Depression fixable or NOT?

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Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Trying to obtain the seemingly unobtainable!

The article I chose to write about was “Probing into depression” which was in the seed magazine. Written by Dave Munger, who is a well now research blogger for the magazine. This article is about a procedure that is known to help the troubling body tremors, suffered by Parkinson’s disease patients, but is now being sought out to treat drug-resistant depression. The studies, clinical results and speculations on if it could cause excessive happiness. Hoping the benefits from the procedure is useful for those thought to be unable to be helped.

Can you imagine a life with no low points and no depressing feelings/moments?  That’s what about 15 million Americans have to go through every day.  Out of those who suffer from normal depression three out of ten (3/10) of those 15 million have drug resistant depression. Drug resistant depression is described or defined as depression that is treated with psychosis drugs, but unable to be helped or lessened with drug treatments.  If I was to suffer from depression I would want a procedure to help me get back to the good times.  Well people of the world there is a procedure called DBS (deep brain stimulation) which is a procedure that starts with a small device called a neurostimulator placed near the collarbone up the neck and around the skull connected to small wire/wires no bigger than spaghetti strands placed deep inside the brain. This procedure was first thought or used to help patients known with Parkinson’s disease control body tremors that plague them. But in recent years some say it may help those individuals that suffer from drug-resistant depression. Clinical studies have been conducted with various patients and lab rats. Some of the clinical trials success rates of 65% for depressed patients and a turnaround of 25% in remission after a year.  I really think this procedure needs more wide spread publicity around the world knowing that a growing 4 million people are believed to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease  and a longer amount suffering from depression. I’m deeply impacted by this subject on depression. Because my own mother is in the percentage of people in the world that suffer from depression and it saddens me to believe that her medications do not help.  I would love to see my mother wake up and have a stress free, good day. In good I mean no mood swings or bouts of uncontrollable sadness or mixed emotions.  Though there are many risks to this procedure I stand behind that more research needs to be done on this topic and more grants given to researchers and doctors out there.  So they can do more studies and collect more data on the benefits of this procedure. There may be many saying this procedure is dangerous even to those with Parkinson’s disease, but in my opinion I think any surgical procedure is dangerous regardless of being elective cosmetic surgery or necessary surgery. All of these procedures come with risk, but this comes with the benefit of having a normal everyday life. Every day we sit and watch TV and see celebrities getting cosmetic surgery to correct the smallest defects. But, recently I have seen some of Hollywood’s best actors and actresses come out and say they suffer from depression, bipolar disorder. But, do you think for one second those who have come out and said they are mentally sick, would give a second thought about getting a procedure done for the mental issues they do have. I don’t think so! Our society is so based on looks and the outer shell that we forget to look beyond that and even deeper than that. If this breakthrough procedure gets more publicity and more grant money for research imagine the doors it will open for everyone. Advertising this procedure and its clinical studies on TV wouldn’t that give it the necessary publicity it needs for a bigger audience and a higher success rate, due to overwhelming participants? Every now and then medicines and procedures come out that have great success rate and even better results, but until it’s on TV it doesn’t really attract a lot of attention. Example, Lipozene is a dietary fiber sponge that makes you feel full, thus reducing your caloric intake.[1] It was on the air years ago and now has great clinical trial results and over 10 million bottles sold.  For those who suffer from depression or have family members take care of them. This procedure could be lifesaving, creating for those who do unfortunately suffer from Parkinson’s disease or drug resistant depression a new start on life. If so many Americans suffer from this mental illness, I think and stand behind getting people who suffer from this mental illness help if that means by this procedure or a new drug. I know no guarantees come with things like this or actual anything in life, but I would give anything to see my mother happy and smiling again. As I always remembered her.

This topic highly relates or to me reminds me of assignment on Frankenstein. Like in Frankenstein Victor also suffers bouts of uncontrollable emotion whether that is madness, anger, sadness and what I believe was depression due to the deaths and his worry about the being he created. This DBS procedure could have possibly benefited victor greatly. Helping him cope with the deaths in his family and possibly even changing his opinion on the monster he created. It could have helped him to look on the bright side of things. He always since he was young had an intelligent mind and as he grew older wanted to create life. That in my books is a plus. He did create a living, breathing being.  It also could have helped the monster out by having victor be calm and collective with the creature. Accepting him and maybe even finishing his significant other. Who is to say that if victor got help, for his mental problems he wouldn’t have helped the monster?





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