An Early Breakfast

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I wrote this story when I was in 6th grade... i didn't think it was that bad... anyways... please read and comment..

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



Early in the morning, Mike's mom, Sarah, was starting to get hungry. Therefore, she got up and went out of the cave. Mike was a curious little tiger adn sneaked out of teh cave to see where his mom was going. When he saw his mom's ever so slight turn, he hid in the bushes. He was sure his mom did not see him there. However, Sarah did know Mike was hiding in the bushes.

Sarah was about to catch her prey, when all of a sudden, she heard a snake behind her. When she looked, there was a cobra about to strike her cub. Without thinking, she grabbed the cobra by the neck and bit down hard. Good, he is safe now.Was the last thing she thought before she fell into unconsciousness. The poison of the cobra had leaked into her mouth when she clamped down on its neck. Mike only noticed how she started to tremble and then fell to the groung before then he just stared at the creature who was willing to take his life.

Mike was so worried that his mom was gonna die. She wouldn't move or anything. It was like she fell into a deep, deep sleep. He called to his brother, Mark and sister, Margie.

He stayed with his mom while his brother and sister went for help. They went to their uncle Fred's, and tld him to come to their cave right away.

Mike only left his mom for a short time. And that was only to go get carrots, onions, and celery from their garden for his uncles famous "feel better" soup. After he had gotten back, his uncle and siblings were there. They told him that "feel better" soup was not going to help this occasion.

The next day, Mike's mom passed away. After the funeral, his cousin, Sophie, asked him to go to church with her.

He learned about God, but he wondered silently, If God was love, why did He let his mom die?

As he studied more into it, he found out that God didn't plan for there to be death and that sin was the reason for the sadness. He also learned that there was life after death in the resurrection of Christ. He just knew that if he followed God, he would be able to see his mother again. He knew God had saved his mother.

He concluded that when Jesus came again he would never hide from his mom again.

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