Last Regrets -- Grievances

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A child's mind is as petite as a seed of a flower; It only blooms if fed properly, and as it grows up. But things might change in child's life if an upheaval would occur; he or she might exceed the capacity of being a child.

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011




Louise was in turmoil. She didn’t know how to deal with her family and relatives. It was all because of her Grandma’s inheritance that put them all into conflict. Everyone wants fortune of course, but the problem was, Louise’s Grandma decided to pass her fortune to the Leonin family, where Louise belonged.

“This can’t help.” Louise sighed as she crumpled the paper where she was writing her plans.

As a nine year old girl, it was not typical for Louise to interfere in the adult’s problems, but she wanted to help somehow, to pay for the good things that her relatives had shown her. She wanted to destroy the conflict.

In the morning, Louise used to hear the voice of Mr. Van Dotri fighting over her father, Mr. Leo Leonin. She would usually peek from her room, wanting to hear and see their conversation clearly, but her cousins would catch her and run to play with her in the garden. Though she wanted to stay and spy the two fighting, she couldn’t blame herself on choosing to play with her cousins since she was also a child like the others. After lunch, the Dotri family would leave, still with a vast burden because of the inheritance.

Louise was left once again, in their mansion, waiting for another visitor—the Warner family. Their conversation was still the same, about the inheritance. In the Warner family, Louise had two cousins, but they were both teenagers, which were old enough to play with a child. Louise wasn’t depressed, instead she felt fortunate because she was able to hear adult’s conversation.

“I’m also her child Leo!” Mrs. Mish screamed in a high pitch, but Mr. Leo responded calmly, “I know that Mish, but Mum is in severe condition! We can’t just force her to clear these things immediately!”

“But what if she dies without a word to us?”

Louise knew that her Auntie Mish didn’t really care if her Grandma dies, what matters to her Auntie was the fortune. Apparently, that was what her father exactly thought.

“Is the fortune more important than Mum’s life?” Mrs. Mish tapped her forehead as a sign of being annoyed and later yelled, “That’s not my point! I’m not a wretched daughter to say that!” It was obviously a defensive statement, a denied defense.

Mr. Leo didn’t respond anymore. He presumed that the conversation will just be put to nothing until his sister Mish would be contented on protesting and left with anguish.

In the afternoon was the time of Houston family to stand for their side. Mrs. Clarita, Mr. Leo’s youngest sister, was a cunning and sweet person. Unlike their other relatives, Mrs. Clarita spoke frantically. However, she had to protest on behalf of his husband, who was currently working. Louise was glad whenever they were here, because of her cousin Stanley. Stanley was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Houston. He was one year older than Louise, and was a very timid person, but tended to be naughty when playing with Louise.

They used to play and eat in the garden, which made Louise forgot about her burdens. But somehow, she wanted to tell Stanley about the problems; apparently, she couldn’t since she knew Stanley never cared about problems and never seemed to comprehend them though he was a true friend. After the hours of conversation, Mrs. Clarita and her son Stanley waved their hands as a sign of goodbye. Louise didn’t even feel the feeling of anxiety in her Auntie because of her lovely smile.

Finally, in the night, the Leonin family was able to have their dinner peacefully and serenely. Louise kept on attempting to ask about the inheritance, but it seemed that their parents were intensely exhausted, after having their routine of conversation regarding the fortune. Days had passed without peace in every family, until the day that Louise hadn’t wished for had come—the day of her Grandma’s death.

Louise thought that the conflict was cut, because everyone was mourning for her Grandma, but after a few weeks, her involved relatives went in their mansion to talk about the fortune.

They were hushed in the dinner, but started arguing in the lounger. Louise had wished that there would be a schedule like before, because the noises she was hearing right now were reckless than she ever imagined.

She was the only child in there, since her cousins didn’t come most probably because her relatives knew that they wouldn’t comprehend those matters. Louise, however, was different. She wanted to help, but she couldn’t. Her innocent and mild mind wasn’t enough.

The banker, the one who was taking care of the fortune was trapped and can’t even speak because of the unceasing complaints of people inside the mansion. Louise’s parents couldn’t handle them anymore that they almost gave up. Louise had observed everything; the anxious face of her parents, the tormented reactions of her relatives, and the chaos inside the mansion. Her tears streamed down bitterly, as she gasped. She was only a child, in the same time the only child.

Louise valiantly ran toward the banker and got the certificate of inheritance. She raised it up as high as she could and suddenly tore it. Everyone halted and was stunned. They couldn’t believe that in just a blink, the inheritance was gone.

“What are you up to, young lady?” Mr. Van Dotri yelled fiercely as everyone started to react. Mr. and Mrs. Leonin stared at each other, with a mark of astonishment on their faces.

“YOU’RE ALL STUPID!” Louise shrieked, louder as she could.

“WE ALL HAVE MANSIONS AND WE ALREADY HAVE WHAT WE WANT! So what are you GRIEVING at? This wretched INHERITANCE destroys our lives!”

Mrs. Aeris, Mr. Leo’s cousin couldn’t accept to be called stupid that she once again protested, “Discipline your daughter Leo! Look at what she had done. The fortune is now gone!”

Mr. and Mrs. Leonin got near their daughter with a frantic smile. “Don’t outwit the child. She can’t tell lies.” Mr. Leo said, as his wife embraced Louise.

“Let’s forget these things.” Mrs. Leonin uttered and held Louise’s wrist as they walked away the enormous lounger.

Louise glanced back, and knew that it was her fault why her father was already lying on the floor. She didn’t reckon the harshness of her relatives in terms of fortune, and because of that her father had to encounter his early demise. She was a child, indeed.


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