The Ascent to the Heavens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story that speaks about heroism and friendship, about how we can make a different to the world if we just really want to.
And how ourselves can make an impact to the world to change it all together.
This story aims to make you tear in the end,as it is the message it tries to give.
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Submitted: October 06, 2018

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Submitted: October 06, 2018



----Arrival in Karpathos
-----The Meeting with George
-----The Meeting with Anton
-----The Meeting with Kostas
-----The Adventures with Kostas
------The Adventures with Anton
-----The Adventures with George
-----The Oath of Sacred Union
------The Death of Hank
------12 years Later
------The start of the Invasion
------The Beggining of the End
-----The Last Stand
-----Hope's Return
-----The Miracle in the French Sky
----- War End
----- Ending


The Ascent to the Heavens short version(complete)---  Dedicated to Max.


The smoke of the war had passed,peace was once again in the world.The Heroism of 3 persons that decided to die for the greater good showed to all of us that the power of the will counts.
I had the honor to meet each of the world heroes at a point of my life.During summers in the small island of Karpathos-Greece.
My name is Vasilis and i have been in the island of Karpathos Greece for 10 summers in a row ,from 1997-2007.
My friends and family kept telling me to go someplace else.But that island,was the island that later on turned out to be the home of world heroes that saved the planet.

Anton,George and Kostas remain in everyone's heart.Including mine.
One day i will be able to meet them again.

This story of memories,is in rememberance of them.

Arrival In Karpathos

It was an August summer morning when i arrived for the first time in Karpathos Greece.
All i could see was the beautiful sea,a sea you could not find in New York.
I was in love with it at first sight.I noticed many restaurants in a line selling traditional greek food.
I remember the small beach near the port where  a bird would come from time to time to seek some food and me and my mother would go and make it happy.
I looked towards the ferry leaving,i smiled with happiness.
I never believed destiny exists.During my stay in Karpathos i realised in the end that perhaps that wasnt exactly true.

Me ,my sister and my parents used to go to the beach all day,enjoying what my dad referred to as paradise.And for us it really was.One of the days in the beach at around 7 pm i saw for the first time one of the 3 world heroes of the future,George Papadopulos.

The Meeting with George

He had a hat and a metal detector with him,'what a loser' i thought.
My first impression was that he was a really dumb person.
My dad always taught me to not judge by appearances,i never believed him,but thinking back to that day,my dad was right.
George started talking to me,asking me weird stuff.Nowadays i regret sending that kid away as if he was rubbish.
He left in the distance,dissapointed,as the wind blew towards him.
I stared at him until my eye could not reach him anymore.
One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Everywhere i would go with my parents during the years in Karpathos,we would notice George getting harassed from random people as the island's retard.
It was during my 3rd year at Karpathos that i decided to stop that guy and talk to him.
The guy told me some really weird stuff which now i dont remember,but i remember plainly that they were things with no meaning.
I thought that the kid had some real life problems,family problems which later on proved me right.

One day as a joke i asked him to sing a song,when the 'island's retard' opened his mouth and started singing,it was the time i remained more amazed than ever.I could not believe such a retard could sing so good.
Ever since me and George talked as friends.He ,with 2 more friends i had met in Karpathos ,turned out to be the guardian angels of the world.

The Meeting with Anton

It was a rainy October day when leader world hero Anton Pozigun talked to me for the first time in late 2002.With a russian jacket and hat on him, you could tell he was Russian.
He asked me to play soccer with them.
My first impression of him was that he was a troubled kid but he tried to not show it in public.
Everytime i would come back to Karpathos,it was Anton that would always call me to go to places and for that i will forever be grateful.
You could tell from the start that Anton came in Karpathos to seek a better life.
He had  enough of bad life and unfair things he came for something new.
Years later,Anton's chance towards life came and my friend flew high in the air and he was the one that led the 'defense of the seven seas' in the historical date of 16 May 2019,date of his death.

The Meeting with Kostas

During our 1st year in Karpathos Greece,my mother got into a fight with a fruit shop owner .
My dad,annoyed and perhaps to silence my mother took us to a different fruit shop.
It was then that i saw for the first time,a quiet kid,his name was Kostas.
  All you could see him do is move boxes in silence.
My first impression of him was that he was a really shy person,which later on proved not being the case.
I started conversation with him saying that the watermelons were great and it was the first time i saw him opening his mouth when he replied ' We make them its our own watermelons'

His eye sparkled with pride,i saw into him a future friend.Perhaps i felt a bit sorry for how lonely he was.But yet again,judging by appearances wont get you somewhere.

The fruit shop quiet friend of mine flew up in the skies,disobeying orders and saved the world.

Perhaps its the friend of mine i miss the most.
I remember we used to read Nostradamus prophecies together.
One of them was saying ' The sun together with the heart will destroy the enemy'

Years later,i think i saw that prophecy come true.

Maybe it was a big coincidence....Maybe it wasnt....Whats for sure is,that i admire that quiet kid that talked rarely,yet he was silenced, forever.

This is how i met each of the 3 world heroes.
They didnt know one another,later on we all  united as common friends into adventures i could write in a thousand pages, i will describe some with each of them.

The Adventures with Kostas

What i remember the most about Kostas is that he was a guy that was shut into himself,he was never going out apart for school and his fruit shop.I plainly remember he was only coming to town to get a haircut! For years i tried to change him,to get him to see there is a world outside his house,my phonecalls and tries didnt seem to have any effect but somehow,he was the person that always came  for me ,somehow,like magic he knew when i really needed it.We had a common interest,the search for the unexplained things in the world,astronomy and my talks with him over astronomy and aliens will always remain in my head.It was our common dream to see them one day.
He was saying how much he dreamed on escaping Greece and to do something useful to the world,one day he did.
Our talks about the famous prophet Nostradamus and how we tried to decode his prophecies as little kids so we could be famous!
I also remember how me Kostas and other guys had a soccer team and we used to play soccer with another team,fun times,times that are now gone to a long past.
  With time i managed to get Kostas out of the hole of his house into the town!
After more time i managed to get him for the first time on his life to a night club!
I remember we went to the nightclub and amazingly he put us in for free,one of the times of my life i got shocked the most.He with time changed to something better,he was caring and even though he didnt talk a lot,he was there for me in my darkest days.But together ,we were there to the darkest day to the world...One of the prophecies of Nostradamus we read as kids was stating ''On sunrise,the sun together with the heart will destroy the enemy and peace will reign for years'
That prophecy,in my eyes,became true.

The Adventures with Anton

Anton was the person i did most crazy things with.I remember we had set a yearly day of stupidity on 10th of June.On that day we would go and do everything stupid we could.
From the time we changed signs in the road,seeing tourists go into a road that was getting fixed and then annoyingly coming back to the times we used to go to the beach and being lifeguards,getting everything the wind was taking away from tourists.
One particular day i will never forget,we were both drinking coke happily while getting sunburned and as we were watching the sea! Suddenly a girl's seabed flies in the sea with the help of the wind. So as we were drinking me and Anton understood each other and swam towards it!
  All the way we were burping and it was so funny i personally drank a lot of water.
Him and his brother,Roman were my friends ever since.
  Anton liked fair things,you could tell he had a good heart from first sight.Then he got a girlfriend,Katrin.He started hanging out with me less and less due to her.I didnt like her at first for that reason.Specially because they always kept talking Russian.But Anton was really happy and even though he apologised for not hanging out with me much anymore,i told him there is no need to.I was talking English with katrin outside the bar Anton worked and i always messed with her and one day i found out that girl knew everything about Nostradamus! i was like no way! Later on me kostas and katrin had interesting conversations over it.I remember Anton looking at us while working,proud we finally got along.The next summer i started talking in greek and it was the day i perhaps got more shocked than any other day on my life when katrin answered me in greek.In a year she had learned one of the most difficult languages of the planet! With time me and katrin became good friends even though i knew i wouldnt have my best friend Anton the way he was before.

The Adventures with George

Under my house there used to be a playground for children.Right in front of it as kids we used to play soccer.The first encounter with George was in that playground. I had soccer pants without pockets,so i hid my coins into the sand to get them later.
In the distance as i was going to play soccer i saw George with the metal detector.Back then we werent friends.The point is that my coins vanished and i was always wondering over it.
3 years after,me and George were already friends and he talked about how one day in the playground he found a lot of coins.I was like no way,the guy that stole my coins was you! We stared at each other not being able to stop laughing over it.
For many summers me and George would go around town singing songs,at times even dancing on the streets while singing.We felt free,we didnt care about who was watching.Our other friend Flurios perhaps cared because he used to always stay at least 100 meters behind us because he was embarassed! 
I plainly remember when me and George were sitting in a bench without noticing the guitar case was right in our feet.Old guy came and tossed 2 euro's in it.We looked perplexed as to why that guy just tossed 2 euro on us and then we realised how stupid we were! I rushed to the old guy and gave him his 2 euro's back.
Over the years me and George remained close friends up until the day he vanished and i thought i would not see him again.One day i did,the same day of his death.

The Oath of Sacred Union

When we all became friends,we hanged around a lot together,one day we went towards a small island outside the port of Karpathos town we climbed to its highest point and one of us said,lets jump! Everyone of us was scared to.Anton shouted lets do it together! united!
Anton was the first to jump,he remained in the air for 5 seconds before finally landing in the sea underneath the rock.I followed and so did Roman and our other friend Daniel,George remained on top trying to jump but he couldnt let go.I decided to climb back up and help him beat his fear.
That was the day our first song was made even if it was a bit idiotic ,thinking about it today.
Me,Anton Roman and Daniel made the following song for George to beat his fear right that day

There is nothing but the sea!
There is no mean to fear!
Just jump like an eagle and  let yourself go!
And then while in the sky
You will feel free
You will see!
You will fall to the beautiful sea!

After almost 45 minutes,George jumped off the rock for the first time on his life.
We made a pact,an oath that whoever had jumped off that rock and needed help he could shout 'Sacred Union' and everyone around him should help.
In order to be eligible however you should first jump!
Over the years 20 people became eligible.
We all were united through a meaningless oath we took as kids,an oath that saved the whole world years later.
Over the years the Sacred Union was always respected.

The Death of Hank

Over the years,we had a friend,a friend that was also eligible to the Sacred Union,his name was Hank and he was from Bulgaria immigrated to Greece.
As all summers,we started being united with him as well.He was a person that made all of us laugh and smile up until 5 summers later we heard he wasnt in this world anymore.Hank had suicided in Bulgaria.His mother realised we were his friends and came to us crying with personal stuff of Hank,i still have that scorpions cd i took in order to remember him.
We were all devastated for his death.
Up to this day i dont know his reasonings for suicide but if he screamed Sacred Union,noone was there to help him.We thought he did and ever since The Sacred Union to us became a religion we could not disobey.Hank's Death made it stronger.May he rest in peace.


They say all good things come to an end.Our union was threatened by our different paths in life.After highschool i signed in to be a pilot for the american Government,George had dissapeared somewhere in Germany and Anton went back to Russia together with Katrin.Roman stayed in Thessaloniki i didnt hear from Daniel again other than he lives somewhere near mount Caucasus.Kostas remained in Karpathos in his fruit shop with dreams to leave one day as he did.Up until one day,a day  i plainly remember me and my friends,united again,not on land but high above the ground.....



Back in New york i was taught to go to church every week and pray.
To be honest i never thought a higher power helps you.
What happened in the day of my friends death to me couldnt be judged as coincidence,but a somekind of intervention.
I keep remembering the Nostradamus prophecy and i realise the prophecy is too close to what happened.
its amazing to think that my friend Kostas admired nostradamus so much,yet its possible that Nostradamus saw Kostas saving the world years back.

Every cold winter,i was counting down the days for the summer in Karpathos.
My daily routine in New york was school,writing  ,friends and home with my family.
I knew that in Karpathos,it would be different.
It was awesome when through the internet i was talking to my karpathos friends that were also spread into the seven seas.
To think about it,its illuding,how friends living in every corner of the world,get united in a small island of Greece every summer,catching up,having fun,living the dream.

When the summer was coming ,in Karpathos it was like a reunion with friends for me.
I commonly knew Anton George Katrin Flurios and Kostas,thanks to me they met each other and fast enough they bonded along with our other friends 
The Sacred Union was used many times between us for important and at times indifferent stuff.It always was respected.
I had not heard of any of us call the Sacred Union again for 12 years.

12 years later

12 Years had passed since i last went to Karpathos-Greece.
I was training to be a pilot and now i finally became one!I was now one of the defenders of the American skies.I called my friends in Karpathos from time to time and i realised  many of them had their life now,just like me.
Roman was now a director,just how his dream was long long time ago.
Flurios was a banker in New York,when i first heard it,i could not believe it,i was happy for him.
Kostas had developed his fruit career by selling stuff not to just Karpathos,but the whole world.Thanks to that Kostas managed to see the world just as he dreamt about one day.

George was somewhere in Germany and it was really weird noone had heard of him for 6 years,we just knew he walks the streets of Germany.
Anton was in Russia and he became a fighter pilot in servitude of St.Petersburg,perhaps it was his way of fixing the unfairness that happened to him and his family as a child in the small village of Dnipropetovsk-Ucraine,where planes bombed the whole village.Perhaps he became a pilot so if one day it happened again he would be able to stop it.His wife,Katia,was with him working in the American embassy of Moscow.

All i could do now was look at Karpathos pictures with me and my friends back in the day!
Those photo albums were so special to me i was keeping them safe with a key!
But perhaps the best thing that happened to me through these years is that i got a family!

Much to my amusement,i married an American girl,Melissa who now is my wife!
I remember i was always talking with George and i was always telling him i will never marry an American girl because they have too many complexes!

As weird as it sounds,in my wedding day i expected George to come to Chicago-USA,i was sure he would come just to take fun of me marrying an American girl!
For the whole celebration i looked towards the people in the church but i saw no sign of George,i felt dissapointed he forgot about me after all we went through.
Noone had heard of George for 6 years,we all thought George passed away.Its incredible how life can surprise you so much...and its incredible how things you think arent there,one day show up when you least expect it....

I was showing pictures of Karpathos to my 2 kids, John who was 10 years old and Beth who was 2.I remember when we reached pictures of the rock we used to jump from,little Beth pointed at the picture smiling even though she wasnt able to talk.
We both stared at those pictures with a smile,with the flashbacks i had it was like watching a movie,a movie that i thought would never come true again.I went outside ,in this freezing night of January and looked up the stars and i prayed,one day to see my old friends again.
One day,i did...


The start of the Invasion

I was in my base,the Langley airforce base in Virginia-USA when for the first time i heard of an alien invasion.At first i thought it was somekind of joke and i walked around the base with a smile,i was looking at other soldiers thinking to myself '''haha idiots you really think the rumours are true' the funny thing about this is that they were also looking at me with a face that if it was talking it would say ''''who is this idiot that smiles in this dark day to the world'
As i was walking in the base towards my fighter jet,as i was directing my eyes to the sky,hundreds of screams were heard all over the base,my smile instantly vanished and fear was all i could describe myself with, today.We all saw a giant spaceship,but not of this world.
It appeared,slowly ,outside of the clouds.It was the moment 2 of my biggest dreams faced one another.One,to see aliens sometime in my life,which i just did.Two,to live to become a grandfather (something i thought really impossible that second).
There was only panic residing in the Langley Airforce Base,the spaceship started attacking the base and there were explosions everywhere.Its estimated that only 24 out of 350 fighter jets escaped the '''Langley Destruction' and i was one of them.
I escaped the explosions and as i looked in my back towards the base,i saw people i trained with for the last 6 years,die.I could do nothing to save them.I speeded towards Washington as tears were dropping from my eyes.

The beggining of the End

It was the morning of May 14 when the 24 Langley fighter jets arrived in Washington.
Already much of the states were in flames as well as many countries around the globe.
We landed in the Fairchild Airforce Base.
Much to our surprise,high ranked generals and the president himself were there.
I looked towards the skies and every second another and another jet would land in the base.
I realised USA was preparing its last stand and i was part of it.
 We heard from the president that while we were speeding towards Washington the spaceship changed direction and was crossing the Atlantic Ocean towards Spain.and it was suspected it would move east towards France.

Our orders were clear,reach Paris-France,before the slow spaceship and destroy it.
I realised into myself i could not come back.
I called Melissa and i told her how much i love her and that i am going to fight for the greater good,for her,for my kids to live so they can tell their own tales to their kids.
 I hang up the phone and i took off.....Destination Paris.

The Last Stand

On our arrival in Paris base the morning of May 15,i noticed with joy not just American planes but also Russian,German even Japanese.The world countries that hated each other,had united to fight together.We were so many it would take me more time to count the planes in the skies rather than the stars at night.
I heard from other soldiers from the aviation that the plan the president wanted to go with was throw 3 atomic bombs to differents part of the spaceship.Normal weapons did not seem to have any effect on it.
I knew that the atomic bombs would not just hurt the spaceship but also us.
The atomic bombs had to be thrown from a very close range for them to have effect.
approximately 160000 fighter planes at midnight of May 15 ,had to cover 3 smaller ones carrying the bombs.
I was one of the 160000.We took off into the last stand of the world,the last hope.
I called Melissa again and i told her to look the moon,that i am watching it too,and i hoped i would see it with her again one day.She was crying as i hang up the phone,but i had to do my duty.
I took off,and i watched the land behind me,a land i did not know if i would touch again.
We were getting closer and closer to the spaceship,the 3 atomic bomb carriers behind us.Covered by every fighter jet.
Darkness is all you could see except the moon that at the time was looking like a flying banana.From the spaceship you could see small aircrafts in the size of our fighter jets get out.
You could realise that they were flying in higher speed than our own and they all passed us from the sides ,rushing to our backs.They were going for the atomic bomb carriers.
I wondered how could they know our plan when the carriers were so well hidden behind us.
I thought to myself that the only way was if they were warned about it.

I spoke loudly when i realised what the aircrafts were doing,i screamed PROTECT THE CARRIERS PROTECT THE CARRIERS!
All you could hear after my words,were explosions,weapons,fighter jets and aircrafts falling down.from the different kind of sounds we could not communicate and we could not defend.We were like a boat without sea.It was a mass disaster for the World aviation.I soon realised i once again had to flee.
The carriers got destroyed,the last hope of mankind was lost.It was hopeless.It was all over.
We were ordered to retreat back to the base.only 2000 out of 160000 returned.
  I noticed that when we returned back to the base with lights the enemy aircrafts stopped chasing us when the light was directed at them.I thought they were vulnerable to it.
Perhaps this is why they never came out during the day,i said to myself.It was 4.35 am of May 16,the wordly day of Heroism.


I could not understand how the aliens knew our plan to destroy them.It had to come from someone on our side.I could not understand why aliens stopped chasing us when we reached the base.I pictured it together in me.I thought that they were afraid of lights and that there was someone in our base,perhaps a traitor they didnt want to kill.
But it was just a pilot's thoughts,noone believed me.

After talking to a high ranked general,i told him we have nothing to lose if we try.We had to try! The General unlike the president understood me and ordered 1500 planes to take off again.500 were ordered back to defend the base if something happened.I was one of the ones ordered to defend the base.

As the world was in flames and as the news in every corner of the world was directed in the skies of Paris France,where 1500 fighter jets were pulling their last shot with 1 atomic bomb carrier,i was looking at them too and i realised even if i prayed they wouldnt have many chances.It was better however to attack rather than be attacked and be vanquished.
It was 5.10 am when 1500 fighter planes were approaching the spaceship.The aircrafts were still there,waiting.The smoke of the previous aerial battle and dark clouds  were all over the place,panic soon came to the fighter jets ,some had no guts to continue thinking they would die.The president ordered all of the 1500 jets back when he realised the General acted without seeking his call.
All of the 1500 jets turned back towards the base.I noticed the president really worried when everyone else was scared,he did not show any sign of fear.
I soon realised to myself that perhaps he was the traitor.
It was 5.35 am of 16 may 2019 when all hope of mankind,faded.

Hope's Return

I was looking at 1500 fighter jets turn back,its all lost i said.I started dreaming about how my family would become,and i wouldnt be able to see them again.
My mouth opened from the surprise,when out of the blue a Russian carrier crossed the 1500 fighter jets and was rushing towards the other direction ,towards impossibility,direction of the spaceship,alone.
What the Hell i thought!,everyone came outside of the base and was looking at the sky towards the crazy Madman that was speeding towards the spaceship to a new version of David against Goliath.

The president instantly went towards the communication room and started trying to make contact with the crazy pilot.

President: UNIT,IDENTIFY  YOURSELF,i repeat identify yourself!
Pilot: my name is not of importance to you,what i do,is
President: You are disobeying orders given to you by the president himself
Pilot: You sit in an office,ordering people to do stuff,to die,why would i listen to you,i am up here to save the world,you are just a coward to me.
President:How do you dare talk to me like that?
Pilot: i will save the world,or die trying,you in the other hand,have fun in your office drinking cofee .
I remember how almost all our crew in the office couldnt hold themselves from laughing.We all started to admire that pilot even though he was talking like this to our 'boss'His voice seemed very familiar to me.But i couldnt understand from where....

President: This is an offense,come back to the base now or i will order for you to be taken down.
Pilot: Doesnt matter how i will get off this aircraft,what i know is i wont step out of it again.I will die up here,one way or another.

All the world was looking at the conversation live from the news of every tv in the survived globe.
The words that came out of the unknown pilots mouth really got into people's hearts whether they were black,yellow or white.He was up there to save the world and he did not care dying.
All the world started admiring him even if they knew he didnt have a chance to save us.

President: i will take you down Unit,im not kidding
Pilot:may God have mercy in your soul for what you are about to do sir.

I was standing in the communication room,admiring how a simple pilot could stand up to the president in such a good manner,i was smiling inside me and i wished i would meet the pilot to shake his hand.
My thoughts got distracted when i heard a scream
VASILIS  TAKE OFF and bring  him down.

Not hearing the orders from the president himself,you would be charged with the act of treason and go to jail for years.Perhaps because i thought of my family,and i wanted them to remember me as a hero and not as someone that disoebeyed the president i took off,speeding towards the pilot to take him down.

As i was getting close to the pilot,the conversation between them was still going on.
I was now only 1 mile away from him and closing in...

President: Turn back Unit!
Pilot: No,The world should be united,up here all together,like the first battle,but someone betrayed us,someone said our plan,its too obvious.
President: Your dreams of a better world are just an illusion.the world is what it is.
Pilot:The world could be a better place for everybody,if people tried.
President:How would you make the world a better place,Unit?
Pilot: Why must only Europe help a country if the country in it is in crisis? All the world should help everybody.I dream off all the world united into a single coin.We are all humans,some of us have been luckier and powerful like you.Some others of us are born in desperation and starvation,like me.
Yet its the 2nd option that now travels to the sky.
I dream of this world united and fair.

By that time,i was in the range to take him down 
Me: Mr president i am locked in soon,i repeat i am locked in soon.
President: Proceed when ready,dont await another order.
Me: Roger.

I was locked in
It is in moments like this when things you least expect happen.

President: I admire your heroism Unit,i really do,but you should not offend the president.
Pilot:When i was a kid,me and my friends were united,when one of us needed help,the others would help him.Help me mr President you can still do it.
President: you are asking me to throw 1500 jets to a suicidal act like yours,you are a madman
Pilot: Sacred union it was called,when me and my friends needed help we would call that.
I dream of this world,that one day something close to Sacred union will exist and everyone will help one another.

I was ready to throw at him,to pull the trigger when something i would never expect happened,i heard the word Sacred Union again after 12 years...i had to respect it

President: Vasilis take him down
Me: i cant follow that order sir
President: Are you disobeying an order from the president himself?
Me: Yes i am
President: What happened???
Me: The Sacred Union didnt die yet
Me: Go Anton Go!!! I am covering you...
Pilot-Anton: Vassilis? Is that really you?
Me: It is me my friend,like old times,we have to respect the Sacred Union,you called it without knowing,so i took down the other aircraft.
Anton: Im glad i am with you Vassilis,here,in the end of all things....

The Miracle in the French Sky

To everyone's surprise including mine a fighter jet speeded towards us and stopped in the left side of Anton's carrier,moments later a big transport plane which was not a fighter approached in Anton's right side.
George: i see you took seriously your dream to become a pilot one day Anton
Anton: GEORGE???? you are alive?
Vassilis: George?Where have you been?
George:Training to be a fighter pilot,i wanted to find you and tell you my dream came true.
Anton: Both our dreams came true,this is destiny!

As we started having conversation with each other,happy even in a dark time like this as we were speeding towards the spaceship,all survived world was looking at us without understanding who we are,what we do and specially what was that big aircraft in the right side,noone of us could understand either,we knew it wasnt dangerous since it had no weapons in it.

Kostas: hi guys!
All together: NO WAY!!!!
Kostas: i am also here
George: how exactly you expect to destroy a spaceship with no weapons Kostas?
Anton: with his watermelons haha!

From my radio all i could listen to is a furious president ordering me to take them down,i kept flying in their backs ,covering them.As we happily talked we marched together and we were getting closer and closer.
In the distance you could see little aircrafts come out of the spaceship,thousands of them.I soon realised we had no chance.
The world in the land was looking at 4 aircrafts speeding towards thousands in the other side.My friends speeded even more instead of just giving up and saving themselves.Inside me i prayed that if God exists he should show it to me now.
From our backs i saw the sun rise up,hitting with its sunbeams everything in front of it.The enemy aircrafts afraid or vulnerable to light had to retreat inside the spaceship.

George: this is our chance,Anton i will cover you
Anton: Kostas make yourself useful and cover me from the front,you have one big hell of an aircraft!

Kostas: ok

From the distance you could see a big transport ship in the front covering a small carrier behind it and a fighter jet in its left side covering it.
They speeded as the sun rose up ,as the enemy aircrafts desperately tried to enter the spaceship and they were now only 0,1 mile away from the spaceship.

Anton: Go back to your dark hole! 
Anton: Sacred Union! for Hank!
George: For Hank!
Kostas: For Hank!
Vassilis: For Hank!

I was right there,ready to also suicide,for the Sacred Union to be respected but i realised that if i did then noone would know why we all were up there,why we did what we did,we would just be heroes with no background.To some my act coul be called an act of a coward but it wasnt.Someone had to stay back and say the story of the Sacred Union,someone had to remain and say who the friends were,how they met and who was Hank.

All the world was seeing 3 aircrafts flying without any temptation of going back.They could not understand how they had no fear of dying.They flew on sunrise towards Impossibility,what noone knows is that up there in their backs there was a 4th aircraft,myself,covering them.
I covered my friends knowing i would be charged with treason,i saw a prophecy we read as kids become true.I saw the explosion that meant freedom right in front of me....most of all i saw,that my days in Karpathos were back again even in a dark situation like this....we marched united just like long time ago in the streets of Karpathos,and deep in me i knew,people would remember us with pride....but i had to stay,to live,in order to reveal the world the real truth otherwise it would fade,forever.

Anton's atomic bomb crashed in the spaceship destroying it along with the aircraft of Kostas and George who never quit covering him.I saw the explosion in front of me,the explosion that meant freedom,the explosion that made me realise i would not see my friends again.

War End

I escaped the fire in the sky and rushed with a smile to the base in which i knew i would be arrested.I was charged with the act of treason and was sentenced in jail for 25 years for not obeying orders of my country's leader in order to save my friend and my oath.My friends were recognised as world heroes and statues were put in the rock outside karpathos port to honor them as i was being put in jail ,i was not allowed to have visitors..
My wife left me thinking me a traitor and was embarassed of myself.Up to this day i havent seen her or my kids again.To them i am a traitor

In jail i started writing this story so one day the world would know about what we truly did ,who we truly were and why we were truly up there.The current date is 17 january 2020 and i just finished writing it,I cant wait 25 years for my friends to be remembered as to who they truly were.I realise i have to suicide then my personal stuff will go to my wife and my kids.I shut the story in an envelope and wrote in it 'Sacred Union'.If you are reading this story i am not alive anymore.
I am in another world,a better world,a world where i will be able to see my friends again,to shake their hand,to say finally....thank you.I die knowing the world will know the truth...

Ending (added by Flurios)

After Vasilis suicide,his personal stuff including the envelope were sent to his family just as he predicted.,Melissa read the story of truth and realised her husband was not what seemed.Melissa seeked out the remaining Sacred Union eligible members throughout the world and showed them the story. She then moved to a small island of Greece,Karpathos to see for her own self the rock that it all started from.
The remaining Sacred Union members got united again in the rock and together they spent years trying to get the American government to recognise Vasilis as a world hero as well.He did not deseve the 'traitor' death.He also suicided for what he believed in.
After almost 2 years,Katrin who worked in the American Embassy of Moscow managed to succeed and the American Government sent to  Vasili's family the golden star medal and the Greek state added a fourth statue to the rock.
After,the statue was put all remaining Sacred Union members including Melissa jumped for one last time from the rock,followed by 13 year old John who jumped off the rock just as his father used to.
From the sea in the bottom,we all looked up towards the statues,and we knew that our friends would always remain in our hearts,forever.
His story was published and all the world now refers to the Miracle in the French sky as one of the  greatest acts and shows of friendship in mankind's history.Ever since the world has been better,people help one another just as the 4 world heroes,my friends,dreamed about as kids.

The End.

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