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Hey this is my entry for Jingle Q's "The Normal Magic" Contest! Tell me what you think! XD

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011




“The Normal Magic” Contest!

Element: Wind

Hostage: Selina


Selina opened her eyes to complete darkness. She twisted her neck as far as it would go and continued to see nothing but darkness. Soon after her realization that she was in a very dark place, she also realized that her wrists and ankles were tied up with a very rough type of rope that was cutting into her skin slightly. She attempted to open her mouth to speak but was restricted by what felt, and tasted, like duct tape. Selina moaned out loudly at the bitter taste of the tape.

She tried to stretch out her legs but was cut short by what felt like a metal wall. She arched her neck down and peered below her. She squinted her eyes a little and noticed a small red light coming through a crack in the wall. “What in the world is that?” She thought to herself. “Where am I? Where are Eric and Lykron?”

As she continued to wonder about where her friends were she began scooting around her new environment.  She soon found out that the environment was extremely small. She could barely scoot two spaces before hitting a wall. She scooted back to the middle of the small space she was in and stood still. She listened closely to what sounded like a car engine humming. “A car engine? When did I ever…oh great.”

Selina finally understood her current situation. Upon splitting with the group to research the reason why the three of them were being hunted down by a strange, dark, and mysterious guy named Zander, she was blindsided from the back and blacked out. What felt like only a few minutes later to her, she woke up in what she now knew was the trunk of a car. Selina immediately tried to free herself from the tight restraint of the ropes around her wrists and ankles. Unfortunately, the more she struggled to get free, the deeper the rope cut into her skin.

Selina growled to herself.

If it weren’t for the fact that her wrists were tied in the back of her body, she would be somewhat okay with this situation. But of course someone like Zander, of all people, wouldn’t be kind enough to put her in a decent position for the kidnap. Selina gave up on freeing herself. She sat on her side and faced what felt like the trunk door. She could still feel her yo-yo in her pocket which gave her some comfort. With much effort, she reached up and tried to grab for her pocket. Her actions were to no avail. She lay back down in defeat and thought more about her situation.

She didn’t have time to think long.

All of a sudden she felt the car beginning to slow down to a complete stop. The engine was cut off shortly after and she heard the car door open and close. She listened closely and heard the light footsteps on what sounded like a marble floor.

“What did he do? Drive me into a mansion?” She thought to herself. Soon after, the footsteps stopped in front of her. She heard the click of the lock. The trunk door flew open and Selina was blinded by the penetrating sunlight.

“Well, look who woke up from their nap.” Zander’s voice said down to her. As her eyes adjusted, she slowly opened them and looked upon his figure once again. She noticed that he was back in his business attire and smiling down at her with his devilishly handsome face. “How was it, sleeping beauty?”

Selina glared at him and mumbled words into the tape covering her mouth viciously. Zander jumped back slightly and looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. “Geez! You’re worse than a rabid dog.” He insulted with a cocky smile. Selina growled in response. “Alright, enough chit-chat, let’s go.”

Zander reached down and grabbed Selina from under her armpits and lifted her out of the trunk. Selina struggled and kicked as much as she could but she didn’t have much progress escaping seeing that her ankles were tied tightly. Zander held her out like a baby who had just soiled herself. “No kicking.” He warned. Selina ignored his warning and continued to kick and struggle as much as she could. Zander sighed greatly and roughly threw her over his shoulder. Selina began kicking out more as he began walking away from the car.

She looked around into the place that he had brought her and realized it was an airplane hangar. She stared at the giant sliding doors that she was slowly moving away from in curiosity and confusion. “Why did he bring me to an airplane hangar…?”

She didn’t have time to really think on the matter as Zander lifted her off of his shoulder and placed her in a another small compartment. Selina looked around curiously and saw that she was sitting in one of the seats of a small red and white two-passenger airplane. “Hope you’re not afraid of heights!” Zander said with a smile and a wink. He jumped into the pilot’s seat in front of her and turned the key to the engine. Selina watched in utter fright as the propeller located in the front of the small plane began to turn. Zander turned around in his seat and quickly reached into hers. He grabbed the seatbelt that lay on the side of her body and buckled it tightly. “Don’t want you falling out while we’re on our trip.” He said with another wink. “Oh, and in case you were wondering, the other two have already been captured as well. So don’t feel too bad!”

Zander turned back around in his seat and grabbed onto the steering wheel. Selina immediately began struggling to get free. As she did so, the plane began making a slow turn towards the giant sliding doors. Selina screamed out into the tape in fear as Zander rolled the plane towards the exit. Pretty soon the plane exited the hangar and was now on the runway. As it picked up speed, Selina was pushed back in her seat. “Damnit…” She thought. “If only I could get to my yo-yo!” Selina felt the plane lift off the ground slightly at first but then completely afterwards. She sat back as Zander lifted them into the sky.

Selina dropped her head in defeat. She felt as if she’d lost. She felt as if this was the end for her. There was nothing she could do…..that was until she noticed the string of her yo-yo sticking out of her pants pocket. Selina’s eyes lit up with excitement and hope.

She quickly maneuvered her tied wrists over to where the string was and twisted it around one of her index fingers. Once it was good and tangled, she pulled her wrists back and the yo-yo fell behind her on the seat. She carefully grabbed the yo-yo itself and began rubbing the sharp edges on the tight rope binding her wrists. It took only a few moments for the sharp blades to cut through.

Selina quickly shook the ropes off and knelt down to cut the ropes around her ankles. Once she cut through, she unbuckled her seatbelt and removed the tape from her mouth. The sticking tape pulled at her lips and skin painfully but she managed to get it off without making a sound. As she threw the used piece of tape out into the sky, Zander turned around curiously to see how she was doing.

Selina’s eyes met his for only a few seconds. Zander quickly grabbed for her but Selina dodged it and automatically punched him hard in his face. Zander was thrown forward within his seat and he fell against the steering wheel of the plane itself, making the whole aircraft go into a nosedive. Selina screamed out as she flew out of her seat onto the edge of the wing above her. She held onto the edge of the wing with all of her finger strength. Luckily she had plenty of it from playing with her yo-yo so much.

Zander finally came to and pulled the steering wheel back, balancing the plane with the wind and putting them in a nice cruise control. Zander hit the auto-pilot button and unbuckled his seatbelt. Selina, still holding onto the wings edge, pulled herself up on top of it. Zander grabbed for her once again but missed her completely.

“Get back here!” He yelled out in anger. Selina stuck out her tongue at him.

“Not a chance!” She yelled back. She crawled on all fours along the top of the wing as Zander crawled on top. He stood up and balanced himself perfectly and stared at Selina’s pitiful body on all fours.

“Give it up, Selina.” He said with a chuckle. “You’ve got nowhere to go.” Selina turned around towards him slowly and gave him an icy glare. She carefully began to get to her feet.

“You’re right.” She said as she balanced herself on the wing. “I don’t have anywhere to go…looks like I’m just gonna have to take the plane down!”

Zander watched in shock as he saw Selina swing her yo-yo, still wrapped around her index finger, towards him. He attempted to dodge the projectile but failed. The blades on the yo-yo cut a nice and deep slit on his left shoulder. He wobbled and re-balanced himself on the wing of the plane.

“Are you mad?!” He yelled out to her. “You could have made me fall!”

Selina smiled grimly. “That’s the idea!” She swung the yo-yo through the air and towards him once again. Zander dodged the attacks carefully and tried to keep his balance but doing both at the same time was turning out to be harder than he expected.

“Cut it out!” He growled in anger. He was now on the edge of the wing. Below him, located fifteen hundred feet to the ground, is death. Zander looked down in fear and turned back with his hands up towards Selina who was swinging her yo-yo above her head like a lasso. The look on her face was pure evil. “Look…just take it easy, okay?”

Selina grinned at his request and swung the yo-yo towards his leg. The yo-yo wrapped itself around his ankle tightly. Selina grabbed the string with both hands and pulled with all her strength. As the string untied itself from around his ankle, Zander’s whole body tilted over the edge. Selina heard his scream of terror slowly disappear as he fell to his death. She ran over to the edge and looked down.

To her surprise, she didn’t see him. Zander had disappeared. She looked to her left and below, the only places that he should have been seen, but couldn’t find anything. Not even a speck.

She shook her head at the confusing turn of events but ultimately let it be. She wrapped the string around her sharp bladed yo-yo and kissed it. “You have saved me yet again.” She said with a smile. After putting the yo-yo back in her pants pocket, she went back towards the middle of the wing and carefully lowered herself into the cockpit of the plane.

“Okay, now how do you drive this thing?” She asked herself. She turned off the auto-pilot and felt the steering wheel jerk around wildly. She firmly grabbed it and kept it steady. “Just like riding a bike.” She said nervously as she turned the plane back around towards the hangar that she had just left from. “Now I just need to learn how to land.”



The End


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