had lowered dramatically behind th... Read Chapter

The Process of a Vampire

THIS IS A SEX SCENE!! Please: If you do not like BOY ON BOY ACTION then don't read this chapter. Skip it NOW! I swear, if ANY of ... Read Chapter

New Born Hope

Ch. 32 “Luna, are you sure we should be walking around here at night?” Sam asked as he held onto Luna’s back. The two of them w... Read Chapter

Unlikely of Heroes

  Part II Reminiscent Memories   Draken walked briskly down the long unending hallway of the castle. His boots ... Read Chapter


  Ch. 34   The attacks were coming from all of sides of me. Damien, Chun-Fow, Kaiser and Xavier were all wielding u... Read Chapter


  Ch.35 Ethan sat down at the end of the bed in thought with himself. The red moon’s light bathed him in a warm airy lumin... Read Chapter


  Ch. 36   “Don’t worry guys!” Zaphia yelled back to Lucien, Cross, and Devon standing on the stairs leading ... Read Chapter

Witch's of the Earth

  Ch. 37 “Rise….descent!” Gladys raised her hand above her head and emitted a glowing grey light that flew into th... Read Chapter

Back in the Beginning

  Ch. 38   “I’m not saying that I believe her, Demetrius.” Sarah assured. “That’s good. Cause she’s... Read Chapter

The Last Straw

  Ch. 39 “How nice of you to join us this evening, Sydney.” Alexander said as he stood still in front of us.  We... Read Chapter

Hopeless Romantic

  Ch. 40   The woman seemed dead as we walked into the room. Riku had finally given me a chance in helping to s... Read Chapter


  Ch. 41   Mark stood in the empty room of the castle in silence and stared at himself in the full body mirror in f... Read Chapter

Rescue Mission

  Ch. 42   “Sydney!” Sarah cried out as Aiko and I ran up to the small shack in the distance of the garden. I r... Read Chapter

Return of the Ambient

Ch. 43 “You want to raise the dead Ambient assassins?!” Sam asked Crystal as she walked around the house searching for something ... Read Chapter

The Gang is Back

  PART III   The Lothian War     One Week Later…   Sarah, Demetrius and I ran ... Read Chapter

Katie's Demise

  Ch. 45   Besides the outside, the entire castle was empty. Except for one room. I could hear a conversati... Read Chapter

Game of Thrones

  Ch. 46   “What do you mean you were sent there on purpose?” Demetrius asked as we made our way down the path ... Read Chapter

Prophecy Vs. Destiny

  Ch. 47   The entire ballroom had flooded out to prepare for the war. Dracula told me to stay so that he could enl... Read Chapter

End This Now...

  Ch. 48   The clouds were darkened with the grey clouds hanging like thick blankets to the sky. Thunder and lightn... Read Chapter

Death of a Friend

  Ch. 49   The clash between the two armies was unlike anything that I had ever seen, one moment there were obvious... Read Chapter

In Another Adventure

  Ch. 50   “So you gonna tell me about this girl of yours?” Daniel asked Demetrius as they each battled a Lothi... Read Chapter

Brothers in Arms

  Ch. 51   I dodged and weaved through the crowds of battles surrounding me and continued to push through the first... Read Chapter

Apocalyptic Battle

  Ch. 52   As I reached the top of the hill I turned back at the sound of a giant roar. “Mark…” I had hea... Read Chapter

The New Beginning

  Ch. 53   “Sydney…what have you done…?” Ethan’s voice echoed through my head as I sprinted towards h... Read Chapter

State of Bliss

  Ch. 54   The feeling of teetering through the sky went through my body as my breathing came back. I opened my eye... Read Chapter


  Epilogue   “….and we are gathered here today to mourn the ending of our Allies in The Great Lothian War…”... Read Chapter