Pain accompanied by love

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About an obsessive love that got too abusive

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



This is all too familiar The hard ground and a headache Recollections of last night flooding my brain Words linger in the air Reminding me off the hate I get up and whince in pain I'm almost too scared to face myself The reflection in the mirror is not okay Red all over my face Ripped and torn clothes is all that remains Covered in cuts and bruises This isn't me it can't be She said she loved metoo much As my hands shake in pain I see you now Your eyes lock with mine A sorry floats off your lips and hangs in the air And again it begins

Day by day Its all the same Night and day Apologize then start a fight Your meant to fight for love But surely not like this It gets worse and worse Your begging an pleading for her to stop But no she ain't done yet Bloody noses and broken bones aren't enough She goes for your throat

Her face pops in and out of sight your necks about ready to break Move your hands over the cold ground searching for something to save your life Oh wait you feel something and grasp it tight throw it at you hard andd it ibstantly stops I can breathe I'm alive But a little sad at the same time I can feel somethings not right

I see you and I cry your lifeless and covered in blood wake up I scresm I've looked like that a thousand times

You said you would die for love Guess that was no lie Neither am I Like Romeo and Juliet I'm ready to die with tears in my eyes I grab that red knife Good-bye

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