Golden Rod Bouquets

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"Really... how could something like this end up being in my life?" Allie glances at the sky. "How could this be real..."
"Gid-up! We're going home now, don't you worry..."
About halfway there a car pulls up to the house. Who could that be...

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



As he started up the road, he noticed the yellow golden rod along the road. Ahh... His wife's favorite field flower. Although she would not ever wear the color, she loved the flower. "I think I just might bring some of these home with me. Just another surprise to brighten her day." As he hummed her favorite hymn, he began to make a bouquet. When he felt like he had enough flowers, he stood up and walked toward his buggy and started towards home.

As soon as he got close enough for her to see him through the kitchen window, he waved. She stood outside the door waiting for him, as usual, but this tim she did not have her apron on but she looked like she had been out riding again. She's been riding a lot more lately... He thought. I wonder whats bothering her...

"Hi, Darling." He say as he slips an arm around her thin waist. Kissing her lovingly, as he hid the flowers behind his back.

"Daniel? Why aren't both of your arms around me?" She looks at him with her eyes saying, 'You can't hide things very well!' and one eyebrow up.

"Fine. Here, Allie, these are for you, my dearest love." He presents the bouquet with a slight bow.

"I guess I can forgive you." Playfully, she pulls him down to her level and then pinches his cheeks.

"Really? What if i don't wanna be a fishy?" He couldn't say it very well but you could understand it.

"Oh. I kinda tend to think you do wanna be a fishy....*mwah*" She plants one on his puckered lips.

"You know what? I am going to get you!" She slips away though and sneeks out the back door to the stables, without making a sound. Knowing exactly the direction she headed he decided to beat her there. When Allie got to her horse, she found a very undisturbed Daniel waiting for her.

"Uh. Oh." She breathed.

"Uh-oh, is right!" He wraps her in a strong embrace. "Did you really think I was gonna let you slip away that easy?"

"I thought maybe..."

"Al, I let you do that once. I won't be letting it happen again. I love you and that is my defense."

As they stood there, Allie held by Daniel, they talked about their future and the things that haunt their thoughts each waking moment. Whether or not this baby will survive that winter. It maybe warm now but Lord knows how cold its gonna get this winter. They had just moved to Oregon from Arizona. They wanted quiet, so they moved to the country. Yes, it was gorgeous living in Arizona. But they wanted something new, or better than their home state.

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