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Food discards, coming mostly from fast-food chains in the Philippines, are called "pagpag." These are being collected, recycled and sold for a cheaper cost to the urban poor. It's what you call the "survival food for the poorest of the poor."

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



Each day we need to scrounge through all the waste
Chicken meats burger patties fries thrown in haste
Dusted off and recycled even enough for all peers
It's been our food staple* feeding us for many years.

If lucky we can buy by the bag for a few pesos more
Gathering from these bins plastic cups and styrofoams
Poverty will never allow us to choose what to feed on
With children sans anything all avenues we'll explore.

We earn two hundred bucks segregating the recyclables
Life's difficult most times our lives are unbearable
It's about sacrifice and this charity we need to beg
Opportunities are nil so your support becomes our keg.

Livelihood programs and projects the government offers
But only the favorites getting its dip at the coffers
No balance or justice for the depraved and deprived
Everything's a price even our rights will not thrive.

Though we severely compromise our children's nutrition
Find this lowly means of scavenging as our occupation
We're able to get by having this honest way of living
Call it a means call it an end we'll call it "surviving."

copyright "fantasiamore" 05/04/2012

*NOTE: These food staples are called "PAGPAG."

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