Privledged (FOR Alyssameep's CHALLENGE)!!!!

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For Alyssameep's challenge!!!!

Submitted: April 18, 2009

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Submitted: April 18, 2009



Kaylee Martin was the most popular girl in the grade. Even if you hated her, you had to love her. If you said something about her, she would fight back. She was so rich she probably payed people to be friends with her. Well, gorgeous people (of course). Kaylee is the kind of girl who would never be seen with someone who had 'flaws'. For example, if they were pasty with bug eyes and didn't have a fake tan....then she wouldn't even give them the time of day. It was the Halloween party when it all started. On a cold October night like this, you would expect the ghols and ghosts to haunt you....but, no. It was Kaylee and her gang. Or should I say....clique? The clique consists of Kiera, Yala and Anyah. Each of them had beautiful tan skin and soft, caramel colored hair with brown eyes that made the boys lost Maybe Kaylee's Daddy bought her a clonning machine, so she could have 'friends' who were exactly like her. All of the wannabees try to hang out with her, and on their profiles they 'claim' to be best friends with her. It's like wherever they can they mention Kaylee being their best friend. It's discusting. Anyway, back to the Halloween party.
Everyone was dancing in their costumes. No one was really that shocked when Kaylee walked in the room wearing a miniskirt and a normal brand name T- Shirt. I guess she just didn't wear a costume. As the night went on, everyone had fun and danced....while no one suspected that anything was wrong.
A couple days later, on the REAL Halloween, everyone at school (including Kaylee) was dressed in their Halloween costumes. Although, it was Minnie who grabbed the attention off of Kaylee for once, and Kaylee hated it. Gasp! Kaylee and the unpopular Minnie were wearing the same costume. Oh, Kaylee tried everything to get the attention back! She lied and said that Minnie copied her, she claimed that MINNIE was the one who wore a regular outfit at the party, and she said that the dress was in the back of the store. Wow, that really shows some sides. As she walked out of gym class with her costume on, Minnie and her faced a stare down.
"What are you looking at?" Minnie asked, rolling her eyes. Kaylee walked up to her and stared at her in the eyes with daggers.
"Your wearing my costume." She claimed. Minnie rolled her eyes and walked away, as if nothing was wrong. Kaylee stared her up and down the rest of the day, although it was the words after school that hurt.
"She's so ugly, she's so annoying, she's so stupid!" Kaylee cried.
As you can see, I've proved my point. Kaylee's the lier and Minnie's the winner. Saying nothing instead of hurtfull words gets you somewhere....well, in Kaylee's case, anyway.

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