My heart to take

My heart to take My heart to take

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Rosaline,or Rosa as she prefers to be called, has always loved Alexander, her brothers best friend. When she was sixteen, Alexander and her brother went off and joined the Navy Seals, three years after, her brother dies, and her mother soon follows. Alone, Rosaline, gets herself into a relationship with Dick, the town drunk, who is abusive to her. Now, after getting out of that relationship, Alexander has come back. Can the two tell each other they love each other? Can they be happy? Will they be together for the rest of their lives? Will Rosaline's fragile heart be torn and shattered for good?
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Rosaline,or Rosa as she prefers to be called, has always loved Alexander, her brothers best friend. When she was sixteen, Alexander and her brother went off and joined the Navy Seals, three years after, her brother dies, and her mother soon follows. Alone, Rosaline, gets herself into a relationship with Dick, the town drunk, who is abusive to her. Now, after getting out of that relationship, Alexander has come back. Can the two tell each other they love each other? Can they be happy? Will they be together for the rest of their lives? Will Rosaline's fragile heart be torn and shattered for good?

Chapter1 (v.1) - My heart to take

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Rosaline,or Rosa as she prefers to be called, has always loved Alexander, her brothers best friend. When she was sixteen, Alexander and her brother went off and joined the Navy Seals, three years after, her brother dies, and her mother soon follows. Alone, Rosaline, gets herself into a relationship with Dick, the town drunk, who is abusive to her. Now, after getting out of that relationship, Alexander has come back. Can the two tell each other they love each other? Can they be happy? Will they be together for the rest of their lives? Will Rosaline's fragile heart be torn and shattered for good?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Today was the day that I put my mother in her final resting place. Today was the day that I was truly the only member of my family left, the day that I was truly alone. I remember it like it was yesterday. My mother sobbing and my brother leaving us, going to fight for his country somewhere far away, it was something my mind or heart couldn't comprehend and hated him for. He left when I was thriteen. Less than three years later, he came back, only to ship out and die in battle, protecting his best friend.

I'd been working at the small mall in town, needing the money, to pay for my mothers medical bills. She'd been really sick these past few months, right before she'd ended her own suffering, it'd gotten worse. It had all started when I was a little girl, with my father.

I don't know my father, he was put in jail when I was five or six. He'd gotten into a lot of troube selling drugs and such. My father had made most of his money illegally, and that made my brother have a huge respect for the law and a need to protect the innocent from evil, and he did just that in war when he fought. I remember, one time, while I was sleeping, my brother ran into my room and grabbed me, he hid me in the closet. I could hear my mothers cries as my father beat her, screaming at her and calling her a bitch. It wasn't the first time he'd done something like this, but my brother said it was the last. He made sure it was the last time he laid a hand on me or my mother.

For those reason did I hate my father. I adored my brother and his friends, they'd all gone off to defend the weak and innocent from hurt and suffering at the hands of evil. If I'd ever told my brother to make sure he took extra care of his best friend, Alexander, then...well, he'd supect that I loved Alexander. It was true, I did love Alexander. But, the thing was, that he was five years older than me, and my brothers' best friend. It made it hard to decide what to do. I wasn't sure about it to this day. But, I was told that Alexander had tried to get to my brother, but he hadn't gotten there in time, and it'd torn him apart. For the longest Alexander refused to see me, then just before he was shipped out he visited me and my mother.

His mother has been helping ever since I came home from work, having quit college for my mother, and found my mother lying on our bathroom floor, cold and pale, blood pooling around her, under her and on her. My mother had cut her wrist, the pain of loosing her child becoming too much. Everyone kept saying sorry, but little did they know that she'd been sick as well, my mother had had cancer. She had ended her prolonged death and made one immediate. Alexanders mother would make dinner and invite me over, knowing I needed the company and that I found it hard to be in my house without my mother. His mother, Ellie, adored me, and I think she knew I was head over heels in love with her son.

The manager was late today, and that meant that I had to deal with the books, and other stuff, being the assistant manager. I hated working the books, and trying to make sense of the mess of numbers in them. Usually, I would sit in my office, with the radio on quietly, but today, I was focusing too much on fixing the damn books and balancing the budget of the little dress shop that, Sarah Johnson had recently opened and hired me to help her manage. So, normally my phone ringing would not have startled me, but today, the loud ring was shrill and peirced the quiet atomsphere of my office. The ring made me jump nearly ten feet out of my chair and squeal like a little girl. It made me giggle at myself for being so stupid and scared easily.

"Rosaline! It's Ellie! Alex is home for the next three weeks or so, and I was making his favorite dinner, when I thought of you, and I got to wonderin' if you'd like to come to dinner, hun."
"I'd love too, Ellie, I'll be there around six thrity, promise.."
"Sounds great! See you then!"

That women was rambunctious and adored her son. He didn't come home too often, mostly because of my brothers death and the fact that I reminded him of my brother a bit. She always brought a smile to my face, Ellie had been with me through everything. She'd practically helped me deal with my brothers death, and arranged my mothers funeral for me. I'd burried her a week ago and it still hurt me to think of her. But, yet, everytime I thought of, or heard Alexanders name, my heart would flutter and I'd begin to feel hot and giggly like a school girl.

My boss, Sarah, finally walked in and smiled at me, seeing the small smile tugging at the corner of my lips. She giggled and started to try to help make sense of the books with me. These things were horrible and drained me of all my energy and ability to think most of the time. But, she ordered lunch and we chatted occasionally and worked until we finished the organizing and balancing the books at four thirty that afternoon. This was the shortest time we'd ever done it in. She smiled at me and giggled.

"Rosaline, tell me what you're blushing about..."

Guess there wasn't any way I could hide anything from her. Sarah and Ellie have been watching me closely since my mothers death, hoping and praying that I wouldn't get like her, and I never did once. Though, sometimes, I wanted too, I just wanted to stay in bed, and drink away the pain her and my brothers death had caused me too feel, to fill the void and emptiness they left in my heart, and the pain I felt when something reminded me of them both, it hurt me and it made me uncomfortable.

"Ellie called me, she invited me to dinner with her and Alexander, he's back in town for a few weeks. This may be my chance to tell hiim how I feel about him, how I have always felt about him."
"Oh, Rosa! I'm happy for you! Go on, go home and get all dolled up!"

That last part had me giggling as I ran off to my car. My rusty old truck sat in the front of the parking lot, ready for me to hop in, turn on the heat and get my ass home and dressed for dinner. I sang along to the radio the whole way and smiled at people, waving to them, and glaring at Dick Greyson, the town drunk and my ex boyfriend of sorts. Alexander had been the first man I'd ever slept with, but I know I hadn't been his first.
I'd fallen in love with him when I was about six years old, when he helped me inside after I'd fallen down, and my father had pushed me off of the porch steps, he'd helped me into the car and kept me calm as my mother drove me, Alexander and my brother to the hospital to s have my arm looked at. That was the day that I realized he and I were meant to be together, that we were soul mates, I was just waiting for him to realize it. It was now six and I was almost ready. I grabbed my phone and quickly dialed Ellie's number. She answered on the first ring, giggling at something Alexander had done or said to her.

"Rosa! Hey dear!"

"Ellie, I'm leaving the house now, I'll be there in about twenty mineuts.."
"Okay, take your time, hun."

I smiled, and ran, jumping into my truck. I started it and took off, opening the windows and letting the cold air semi clear my mind. I knew as soon as I saw Alexander, I would either break down in front of him, or blush and giggle like a crazy woman. No one could quite undesrtand me or the things I did. My mother had been barely able to do that, and then Adrain, my brother, had brought home Alexander. He'd been able to understand me almost instantly, it had surprised my brother, and made me confused.

Sitting in my truck and giggling to myself as I began to remember things from my childhood, things that my brother had done to help keep me safe, and then the things that Alexander had done. The silk dress I had on was desinged by Sarah, and made just for me, she had wanted me to have something fancy and beautiful, something made just for me, so she made me a beautiful evening dress. I decided to wear it, thinking Alexander might like it as much as his mother did on me. She told me the sapphire color, was beautiful on me, and the cut of the dress looked amazing with my curves. According to her and a few other people the gown accented the things that made me beautiful.

It was a cold, beautiful, snowy night, and almost Chirstmas, it was a few weeks away, but I really had no family to do anything with. My only family was Ellie and Alexander, and they were just extended family. So, I would spend Thanks Giving and Christmas with them. It would be grand, and we'd laugh and me and Ellie would cry when Alexander got called away again. Ellie would be mostly comforting me, becuase everytime he left, a part of me died inside, wondering if we could ever be together. His mother would swear up and down that he loved me too, he just needed some help telling me or realizing it or something. I adored Ellie, she had such spirit and intution. The woman could see straight into someones heart and decide if they were good, suffering or evil and horrible, she'd done that with a lot of my boyfriends, and most recently, Dick. She'd told me that he was bad, and that he was no good for me. If only I'd listened to her, then I wouldn't have had to suffer as much as I had due to Dick.

Dick, was one of my regrets in life. But, the thing is I had been extremely lonely, and had gotten drunk. It was the only reason why I'd slept with him, and then it couldn't even be considered sex, if you think about it. As I was pulling and tugging at his pants, Dick had inadvertantly passed out on my bed. I'd then called his friend, Jeremy to come and take me home. Jeremy had known my brother, and one of these nights that he had to take me home, after I'd told Dick we were done. Dick had decided that night to beat me, he nearly beat me unconsious too, if Jeremy hadn't pulled up and ran in when he'd heard my screams, I could've been seriously hurt.

So, on my way to Ellie's house, I passed the one bar in town that Dick always got drunk at and found his girlfriends. This time his girlfriend was Amy, the town whore. He was with her now, his arm sloppily wrapped around her, she was laughing at something stupid he was saying. I let out a sigh, and felt my heart kick myself in the rib cage, but that was due to the broken ribs he'd given me that night. Jeremy smiled and tipped his hat my way, and then Dick looked over and smirked, waving. I glared at him, and waved back slowly. I hope Amy knew what she was getting herself into with Dick when she'd decided to hop in bed with him and stay in a relationship with him. Lets just say, Dick was pretty nasty and horrible to the women he dated, and I was the worst case. He'd nearly beaten me unconscious, and none of his other girlfriends had or have any of the damage he'd done to my body. Sometimes, I wanted to run him over with my nice, huge truck, or let my dog, Sasha, at him.

Sasha had been my brothers dog's puppy, a small, and fuzzy little husky. She was my friend, and to me, Sasha, was my only family besides Ellie and Alexander. In this town, family was extremely important. I had none, so to the towns people, I was a disgrace and practically something they hated, and loved me at the same time. I hated leaving Sasha at home, but sometimes she was just a little too rambunctious for me to handle, and with my ribs and body being so battered, I couldn't really handle her. Ellie adored Sasha, and Alexander loved her. They both spoiled her rotten, a lot more than I did, and she loved the attention they gave her.

I pulled up the drive to Ellie's place and put on a smile, she had been the only one to visit me in the hospital after Dick had put me there. I hadn't been over in a few days to visit her, and she was worried about me, even more so now. She is the sweetest person I know, and Ellie helped me figure things out after my mother had died. I grabbed my key, and pulled my jacket on, at least my arm was out of that damn cast. Now, my wrist was in a brace, and my ankle too, but it was okay, it didn't bother me as much. As I opened the door, and slowly started to slid down to the ground from my truck, Alexander came outside, when he saw me he smiled. I slowly made my way up to the porch, and then groaned. They had stairs, and today, my ankle wasn't going to let me go up those damn things. Today, it was acting up. The slight frown that marred his beautiful smile, tugged at my heart, his mother hadn't told him yet.

"Rosa, you okay?"
"Yeah... Just, my damn ankle won't let me get up these damn stairs."

He sighed and started to walk towards me, just as Ellie came out, and smiled down at me.

"Rosa! You made it! Oh, dear! Your ankle acting up today? How about your wirst? And your ribs, are they bothering you?"

I couldn't help the small hysterical giggle that escaped my lips, Alexander turned and looked at his mother confused, and I hopped up onto the first stair, gasping in some pain and discomfort. Ellie, smacked the back of his head and pointed at me.
"Well help her!"
"What happened to you?"
His question made me blush, I didn't know how to tell him, or how to approach the subject of being abused with him. His mother could see my internal battle and the predicament I was in. She smiled softly and sighed. She adored me, but she was still a bit upset over what had happened to me, and she wanted Dick in jail. He'd been in the town jail, but only for a few days, since the sheriff was his brother, he let him out, making him promise to not touch another woman the way he'd touched me again, that was all. It pissed me off that he was getting away with putting me in the hospital. Alexander looked at me then at his mother, glaring at her, he now knew that she knew what had happened.
"Mother, if you don't tell me, I swear..."
"Oh! Calm down, Alexander! Her ex boyfriend beat her, and she's only been out of the hospital for about a month, just help her up the stairs!"

She whirled around and ran inside the house, in a flurry of skirts and long gray hair. I giggled and leaned into Alexander. He glared at me, and then sighed. I hiccuped and frowned. Maybe it had been wrong to tell him, or well, for his mother to tell him in this way. But, his arm around my waist made me warm and sent shivers up my back, and sparks traveling throughout my body. I wish he knew what he did to me with just a look. His eyes had a sparkle, they were gorgeous and so deep a blue, that I thought I was swimming in them, and everytime I looked into them, I lost myself a little bit more to him. God, if only he knew how much I loved him, what I felt for him. Someday, someday soon, I'll tell him. Before he leaves this time, he'll know how I feel about him, I'll tell him how he makes me feel, and how I love him. But, I have to find the right time to tell him. Just like, I'd wanted to wait to tell him about me being beaten and hospitalized.

"Who did this to you, Rosa?"

"Uhmm....It was Dick Greyson."
"Son of a bitch! I could kill him!"

His exclimation startled me, and made me jump. I nearly fell back down the stairs, he caught me quickly and sighed. I knew he was angry, just the angry glint in his blue eyes told me that. It was also obvious in the way the viens in his arms and neck were visible and huge. He was extremely angry about this. I got inside and shed my jacket. He gasped and I turned to face him, blushing. So, I guess he liked the dress. It clung to my hips and breast, making me seem all grown and womanly. He was staring at me in wonder. Ellie walked in and smiled.

"Rosa! Look at you! Aren't you just the most gorgeous little thing! Do you agree, son?"
Alexander was too busy staring at me, taking in all of me, his eyes slowly raking over my body, ravaging me in his mind. I blushed deeper and hugged Ellie. She giggled quietly and I blushed even more, the heat and color rushing from my face to my collar bone, where the red color of my blush stops.


"Oh! Uhmm.....Yes, you're so beautiful, Rosaline..."

His voice was strained and it made me smile. Finally, a sign that I affected him the way he affected me. I hobbled behind Ellie into the kitchen after taking off my shoes, and stretching my arms. Alexander just stared after me, I giggled and wiggled my hips a bit. His sudden sharp intake of breath had me blushing and smiling again.

"Oh, Rosa, I haven't seen your pretty smile in so long! He truly makes you happy, doesn't he?"
"Yes. Oh, Ellie, just the sound of his name, and the thought of him makes my heart beat wildly and try to brust from my rib cage!"

She smiled and hugged me at this point. I smiled and hugged her back with my good wrist. I smiled and looked at the table, wiggling and jumping to get the plates out of the cupboard. Alexander walked up behind me, and grabbed them for me, smiling. I turned and smiled back at him. He walked away with the plates and set them down, I followed behind him with forks and other utensils.

"Thank you for helping me with those."
"Don't thank me."
His words made me blush, yet again. I was turning into a blushing fool because of him, and it was driving me aboslutely mad. A white color caught my eye, and I looked at it. White roses sat on the counter behind the table. Alexander smiled and handed them to me.
"They're for you, I am sorry about your momma, Rosa. I know you've been through a lot, and don't worry."
"Thank you so much. That means a lot to me."
I whisper, my voice strained, holding back tears. He remembered that I loved white roses, and in the middle of the boquet was a single red tulip, my mothers favorite flower and color. I burried my nose in the flowers to hide me tears, hoping he wouldn't notice how much it effected me that he did this for me. His mother walked in and smiled at me, a knowning glint in her eyes. Alexander hugged her and took the flowers out of my hand, handing to her my flowers.

"Mother, why don't you go put these in water and finish up dinner?"
"Alright, but I'll be back!"

She giggled and as she walked by me, she took my hair clip out of my hair, letting it tumble to my knees in wavelets. It covered my shoulders and I smiled at Alexander. My hair was a lot longer than when he'd been back the last time. He reached out and slowly touched my hair, smiling, it was just as soft as before, maybe even softer.

"Rosaline.... I don't mean to be rude, but, I thought, I could borrow your brothers cabin, and take a few of the guys from my team up there for the weekend, camping?"
"Of course, but, you'll have to let me get the key..."
"I was also hoping you'd come with me for the weekend."
"Okay...I'll go.."
"Alright, good. You wanna go somewhere tomorrow?"

"Are you asking me out on a date, Alexander?"
"I am... Well, will you?"
"I'd love to."

I couldn't help the small giggles and trembles that shook my body. He laughed quietly and hugged me close. I gased at his touch and relaxed into the hug. His touch sent sparks and heat flying throughout my entire body and had my heart racing. I looked up at him and smiled, he put his hand under my chin, and pulled my face towards his, just as his mother came into the dining room, she smiled as we jumped apart, knowing she'd interupted something important and amazing that was about to happen. I blushed and looked at both Ellie and Alexander. Just as we were putting the food on the table, the doorbell sounded, apparently Alexander had invited some of his friend from the team over for dinner tonight, his mother welcomed them in, but I sorta sheid away. It had always been hard for me to make friends, and talk with people I didn't know. The couple that came, were Marcus and Marina, they'd been married several years, and almost seperated twice because of the army and him always being away. As Ellie got the food ready, Marina and I talked.

"Honey, anyone can tell that man is in love with you, just from the way he looks at you."
That made me giggle and blush. Some people were just very insightful, and sometimes it was very disconserting. Marina and Ellie were two of those people. After dinner, I went into the kitchen and started to help Ellie, just before my wrist started acting up and I dropped a plate, shattering it. Ellie whirled and looked at me concerned and worried. I smiled at her to assure her I was fine, and Alexander ran in. He helped me clean up the mess, and then I decided it was time to get home, I was just so sore, my ribs and ankle and wrist were all aching right now and my pain meds were at home by my bed. Ellie saw that and knew what she had to do.

"Dear, if you want, you can stay here, or Alexander can drive you home, and stay with you for the night..."
"No, I'll be fine, I promise, just need to get home and take the pain meds."

"Alright, Rosa, I'll see you soon, hun."
I gave her a kiss on the cheek and Alexander followed me out. He helped me slowly descend the stairs and to my car. I was leaning against the door, talking to him, when headlights flashed over me, and I saw Dicks' truck. It made me sigh, and try to hide behind my hair. I hated that man, and had been promised he'd never come near me again, boy wasn't that a lie. Dick pulled up behind my truck, making escape impossible for me, and got out of his car. He glared at Alexander and walked over. He walked close to me and I pressed into Alexander, I wanted to get away from Dick. He was an ass, and a horrible human being. Alexander reacted defensively and pulled me behind him, already seeing the damage the man had done to me.

"Get the hell off of my property!"
"Hell if I will! I came for Rosaline."

"Go away, Dick! I don't want to see you, ever."
"Whatever, listen, whore, if you come near Amy, or if you let him take you from me, I will kill him or maybe you."
"Oh! Are we down to death threats again, asshole!"

"Aparently, just take heed to what I'm sayin' and we won't have any problems."
Alexander, not liking what Dick had said, growled and nearly punched his face in. I held onto his arm, to make sure he didn't hurt Dick, it'd only hurt Ellie to find her son in jail after a fight on her own property. Ellie deserved better than to have her peace destroyed this way, she was finally happy, and enjoying life. I loved Ellie and didn't want to upset her or hurt her in anyway. Dick sped away, spraying tiny bits of gravel at my face. I sighed and let go of Alexander once he was out of sight.
"What did you ever see in a man like that, Rosa?"
He growled, and glared at me. He was blaming me now? All I had done was be drunk and lonely, I'd been so hurt over my mothers death and reeling inside from the last time Alexander had left me, that I had just latched on to the first asshole who showed me affection and kindness, it had been a mistake, and I thought he respected me enough to respect that I was human and made mistakes. I whirled and glared back at him.

"I wouldn't have sought comfort in his arms, if you'd been here! If you'd just stayed like you were offered, I would've been yours! I would've told you how much I love you! You could've been the idiot I dated! But you left me! All alone and hurting! I had to find someone to ease the pain! He did that for me, for a bit, then he changed! God! If you don't like it, then maybe you should've been here to help, and told me you love me too!"
I screamed and jumped into my car, sobbing. I turned the key in the ignition and sped away, to my house. I left a stunned and confused Alexander behind me. I turned on the radio and sang along to it, heading to my house, to go to bed and forget the hurt the one man I loved had just caused me. My cell began to ring and ring, it was probably Ellie, calling me to make sure I was okay, and not going to the bar or somewhere stupid, or it could be Alexander trying to call me and get me to come back and let him explain things, and make me feel better, but I just took it and took the battery out. When I walked into the house, Sasha whined and walked up to me.

I grabbed her and sat on the floor, hugging her and sobbing for a few hours. Sasha stayed right in my arms and licked away some of the tears, knowing I needed her help. I loved her, because in a way Sasha was just like my brother to me, she was there for me when I cried or when I was hurting physically at least. Sasha had saved me in so many ways, that sometimes I had no idea what to love her for. After I cried myself out, I put the battery back in my phone and saw all the messages, and listened to the voicemails. All of them from Alexander, begging me to come back, or to call him, or answer. He sounded like he was crying, and hurt by my actions, and scared that I'd left like that. I sighed and called him, he answered on the first ring.

"Oh, God! Rosa! You're okay! Thank God!"
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you, or ignore you, I was upset by what you'd said, and they way you were looking at me."
"Its alright, sweetheart. Did you really mean it when you said you loved me?"
"I...... Yes, I love you, Alexander."
"Good, beacuse I love you too, I just didn't know how to tell you I did. Now, can you let me inside, baby, it's snowing and its really cold out here."
"Are you...Oh, you followed me home?!"
"Yes, to make sure you were okay,now, please let me inside, so I can hold you and tell you how much I love you!"

At that, I threw my phone at the table, and ran to the door, the bell was ringing now, and Sasha was barking like crazy, having a feild day with the sound and the posibility of having a visitor she didn't know. I quickly began to undo the locks and wretched open the door. There he stood, on my doorstep, hair covered in snow, the most beautiful and breath taking man I'd ever seen in my whole life. He smiled and walked in, pulling his shoes off and bending down to pet and greet Sasha. Sasha, recognizing him barked and licked and rolled happily for him. I giggled and told her to go outside, she whimpered and did as told, going through the dog door and into her little sleeping house.

"Rosa, I'm so sorry... If I'd known, I would've never left you."
"I know, I'm just emotional. Sorry."
"Baby, don't worry about that, I'll help you feel better."
That made me giggle, because only God knew how this man planned on making me feel better, I think I had a pretty good idea, and I was about to find out if I was right or not. He pulled me into his arms, crushing me to him and finally kissing me for the first time in forever. I gasped and wrapped my arms around his neck, his lips were warm and gentle at first. But, as the kiss went on they turned into hungry and lustful. I moaned softly and pressed against him. I have a pretty good idea that I'm about to find out what he was going to do to help me feel better. He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom, kissing me and holding me close to his chest. He smiled and nuzzled my neck, making me shiver in anticipation.

"Be prepared to feel amazing now."
I giggled and he took me into my room, that would be the last I giggled for the night, the rest of the night was filled with moans and I love you's. Once in my room, Alexander proceeded to pull me close and kiss me with all of the passion he could summon up inside him. My knees began to feel weak, and I started to tremble in his arms. He pulled back, and smirked at me, his grin both, sexy and alluring at the same time.

"God, darling...I love you so much...."
He whispered, making me shiver. He pulled my hair from my neck and gently pressed kisses into my neck, he slowly pulled down the straps to my dress, and kissed my shoulder. Alexander began to nip gently, and that set me to moaning, loving the feelings he was giving me. He started to unzip my dress, and pushed it from my shoulders, letting it pool at my feet. I smiled at him, grabbed his face and kissed him fericously. He moaned softly and pulled me closer, so close that I couldn't tell where he began and I ended, we were almost one person now. He burried his nose in my hair, and inhaled my scent, moaning and starting to unclasp my bra. The lacey, angel wing white bra came undone and fell from my body, revealing my full breast to his hungry gaze and touch. I blushed, and put my hands in front of my breast, he smiled sadly, and pulled my hands away.

"Darling, there is no reason for you to hide, I love you, and you are beautiful to me in every way."
I smiled at him and he then, kissed my forehead. He picked me up in his arms, kissing me with a fervor that I had no idea he possesed. He smiled at me, and placed me on the bed, soon following me, and laying next to me. But, he only gathered me in his arms again and moaned as I pressed my hips to his. I giggled quietly and pushed my hands up inside his shirt, tracing the muscles hidden from my sight underneath it. He moaned and sighed.
"Oh, Rosa..."
His plea was all I could take. I tugged at the buttons on his shirt and then pushed it off of. He smiled and kissed me more, I kissed his chest lightly, and slowly moved downward. Remembering that his nipples were as sensitive as mine, I gently began to suck on one, he gasped and moaned, his fingers knotted in my hair and had me moaning. He pushed me on to my back and smiled wickedly. I couldn't help the giggle that burst forth and it made him laugh. He kissed my inner thigh as he pulled my stockings off, it set me on fire, making me moan louder. I pulled at his shoulders, tugging him back up to me. I smiled and pressed my lips to his, he moaned and growled softly. He pulled back, and gently touched my face, smiling softly, and his eyes full of love and sadness.

"Oh, Rosa, what I wouldn't give to have found you sonner...."
His words had me smiling, even though I wanted to cry, and cling to him, for the sweet words he spoke. He smiled at me and began toying with the waistband of my underwear. He paused and looked at me, silently asking me if it was okay. I nodded and he pulled them off of me in one smooth movement. I then rolled on top of him, and smiled. I wiggled and moaned with him. He was nice and hard, I could feel it even through his jeans. I tugged on his belt and pulled it off, then slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I pushed them down to his knees where they got caught. He smiled and stood up, pulling htem off the rest of the way. I moaned and blushed as I saw his cock for the first time. It was huge, and wonderful. He crawled back over to me, gathered me close and pressed me close to him.

"You're the only woman who does this for me, to me. The only one ever. I love you."
"I love you... You're so...big.."

He laughed and kissed me, smothering my protests with his lips. I smiled and moaned as he rolled me on my back and parted my legs. I smiled at him, touched his face and pressed my hips up to his. He slowly entered me, moaning and gasping as my body stretched and adjusted to him. I moaned and gasped, my nails digging into his shoulders, my body tense. The last time I had been touched this way, had been a very long time. I burried my head in his chest, and hid my tears, or tried to. Alexander groaned and pulled my face out of his chest, and kissed me softly. He smiled and began to move his hips slowly, knowing that I was in some pain. I clung to him and began to move with him, moaning and panting, murmuring his name every so often. I loved him, and he knew it, finally, after so much pain, I was being loved the way I deserved to be.

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