The Widow of the Dark Forest

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Who is the Widow of the Dark Forest? A campfire party tells the creepy story. But everything goes wrong when a strange beautiful girl turns up uninvited...

Submitted: December 03, 2016

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The Widow of the Dark








"For the last time, I'm not scared!” Emma grits her teeth, but her voice still quivers a little.

The group laughs, their voices sound loud in the eerily quiet forest.

“If I believe that,” says Blake, his voice gently mocking, “then I’m retarded.”

“But you are!” cries a pretty blonde girl next to him, his girlfriend – Georgia. She is wearing a tight sweater with the words 4GET 4ME across her chest. Blake playfully slaps her leg, and they exchange a sloppy kiss. The group gazes in bewilderment. They know that the two are going out, but to display such an affection in front of a whole group of teenagers? No. That isn’t appropriate.

“Hey,” a tall boy - Chuck, with long, jet black hair breaks the sudden silence, “Emma, if you’re not scared, then we need you to prove it.”

Emma looks doubtful, “How?”

“We will tell you a scary story.”

Emma wants to say no, she grimaces under the flickering light of the campfire, but she is sick of the constant harassment about her. She forces a smile onto her lips. “Okay, try me. But I won’t be the one crapping my pants, Chuck – you will.”

Chuck dismisses her with a smirk. “Go on Blake,” he says, “tell us one.”

Blake, seemingly the one in charge again, leans back, his hands pressing into the dirt. Georgia lays her head down on his lap, and he strokes her blonde hair. For a while, he is quiet, just looking down into his girlfriend’s eyes, seemingly thinking.

“Once upon a time,” Blake begins, deliberately speaking slowly, “there was a dar –”

“Dude, that’s such a bad start,” a thick-set guy – Jerome – interrupts him. He flexes his muscles, and shows everyone a perfect view of his well-toned torso.

“If you don’t shut up,” Blake fixes his fiery gaze onto Jerome, unfazed by Jerome, “I will kick you into the campfire.”

A girl, sitting in the back, seemingly unnoticed by anyone, gives a trace of a smirk. Blake sees her perfect white teeth glow like pearls in the semidarkness. Blake didn't know how he didn't notice her before. She seems to be around twenty, like a college graduate student. She has straight, shiny blonde hair, which is normal, as most of the girls Blake invited to the party are blonde. Blake loves blondes, he thinks they are the perfect breed of girls. However, this girl’s glittering, shiny blonde hair contrasts intensely with the irises in her eyes that seem… black. She isn’t like the rest of the girls – brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, gray eyes… her pupils seem to be her irises, because as far as Blake can tell, there's no place where one stops, and the other begins. The girl is beyond gorgeous. Suddenly, the dark eyes meet with Blake’s green eyes, and lock. Blake doesn’t remember inviting a college girl to the senior’s camp party they are having. Especially not a stunner like this girl. But he is interrupted out of his thoughts when Georgia places a hand on his chest.

“Baby,” Georgia whispers, one hand on Blake's chest, and one hand over her left breast, covering the 4GET 4ME, “what are you looking at.”

Blake looks down at her, his eyes still unfocused. How long was he silent for? By the looks of some of the others, it might have been quite a while. “Noth…Nothing.” He realizes that the rest of the group is staring at him. Blake loves speaking in front of crowds, but losing his concentration and stuttering, not to mention embarrassing himself – that, he didn’t like.

Anyways,” Blake tries to carry on from where he left off. “As I was saying… What was I saying?”

Jerome sighs, “Dawg, you were saying that crappy starting phrase.”

Blake’s composes himself, and he shoots Jerome a glare. “Once upon a time, there was a dark, dark forest,” Blake begins the story again, his gaze wanders over to where the girl is sitting, she is still staring at him. Quickly, his gaze darts from her. What is wrong with him? He never looks away from anyone. Perhaps it is those dark eyes. His gaze settles into the campfire. He is confident in his story telling skills, and this story, the one that he had told friends many, many times, is one of the best, and relates closely to the forest they are staying in right now. He should be awarded with a few haunted faces when he finishes. With this thought in his mind, he smiles, and carries on. “This forest was commonly known as The Dark Forest, or, if you prefer it, the one we are spending the night in right now. In fact, this story is the reason why this forest is called the Dark Forest. It all happened when the King died, and one of his wives became a widow among many. This young widow’s name was Valeria. She wasn't the queen, but she was very beautiful, and that had gotten her to be one of the King’s wives. However, after the King had died, his main wife, the Queen, came to power. She didn't like Valeria much. She was too beautiful. Nobody dared to disagree, because the Queen was ruthless, and killed anyone who didn't go by everything she said. So she humiliated Valeria the worst she could do to a woman - she sold her. The Queen forced the young beauty to become a prostitute. There was more than a thousand men as servants working in the palace. The Queen made Valeria sleep with all of them, then she moved on to others outside the palace. No one could count how many people, but it must have been in the thousands.

“But one day, the young widow suddenly disappeared. And she was never seen again. No one knew what happened to her, and nobody even tried to find her. Many people thought she had died, and many thought that she was better for dead, for being dead was better than what the Queen had made her.

“Around a year later, something seemingly unrelated happened in the Dark Forest. In the day, it was completely harmless. Children played around, men went hunting, and women did whatever they did. But at night, people started noticing things that hadn't been here before. This forest became eerie. Not only because it was pitch black, the tall trees casting a thick curtain so nobody could see more than a few meters into the woods, but also people living nearby said that they heard strange noises – incomprehensible words – and screams.

“This went on, but people needed the woods to live. So, in the day, they would go back in, and do whatever they needed to. Nobody tried to explore the forest at night. So it wasn't until people, in fact, men started disappearing one by one that the people really got frightened. Nobody knew what was going on. Days later, a squad of strong, fearless men went into the forest in the day to find the lost men, but when they came back in the afternoon, and the desperate people asked what happened, they didn’t speak. Instead, they kept on muttering something about ‘dissolving’, and ‘a beautiful woman’. Then, they all went home as if in a trance, and all did the same thing. They all fell down onto their bed, and a few moments later, they were dead.”

A couple of guys laugh, trying to impress the girls with their bravery, but they quickly die out when they see that everyone else is serious.

“Everyone thought that if they didn't go into the forest, then that might have been the end of it. But no, because every night, a man would enter the forest alone, as if in a trance, in such a state like the squad of rescuers that had come back and died. No one could stop him, and when someone did, they were thrown back, as if by an invisible hand,” Blake stops, and looks at the other teenagers surrounding him. Everyone is staring at him, eyes glittering under the light of the campfire. Blake looks around. He checks just to make sure.

The girl with the black eyes is gone.

He decides to carry on, even though a part of him wants to go find the girl, he decides that he is enjoying telling the story too much to stop. “People eventually realized that women who go into the forest was not affected. So life went on, and every night, a man would go into the forest and never come out again. The women had to do all the work. Men did nothing, many men ran away, but some stayed because they had family to take care for. Strangely enough, the men who ran away were the first to be taken into the forest. They all knew then, that there are was no escape.

“Nobody knew what was in the Dark Forest, but people began to wonder. Some thought that it was a big monster, and some thought that it was a witch. For around two years, this continued, and more than a thousand men have gone into the Tall Woods and never to have appeared again. But then something happened that no one could have foreseen… the Queen went into the forest. Her guards and servants all saw, and they tried to stop her, but couldn’t because of the invisible force. Everyone knew she was never coming back. Then after that, no more men were ever taken. Some men later explored the forest, and they came back, alive and well. It seemed that the seemingly endless nightmare had finally come to an end. Whatever was in the forest decided that it had taken enough men’s lives, and had stopped,” Blake stops. He is done with his story. There is a moment of silence, then everyone erupts into conversation.

“That's it?” someone cries.

“What was in the forest?” asks Emma. Despite herself, she was shivering.

Blake replies, “The Widow of the Dark Forest.”

Before Blake could reply, there came a voice. A female voice.

Despite the many girls around, all chattering at once, the female voice carries above all of them.

“Very well told, Blake,” the voice is young, and somehow old at the same time. Everyone stops talking, and turns to a young woman, a college graduate student. Blake immediately recognizes the peculiar black eyes, and the perfect features. “I really enjoyed it.”

Everyone is silent, staring. Blake tries to speak, but his mouth is suddenly dry that he doesn't make his first words audible. He tries again. “Wh... Who are you?”

The woman smiles, and steps into the circle of teenagers so that she stands in the center, right next to the campfire. As she does so, human skeletons begin rising all around the group, and her clothes, an array of black, seems to be dissolving…



There is a moment of silence, then someone speaks up, “This forest - the Dark Forest… The Widow. It's all real, right?”

A wave of uneasiness passes through us. The campfire story that Harris just told us about Blake actually encountering the Black Widow clashes with our realization that this relates to us, because we are in the Dark Forest.

Then, suddenly, a clear female voice breaks the silence. It shatters the silence of the forest so much that it makes me jump.

“Well told, Harris… I really enjoyed it.”

A woman steps out of the depths of the forest, her black clothes seems to be… dissolving.




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