The New Novels In The Making: What to Expect!

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Hey guys and gals! Here's what to expect from the new upcoming novels from FallenNinjaRouge!

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012





The Forbidden Chronicles: Ring of Oblivion

From one of the creators that brought you the “Tales of an Assassin Saga” comes an all new adventure that tells of a boy destined to bring an end to a luring darkness. Set out in the sunny beaches of San Francisco, Brandon Nickerson is a new face on the streets. He comes from living the life of the countryside and that’s just the way he liked it, until his mom decided to marry his now step-dad and move into his house. Life for Brandon isn’t easy once he makes the new move, especially in school. But when he sees a girl on the beach that actually talks to him he feels as if things could start looking up. Truthfully, that’s when it all started. Soon Brandon is thrown into a whirlwind adventure filled magical creatures, evil monsters, and cunning villains that want his head on a silver platter. Although he doesn’t know why they are after him (or why they even exist) he does know that in order for him to save the fate of the world and his family, he’ll have to fight like he’s never fought before!


The Reapers: Forbidden Memories

Five years after the departure of Darius, his friends have still not forgotten him. With Darius gone off to train as a full-fledged Grimm Reaper, Kyle and his other friends find themselves in a battle for the souls of Earth as a new enemy rises to the tops threatening to steal every human soul and place them in a demon creation called The Croix. But that’s not all the mystery enemy is after. The man in the dark armor is also after the memories of Darius’s friends and family; claiming it to be the key ingredient for making his creations the strongest out of all! But Kyle and the others aren’t going down without a fight. Join the original band of characters along with new helpful allies in this action pack sequel to the mega-hit novel “The Reapers:  Darius’s Diaries”!


D.E.A.D.: Second Semester

Exactly one year after the devastating events at Bessemer University we find Jessie enlisted into the United States Army trying to forget her past one bullet at a time. But as she and her squad continues on their investigation mission within the streets of Brazil, her past comes back to bite her right in the a**! Zombies have over run their camp and as Jessie watches in horror as each and every one of her teammates goes down a call comes in over the radio. Jessie recognizes the voice but doesn’t want to acknowledge the obvious. She doesn’t want to believe that Tyler had come back to finish what he had started at Bessemer. She had a feeling that this time was going to be a “no survivors” type of deal. Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?


Darkened Reflection

Growing up being an only child in a suburban community can be pretty great. At least that's how Nathan Thompson sees it. A huge house, perfect body, perfect car, and of course the hottest girlfriend in school. What more could an only child ask for? How about a deranged twin brother that your parents never told you about? Join Nathan as he's kidnapped by his twin brother and held prisoner as his brother, Avery, lives his life for him in this new psychotic thriller! 


The Gamer Club: The Bellini High School Mystery

What’s an all perfect high school without a little mystery behind it? That’s exactly what the Gamer Club of Bellini High School asks each other every day but nothing as exciting as a mystery ever happens to their high school. That is until their new teacher Mr. Templeton begins teaching the history class. Only three days into his new job and the gang begins to see weird things happening to teachers around the school. For example, the clothes they wear have become more covered, they also try their best to stay out of sunlight, and most of all during lunch the teachers invites students into the teacher’s lounge to eat with them. Something weird is definitely going on within the school and no one seems to care about it but the Gamer Club. And what’s worse, the Gamer Club has a feeling that they are the next targets! Join Blondie, Edge, Ninja, and Gizmo as they go deep into the background of their new history teacher and uncover one of the biggest mysteries Bellini High School has ever held!  

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