The Story of the Girl

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This is an essay that I needed to write for my school. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: December 02, 2014

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Submitted: December 02, 2014



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 Flashback to Feb. 6 2003

A little girl was born that day. She was 21 inches tall and 6 pounds, 12 ounces. She had dark black hair, that you couldn’t really see because of her slightly bald head. She made it through the night, but her mother almost didn’t. 

The girl was lying in her crib, crying for her mother. Her mother wasn’t there. She cried and cried but she couldn’t find her. 

The doctors didn’t know what to do with the little child. They talked together and decided on a solution. The doctors brought a small, pink, and fluffy teddy bear to the girl. They figured that if she wouldn’t have a mother, she would at least have a friend. 

The little girl’s mother did make it through that night, and many nights more. And so did that little pink teddy bear.


Flashback to Feb. 24 2004

The little girl’s older sister’s birthday had come. Their parents were cleaning up the house, and they threw that little bear into the closet. The little girl didn’t see the bear for years.


Flashback to Aug. 16 2008

The little girl and her mother were looking in the closet for a game to play. They were very bored and needed something to do. As they were looking through the closet, the girl saw something pink and fluffy poking out of a box. When she pulled the bear out, she realized who it was and started to cry. She had missed the bear and now had finally found her. 

The girl’s mother asked the girl what she was going to name the bear, and for some reason, the little girl said, “Googoo.” 




Flashback to Dec. 16 2009

By the time that the girl was 6, she had made many friends. Her best friend was having a birthday party at build-a-bear and the little girl was going. The little 

girl’s oldest sister had gotten a bear from build-a-bear and loved it. It was a dark brown bear with a “camping” outfit. The little girl was going to get a bear just like that, or at least she hoped.

When the little girl walked into the store, she immediately found a bear that she loved. It was a magenta colored bear with white hearts. The girl completely forgot about the bear that her sister got. Those two bears were the start of her bear collection. 


Flashback to Apr. 5 2010

The little girl and her sister were at school, when there was an announcement on the loudspeaker. 

“Attention all students, we have the winners for the Rabbit Reading Club Contest,” the principal said to the students. The little girl rolled her eyes, thinking, “Nobody ever wins this except for Savannah.” The little girl envied Savannah. Savannah was the principals granddaughter, and you can probably figure out why she would always win. But the next announcement really surprised the girl.

“The winner of this years Rabbit Reading Club Contest is… Elizabeth Taylor!” The Rabbit Reading Club Contest is a contest where you make a name for a rabbit stuffed animal that has to do with a book. The little girl put the name Rabbitstiltskin based off of Rumplestiltskin, the fairy tale story. The little girl was surprised when she won, but mostly happy that she had beaten Savannah.

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The Story of the Girl

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