Mysteries of Harris Burdick: Another Place, Another Time

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A alternate prequel to The Ranger's Apprentice series, wrote by me as a Language Arts essay.

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Mysteries of Harris Burdick: Another Place, Another Time Short Essay for Class by Arjay Rafuse Redmont, Araluen, 1079.

"There it is!" exclaimed Will.

"Finally,"muttered Horace, his hand on the sail's ropes. Alyss shifted her weight to one side of the makeshift craft, her muscles straining. Jenny stared off into the mountains, acknowleding the castle far off into the distance. "Eyup".

The four pre-teenagers had been travelling for a few hours, is not a day. All the mist and fog made it difficult for them to tell the time. Their previous Baron, Arald of Norgate, had to send the children away to a differend fied in Arafuen. War was raging from the nothern country of Picta, and they were starting to invade Araluen for land that they were losing desperately to Sonderland. An invasion came to Norgate a few days back, and Arald couldn't afford to have the children become injured, if not killed. He had two choices: send the children to Seacliff fief to the southeast with an escort on horseback, making a large arc around the warzone; or send them on a new kind of railread transportation across the Stormwhite Sea, to the Castle Redmont, the capital of Araluen. He had to make haste and choose one wisely as well, because his army needed the swordsmaster on the battlefield. Redmont was a fortress, and was never dared to be invaded. It was the sweet, suculent choive in terms of protection. There, the children would be safe, as well as given the oppertunity to become apprenticed to the highest-class craftsmasters in all the kingdom. "Send them in, I've made my decision."He hoped his choice would not be wrong, nor in vain.

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