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The innovative book has developed ideas and changes to transform this unjust world into a just one by reforming the present thought through unification process of Life, Habitat and Peace.
Today Life is ruled by Money. With money one makes all kinds of show-off for instant pleasure which vanishes after sometime .Money brings glitters and glamour which derail one's mind set. Life is equated with money now .I am not telling money is not required .Earn money to make you live with happiness and peace .Do not allow money to overtake your life-spirit ,mind and body. With change taking place, keep your head over your shoulder to manage your life happy and peaceful in Habitats designed with humanitarian and ecological values.. Keep your life away from violence, vulgarity and virtuality (3Vs) and make your life filled with virtues and values .With this you realize how beautiful life is! But life has become addictive to materialistic positives confronted with the magnitude world’s sufferings of cynicism and negativity. Time has come to realize the true color of life. How long with the tools of technology, we sacrifice our life? Can we not come out from this vicious circle and be a part of our Mother-The Mother –Nature embedded with humanitarian qualities? It is possible with blending of “Science of Matter” with “Science of Spirituality”. The book systematically in a nutshell has attempted to elaborate the ideas of blending in respect of Life, Habitat and Peace without straining the minds of readers.
When the life is uprooted from its roots, the mind and body are beyond the control of Spirit. There is mental aberration and Consciousness is lost. In such a state of mind, human actions go wrong in every sector of life. Habitats are designed only for glitters and glamour without creating an environment for social delight, pleasures of eco-economy and life, supporting values. As a result phenomena like climate change, global warming pollution, earthquakes, emission of greenhouse gases; flood, cyclone and tornado etc creatively destroy the Habitats having adverse impact on Human and Social resources. Human minds without the support of Spirit have lost basic human qualities like love, affection, empathy, sharing and caring, feelings for others etc. The human resource is polluted with ego, anger, jealousy, intolerance and all kinds of violent instincts. Society is fractured with social pollution like violence, discrimination, inequity, rape, drugs-gun culture, making people idle resulting in idle mind as devil’s workshop through free or highly subsidized goods like food and other tools. Such people become more liability on the society destroying the fabrics of Habitats which turned into violent, vulgar and virtual unfit for human habitat. Such Habitats destroys resource sufficiency, physical well being, mutual comradeship, supportive intimacy, ethical integrity and cultural values.
When human minds are distorted and twisted, simple happiness and peace are drifted away making life miserable. Reptile mind becomes dominant which leads the humans in the path of violence and creative destruction. They do not find time for right thinking. What they do in the erring mind are all become sources of further deterioration of quality of life. People are negatively charged but unfortunately due to absence of Consciousness, they claim and boast of their utterly false and wrongful ideas and achievements and find pleasure which is transitory. They do not realize that Peace is the ultimate desire of life and habitat. They still think that Peace is subjective and not objective. They have not yet recognized “Spirituality as Science”. They think life is only for virtual pleasure and a barrel of laughs. It is one laugh at a time. It is time that each one must assemble their own barrel and put the laughs with happiness and peace as they progress. There should not be any backward progress. Forward progress can only take place when people develop a behavior of positivity and embedded their spirit, mind and body with happiness and peace. They should be freed from the imprisonment of negativity to achieve the ultimate goal of Peace. There is no alternative to Peace. Peace scientifically is blending of Security, comfort with a sense of enoughness and happiness (components of Matter) with Truth, Order and Harmony(components of antimatter). Keeping this in mind, we have to reform and redesign all human activities, so that life continues in the habitats sustainably with peace.
The book is designed to remove all the evils stated and to realize the truth where they stand in the mess of disorderliness disharmonious environment around them. The book searches for alternative options for a peaceful life inhabiting in peaceful Habitats. The book has tried to create “ONENESS” in Life, Habitat and Peace through a process of healing, purifying and unifying. This is an innovative concept, which every world citizen must read to think and spread the message across the world to make the human civilization sustainable through enriching Life, Habitat and Peace.

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 13, 2016



The Book is published now.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

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