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Some fun ways to beat writers block and get your creative juices flowing!

**I actually did not come up with these on my own. I got them from this writing book my mom got for me. I just really like the ideas and they help me so I figured I'd share them with you!

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013




So I've been having some writers block lately (mostly for my stories on my other account) so I've been looking for ways to beat it and get my creative juices flowing. I actually found this book that had some great tips and i want to share them withyou so if you're having problems, maybe they'll help you!

*Note: I have altered some of thesea little so they make a little more sense ;)


Part one:

Defeating writers block!

For this first section I'm going to give you some tips on how to defeat your writers block! The tips with the stars by them are the ideas I got from my book and the one's without the star are some things I do to get over it.

*Tip #1*

Take a wallk!
Feeling blocked with no clue how to start a chapter/peice of writing? Maybe it's time to step away from your computer and get some freash air! Grab a pen and a notebook (Make sure it's got a har cover to you have something hard to write on) and take a walk. Pay attention to the world around you. Write down the things you see, smell and hear. Write it down!

I did this not that long ago and it actually really helped to step away from my computer and my room for a while and just get out. it cleared my head and made it easier to think. Writing down thingshelpedme remember it and I worked with it and gota story!

*Tip #2*
I think this one's super creative ^.^

HowBAD can it be?
Write the worst story ever written (and if you're feeling brave, post it here on Booksie and see whatkind ofcomments you get)!Have fun with this and use your imagination. This story can be about pretty much anything! From flying pigs that sing to skinny truck drivers that make you eat onion caserol (NOT my ideas, they came from the book). You only have one rule to follow. Make it horrible! You'll have such a great time letting go and writing this horrible story that you're bound to get some creative ideas and conquer that writers block.

I haven't actually done this one yet butI'm planning to in the future XD

*Tip #3*

It's perfectly fine to just sit down and do nothing but think. Find a comfy, private place to sit or lay down and just think. Make sure not to have too much noise around you. Like for example, don't sit in the middle of the living room with the TV on and you're phone buzzing every ten seconds. That will just distract you and you won't get anything done. Make sure to have a notebook close by (don't use your laptop, there are too many distraction with that) and think for a while. eventually nothing will lead to something.

This is one of my favorites. I do this all the time when I'm stuck. it really does help me and, actually, some of my best work had some from nothing!

Tip #4

Get into character!
Having trouble with characters or theme or figuring out where you want to go with a story? Well it's timeto get into character! Think of your main character and what he/she is like. Think of his/her favorite things and use that. Get out and walk around, pretending to be your character. Listen to the music he/she likes. Talk in a Britich accent (if they happen to have an accent). Dress up! Don't be afraid to pretend to be a five year old. Dress how your character would and walk around. Dance around your room like he/she would. Get inside your characters mind! while doing this you'll learn things about your character and ideas will start flowing.

Yes I have done this. More than once. I know it sounds like something a kindergartener would do but, hey, we all have a little bit of kindergartener inside of us. plus it really helps to pretend :)

*Tip #5*

Like we don't all do it anyways ;)

This one's simple. Turn up your music and dance. Twirl and fly around your room. Dancing actually does help your creative juices flow and helps wake you up so do it! I don't care if you look like an idiot, come watch me dance some time :P It's all just fun to help you wake up your brain and work on your stories.

Yeah, I've done this. A lot. Admit it, you guys do it too. It helps right? Yeah, I know :D

Part 2:

Flow, Creative Juices!

In this section I'll give you some ideas of how to get your creative juices flowing and let you work on your awesome stories. The one's with the stars by them are the one's from the book and the one's without are mine


A picture's worth a thousand words...
Though very often used and very cliche, this is very true. A picture can be the one thing that gets you started. In fact, my friend Ophelia Autumn (Booksie name) started writing her novel Medusa's Bracelet because of a picture she found online that inspired her. But for this, I don't want you guys to search online. Instead, flip through a magazine or find some old postcards and pick out two pictures. Place them side by side (it doesn't matter if they have anything to do with one another) and look at them. Your brain will start to work and a story will flow. It may be great, it may not be. But it will get your writing and that's what we're all about :D

It really works, just try it! Pick at random and go! Also go check out Medusa's Bracelet and tell Miss Ophelia to write more of it. She only has one chapter up and she's not listening to me telling her to write more :P
Here's a link:


A different perspective
Woof! Woof! have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Well, not you can know. write a story in their perspective of what you think they would do and say. If you don't have a dog, do it from the perspective of your cat, your fish, your hamster, whatever. Imagine you are them and write down what they're thinking. And you don't just have to stick with animals. You could do it from the perspective of your mom, your best friend, your favorite teacher, whoever. What do you think is going on in their minds? Write and mayb eyou can incorporate it in a story!

Arf, arf. Meow, purr. Bubble, bubble. (sorry don't know what sound a fish makes...) get creative and try to see the world from someone else's point of view. It will help you get a clue on your characters and what they could be like.

*Tip #3*

Time of your life!
Write out a timeline of your day. I would suggest that if you're still in high school or college, you may want to do it on the weekends. Or you could do one during the week and one on the weekend and have two different perspectives. Doing this, you will be able to keep track of what you did so if you did something really fun and you think you could incorporate it in a story, you won't forget it. As much as we like to pretend, we aren't perfect and our memories fade as we go through the day. Keeping a timeline of everything will alow you to be able to go back at the end of the day and look at it then recall what you did. it will be one of those "Oh Yeaaaaah!" moments.

*Tip #4*

Get the scoop!
Pretend you are a reporter or journalist for a magazine or newspaper and you're covering your family news. You need to have a story by 5 p.m. and you need an interview fast. Find someone inyour house, mom, dad, siblings, and ask them about their day. Write down what they tell you and be sure to get details! This will help you develop a character and give you an idea of how that character may live his/her life.

Part 3:

Editing... It's a Bitch!

These are a couple editing ideas for you if you just don't know how or don't want to do it. The one's with the star by them are the books and the one's without are mine.

Tip #1

Be proud!!
Editing can be hard and tiring. it may seem like going back and looking for your mistakes to fix can take eons. Once you thinks it'sperfect, you find another little mistake. Let's not think of it like that though. As a Booksie personel told me, "proof-reading isn't necessarily looking for your mistakes; it's just reading over what you wrote" so loosen up a little when editing. It's not meant to be hard (though I though it was for the longest time) it's meant to be fun. It's meant to make you go back and reread your work. Enjoy it while you're doing so. Enjoy what you've written, be proud of it!

Tip #2

Baby steps
Take your time editing. If you're editing a novel, do a chapter a day. And don't be frustrated if you go back thorugh and find more mistakes you missed the first time. It happens. You may have to go through several times before you fix all the mistakes but that's OK. Just don't do it all at once or you'll be threatened to throw your computer at the wall. A chapter a day then once you're done, go back through and start at the begining again. It will give you time and you'll be able to space it out more, making it easier on you and less dangerous for your computer ;)

*Tip #3*

Be a critic!
Just finish reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a new CD? Good! Now write a review about it. What did you love? What did you hate? Was there a part you really enjoyed more than anything else? What about the actors or characters? How did you feel about them? What about the songs, did they speak to you? Could you get up and dance to them? Write it! Give us your opinion on it. And be sure to explain why you did or did not like it. Come up witha rating system as well. Like stars or something. How many stars would you give it? Being a critic of someone else's work will inspire you to take a look at your own work and critique it.


So there you guys go. Some tips for your writing. I hope you enjoyed this and will use it :) It's really helped me and I hope it does the same for you!

Love always!
Cera ;D

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