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We can all have our cravings for the flesh. How we portray and imagine when no one isn't there to give in to our desires is something mind boggling that you can call. It is not as easy to contain what rabid pleasures a person would like to have. It's some satiety that needs expressing and filling.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



i think of lifetime
there's this you and me
matching as a rhyme in
abundance and satiety

my pent-up emotions
this willing decadence
absurdly without caution
all fits for hard expense

your desires have piled
am far distance got created
your mounting craves avid
caressed soon permeated

what visions could be more
when such languor rises
i think of what's thorough
sunken deep in my abyss

this dream of a utopia
nothing is concealed
wondering if your dilemma
finds me nakedly revealed

am there lying beside you
bare and torridly sensual
heart beats rhythm in two
you building up gradual

bodies are boldly pulsating
nothing will stop the rush
fingers found its kneading
a soft muscle for the laps

drips of nectar scattered
easing the way to its seat
sooner your spar entered
i went flustered for the meet

pounds go high and low
savagely into this trench
pleasure gaining through
body to body for a clench

sweats flowed unceasingly
for the peak that was coming
thrusting and pounding rigidly
the outburst came by exploding

like this dreams are often
the yearnings will not stop
you've made what's stoned soften
yes! they're nothing as corrupt.


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