Please, Don't Die

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A poem about the loss of cancer and a young girl.

For BriannasBooks poetry contest.

Submitted: June 16, 2014

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Submitted: June 16, 2014



I hear the doctors

There mutters and stares

Of me, the girl

In the hospital hallway


My daddy in the room

Right across the hall

Please doctors please

Don't let him leave


I hold his hand

A weak smile greets me

His skin so pale

His eyes so blank


Daddy don't leave me

Don't go to the angels

Don't leave the ground

Your all that I have


Daddy I love you

Please I will sit here

Until you come out

Healthy and alive


They tell me to go home

But I will not go

I will not sleep

I will not eat


Daddy please get better

Please with a cherry on top

Daddy come out of there

Please don't die


The doctors are coming out

They're eyes are down on the floor

They touch my hands

They kneel down


"Sweetie," they say

"Honey your father.."

I run past them,

My legs going fast


The door bursts open

Daddy on the cot

His eyes blank

They're staring


I grab his hand

It's cold as ice

I cry and cry

I collapse beside you


Daddy please, please come back

I miss you so much

I thought I told you

Please don't die


Why did the angels come

And break my little heart

The tears drop onto

His hospital gown


Daddy, Daddy do you hear me

Ask the angels to bring you back

I love you Daddy

Please come back




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