Aftermath of Battle

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Naruto is forced to go into battle... with no other then his little brother Satoshi. When the fighting breaks out ,Naruto is forced to conceal Satoshi between to shards of rock. When the battle is over Naruto struugles to stand up and recover his crying brother...

Submitted: October 23, 2010

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Submitted: October 23, 2010



Naruto's P.O.V :

"Toto, Toto" a very young Satoshi yelled. He was sitting in between two slabs of rock and was wailing loudly. Iheard his cry and tried standing. The battle had left me in no condition to be walking, but I had to get him. Islowly walked overto the rendezvous point and tried moving the rocks aside. Every minuscle movement threatened to drop me. I practically lay my back on one of the rocks and pushed with all my might.

General P.O.V :

" Toto... Out.. Toshi want Out!!!" the toddler yelped angrily and fearfully.

" Where's Kakashi when you need him" Naruto mumbeled and attempted to make a clone. He used up the last of his energy and his chakra and carefully used rasengan to chip away the stubborn rock. Satoshi squealed with delight and pounced on him with that unbelievable agility. Naruto fell flat on the floor and Satoshi lookedcuriously at his brothers face. Suddenly, Satoshi leaped off Naruto with a yelp. The ninetails chakra had took it upon itself to encase Naruto in it's deadly cloak.

Satoshi's stomach was burned by the gruesome chakra and he held back tears. The 3 year old winced in pain and he angrily let a few tears trickle down his chin. He leaned over hisolder brothersbody and 2 more tears welled up in his eyes. Satoshi had no idea what to do, he knew that Naruto wasn't just playing around, he knew something was wrong. He blinked rapidly and the tears ran straight down his cheek and on the cloak.

Right above his chest, the tears incinegrated, leaving behind a lightsmokey residue.The cloak intensified and Naruto groaned lightly, his head bobbing gently, as it made an effort to rise. Suddenly, thecloak glowed a bright redand grew wider.Satoshi's stomach burned vigorously as the kyuubi added on to its healing powers. The marks on Naruto's cheeksgrew darker before the chakra evaporated intothedry, crisp air.

The ninetails had kept him barely alive, but didn't have theenergy to completly possess him, for Naruto reached a remarkable amount of tails during the battle. Satoshi grew angrywhen Naruto wouldn't respond to his shoves andpulls.He pushed down on his chest withhis little hands and repeatedly placed his weight on him in a bouncing manner. "TOTO" he yelled angrily, he punched him with his little fists and cried again. Satoshi sniffed softly and noticed something was differnt, as he lay on Naruto, his head laying at the nape of hisneck.

He always slept on his chest at night,and fell asleep to the rhythmic beat of his heart. Now that beat was muddled and fast, lightning fast. Satoshi grew worriedand somewhat sad, with all the emotions, his chakra grew. Anger, Sadness, Curiosity,Longing,Hurt, Pain: all at one time. Satoshi clutched his stomach tightly and a few minutes later, his white chakra leaked steadily out of him.

The chakra began to form, including pointy ears, a tail and a shadowed Husky face. This was like Level 1 when it came to Satoshi's 'power'. He crouched down and growled protectively. More white chakra went to his stomach and tried healing the wound. The pain the healing was causing was so intense that it rose his chakra level even more. With a wild howl, the figure on the husky expanded, filling in the gaps with chakra. Satoshi was in a sitting position, howling in pain. ( Imagine the avatar season 1 finale when Aang was in the water spirit)

He heard people running in the distance and his chakra subdued. When the mark was almost healed, Satoshi's chakra form had gone back to that thin layer of glowing chakra that surrounded his body. He put his paws on Naruto's torso and the chakra immediatly fled his body. It entered into naruto and his eyes opened slowly. Satoshi fell onto his stomach, his shirt had torn from the intense mass of chakra, and his hair had spiked up.

Naruto looked down at him and groaned again, his head fell back to the dirt ground and Satoshi passed out with a grin on his face. For his sweet thumping lullaby had returned, strong and steady. Little did they know that Naruto was indeed dieing and that the kyuubi was etching itself free of the seal. But when Satoshi's chakra forced itself into naruto's stomach, it reinforced the seal, due to the simple fact that he had Minatos chakra at an even more powerful rate.

Both Uzamaki's were passed out cold when Sakura, Kakashi and the rest of the rescue ninjas arrived. they all stopped in a line of defense , all including Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Kiba, Sakura, Sai, Kakashi, and Iruka. The2 leaders moved forward and broke the line, everyone rushed in a circle around them and noticed fresh blood on the remains of naruto's tattered shirt. The source came from Satoshi's mouth and stomach. Iruka grabbed Satoshi's frail body and Kakashi put the barely concious Naruto in his arms.

" Kakashi-Sensie" Naruto whisperd lightly, "what-" he passed out once more and the 2 squads headed out. They had already scanned the area for and survivors or nija left behond.


Naruto woke up to a yell, he opened his heavy eyelids slowly. A nurse was holding Satoshi back and he was obviously trying to be free. "Toto,TOTO" he continued to yell his 'nickname' for him. Naruto sat up and Satoshi succeeded in escaping the nurses grip. He leaped up on his chest and hugged him. Naruto hugged him back and Satoshi merely pushed his head further into his chest.

Naruto's P.O.V:

The nurse left in angered silence and I was glad. Satoshi stood on my stomach and I felt myself wince slightly. He looked at me curiosly, a hand rubbing his 'tummy'. "You okey" he asked softly, with his pure childish innocence. I nodded my head and looked down at his stomach, it was scarred and scratched. Ipulled him into a hug and he hugged back. We stayed like that until Inotice he fell asleep. I lay my head back down and fell asleep too.

I woke up to what seemed to be minutes later, but it turned out to be a good 3 hours. Satoshi lay unconcious on my chest. Ilooked around slowly and found what awoke me, Kakashi stood next to the hospital window. It was pitch black outside and the lights danced around my eyes as Ireally began to 'wake up'.

" Kakashi-Sensie" I asked softly. I sat up slowly and Satoshi curled up in my lap, and laid his head gently on my stomach still. I rubbed his back slowly while Kakashi seemed to come out of his trance.

" Naruto, I need to ask you some important questions and it's vital that you try to remember okey." Kakashi saidin a whisper. Inodded my head and he continued on with the questions. "How did you find Satoshi again, annd if you can remember, when he first began to show his excess chakra". I thought long and hard before replying.

" I found him at the graveyard, you were thereremember. And i had to take off the shield that was around him, you had left when those 2 creepy ladies came out of the shadows near the Will of Fire statue is. I member I got scared and was looking for you, before those woman grabbed my shoulders and dragged me closer to the shadows. They said something, ummm it was like a riddle but i.. i cant rememeber it... Hold up I know it, I had it memorized I know i did. Dang.. i can't remember" I threw my fist down on the mattress and closed my eyes, trying to remember.

" What about his chakra growth" Kakashi asked quickly. "Lemme think, when he was about, well actually in about 2 hours it will be 2 years. This was actually the day I found him, the ladies said he'd turn 1 on the following day. Tomorrows his birthday and he's turning 4. Thats how I got this, he bite me when someone Black chakra surrounded him, and I had lost my balance and fell. His chakra turned white and somehow healed it" I finished while pointing at my leg. there was a light but fairly large scar reaching from my ankle to where my pants usually stopped.

Kakashi seemed to ponder on that and without any warning he left. Jumping through the window, he glared at me and said thanks. Then he threw a glance at Satoshi and my heart broke and my anger rose. He stared at him like he was a thing, a monster, a demon... the same look i was given, as well as Gaara and Sora.Satoshi wasn't a monser, he wasn't even a Jinchuriki. I wrapped my arms tighter around him in my anger and tried to calm myself dwn...

heres some kinda helpful pics of how 'Satoshis chakra fills up the spaces' when it grows_larger:altaltalt

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