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Image a realm, where everything is unknown, when you could be alone and looking for company. When out of a need you find yourself desiring for many. Surely, you can speak in riddles by yourself!

In yonder minds what could be new
Searching for a star that's blue and true

What could be done as private
Comes easy and quick to sate

Sometimes it can get so cold and bold
What better lengths come forth untold

When one is born so young and quiet
Even a bard will play his trumpet

With many qualms I often seek
What could be worst in slur i speak

For what has been made so earthly simple
In complications we always find a foible

So touchy it can be with hands and sight
Beckoning your thoughts in dreamless might

You turn and toss in my bed so much
From down my feet to head you punch

Why could you be this glum and sad
If you've been naughty but not as bad

Nothing will compare with you or me
Both in our midst thus it will be

copyright fantasiamore 04 august 2012

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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