Understanding- The Fallen Angels That Never Fell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

If you don't understand my Book 'The Fallen Angels That Never Fell' Here's a brief summary which will help you catch up.



The Fallen Angels That Never Fell


Claire is 560 year old ArchAngel (Like Vampires, But cooler), But she’s frozen at the age of 17. She is originally British. She starts up new life’s every couple of years, before someone noticed she wasn’t getting any older. She moved to America, to create another new life. So she enrolled in a Texas College, in a town Called Morganville. Claire needed somewhere to stay so started renting out a room in Glass House. Where she met; Michael, Shane and Eve.

In 1452, a young man called Edward Gilbert was to be wedded to a young woman called Claire Marie Danvers. They got married, but had no children, as Edward’s intensions were different. He was an ArchAngel, so therefore made Claire one. All her memories were left behind, all she knew was that she had a leader, and she had to follow him. He was Elijah,(known as Master Blake) the first ever of the ArchAngels.

Now, Claire only remembers being engaged to Edward, and that all her family died when she was young. She still had two siblings left Jerret Petro Danvers and Jesiki Somly Danvers. Now known as Jarrod and Jessica Danvers. Claire also used to be called Klairis Petrrova Danvers. Jarrod and Jessica were also turned into ArchAngels by Edward, as he and Elijah were starting up a revolution that failed in process.


·Unable to walk in Sunlight

(Most ArchAngels have a ring made by Witches to protect them)

·Unable to die

(One ArchAngel can kill another ArchAngel, but they are not able to die by human force, soon a Witch will find a way)

·Unable to enter homes unless invited in

(Like Vampires)

·ArchAngels can shape shift and control human minds, but if they do it for too long, they risk dying.

·ArhcAngels are given with amazing skills, but each is individually unique, with a special power

·ArchAngels feed on Humans (Claire goes to the blood bank, and eats a lot of average food to stop cravings)

·If ArchAngels are blood tied i.e Brother, Sister. If one of them dies the whole blood line is lost, and the rest are turned into humans.

·ArchAngels can turn humans, but are unlikely to succeed

·ArchAngels are effected by Silver and a plant called: Drancunculus Vulgaris (nick-named: Dragon Plant)


More to be added: 30/10/12

Submitted: October 29, 2012

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