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Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011





I hope tha I see him soon

I would know how to act nor what to do, but I want you bad.

If you say yes I do. Im not going to be ablto to do it.



I want to see your pretty teeth bite my pretty ????,

remember the day you said you didnt bite

I wish you did.

I feel all this can come true tis all up to you.

Dont give it a second thought.

I know you do, I can feel it 2




Meet me @ the park. I will be swingin dont laugh

I like to play at the park like the kids do.

May be deep down inside ima lil kidd 2.



My thoughts in mind travel faster than the speed of light

Thats why i decided to write, on paper so one day i cant sit and laugh and sai was it nonse or what was it.


I wonder why @night i lay in bed and ?? to go to sleep. Oh your the reason I dont think anyone can take your spot they better not.



Vacation in another nation. I ask was it or is it infactuation, from so much imagination like a princess with diary or queen in search of my king. I need a phycological evaluation, But the Phyco better be hot and ready like me cuzz that eval might turn in to a scene from zane sex chronicles. If you know what i mean. Just watch BET better yet let me make a movie and call it Fantasy Bunny Chronicle i be the producer the actress and director all in one, At the Embassy Suite.

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