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When one has loved intensely and to discover a betrayal was there since the beginning, for all those many years you were together, it is hard to believe it had happened. All you have are memoirs that will make you go back but these will not even show the flaws that were there, neither will it give you those doubts, that you can be now thinking. Acceptance that you got deceived is a long stretch of battle within you, this entire bevy of questions that makes you wonder, but you will not find any answer because your love became so trusting and always believing.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



it's been weeks now having to run through
again with all the verses that i got created
there is the thought that i'd compile it all
somehow i saw it was more my journal of you.
this morning there's a song i saw and played
the lyrics reminded the time we had first met
i said i would never, never get affected again
still tears welled my feelings remained staid.
i wish i was younger that i could turn back time
go all over anew have these moments feeling good
i could only dream them now mostly just reminding
the treasures i've had for a love that got sublime.
the wheel of life turns what's today as yesterday
but it goes in a circle this cycle that comes back
if what comes around is the same i'd keep my smile
am alive finding out what used to be was not a play.
i don't want to feel betrayed for those many years
liked what you said don't stop let the feelings flow
yet i'd find reasons why i can feel low and not high
am reading the past these same truths were my fears.
am trudging heavily with a burden that's not meant
often in thoughts about those years what am i searching
being quiescent does not stop me as i am still filled
many questions from this restless soul seem my torment.
this trap where am in are these shackles that bind me
i know it's not a ploy nor this plan i should muster
freedom comes unexpectedly in due time that am healed
still hoping for answers even in my deathbed as a plea.

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