An Unforgettable Christmas

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Teens are on Christmas Break - I wrote this for English class

Submitted: May 02, 2008

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Submitted: May 02, 2008



My four best friends and I decided that this year, instead of giving gifts, we would go on a trip together.  I wanted to go to the Bahamas.  Brooke wanted to go to Texas.  Tiffany wanted to go to Maui.  Alex wanted to go to California, and Randie wanted to go to Massachusetts.  We decided to go to Michigan.  We heard that they got a lot of snow.

We arrived in the Detroit airport.  We expected to see snow, but we were surprised to see no snow.  It was warm, so we took off our coats.  We asked an airport attendant if we were in Michigan.  He told us that we were, but they were having a warm spell this year.  My friends and I exchanged a glance.  Now what were we supposed to do?  We wanted snow.  We lived in Florida, so we didn’t get to see snow often.  Randie voted to stay and see if it would snow.  I agreed, and the others grudgingly agreed.  What are you supposed to do in Michigan in winter without snow? 

We took a taxi to our hotel and went to sleep.  Tomorrow was Christmas, and there was no snow.  We had stockings hung up on the door, since there was no fireplace.  We had a “Christmas tree” with little ornaments on it. 

When we woke up the next morning, we were surprised that it was white outside.  We grabbed our sleds and headed outside into the snow.  I grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at Brooke.  She retaliated, until it turned into a full blown snowball fight.  We accidentally hit the reindeer that was out front and the manager yelled at us.  We went back to our room to open gifts.  We weren’t supposed to give gifts, but we had caved and done “secret Santa.”  I got a candy-cane shaped candle.  Brooke got a bundle of mistletoe.  Alex received a caroling snowman.  Tiffany got a reindeer stuffed animal, and Randie got a notebook with a Christmas tree on it.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was probably the most memorable Christmas that we’ve ever had.

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