too much smoke in the air today

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A poem I wrote about realizing drugs weren't the way

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



Numb to the touch I've become. Feeling like I have no one. Asking myself \"Who have you Become?\" I fucked up. Sorry's not enough for all the damage I've done. Causing worry and fear to those who truly cared. Turning their love to my own selfish fear. Unaware of the problems I'd create. Taking my normal ciggarrette break. Litting it up and watching it disenagrate. Burning another friendship another love. Another piece of myself. Turning into something I swore i'd never be. Searching my mind for something to justify what I've done. But no reason is good enough. I let the smoke cloud my mind Thought all my problems would get lost and fade awy with the smoke. Obviously it didn't happen that way. People said it doesn't work that way. But I did it anyways. Grabbing a bottle I tried to drink the pain away. But it was only temporary. All the issues csme back the next day. With more pain and despair. I wallowed in my self inflicted fate. Than a realization came just a little too late. I can't drink away the pain. Problems won't fade away. I've made a lot of mistake. Almost too many too bear. I need a change of air. Clear of smoke and those pills everywhere. Todsys a day I change.

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