Planet Tuflerois Chapter 1

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This is chapter 1 of my story! To see chapter 2, got to my account, and read it if it is out yet! :)

Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018



Chapter 1

“Hey guys, my name is Jace, short for Jason. Wanna do a team battle?” He was standing tall trying to act tough. “Yeah, sure,” replied Alby. Jason, in a white t-shirt and neon green shorts, looked to his friends. “Guys, ready for a team battle?” “Ehhh, I don’t really feel like it,” said Joey. Joey wasn’t in a good mood this morning and didn’t feel like doing anything. “It wasn’t a question,” replied Jason. “Let’s do it guys! This will be awesome practice for the upcoming tournament!” exclaimed Jax, who was always energized. “Why not,” said Jett. “I think they're ready,” said Jace, preparing to battle. “Yup! We’re ready to crush you guys!” said Alex, grinning. “Let’s see about that!” shouted Jax, “we are the J squad and we never let anyone win against us!” “Yeah, well we’re the wind squad!” exclaimed Alex, “and we also never let anyone win against us!” “Everyone, accept the match,” said Jett. Each person pressed a button on their element bracelet. They all shouted “3… 2… 1… Begin!” Jenga, wearing his bright orange tank-top and ripped jeans was looking very confident this morning. He pulled out his arm, and using his wind element, sent Jett flying. He fell flat to the ground, landing on his stomach with his knees bloody and his elbows scratched against the concrete floor. Jett stood up with his chest puffed, hating the feeling of being eliminated so quickly. He was embarrassed in front of his team. Alex and Max both combined their wind element and knocked down Jax and Joey. Jason was the only one left and they all used their wind element on him. He tipped over, falling backwards and just before he would have hit the ground he firmly placed his hands on the ground, his butt almost touching the ground. He got back up extremely hurt and hands cut. He ran up to the 4 of them, dodging all their attacks and lit Max on fire with his fire element. He couldn’t tolerate the pain and pressed the forfeit button on the element bracelet. Jason grinned. Just then, the remaining three made Jason fall to the ground with their elemental powers, making Jason eliminated. “Ha! Losers!” laughed Alex. They all walked away laughing. “Guys, we all gotta practice everyday. I heard that they are going to the tournament as well,” said Jason. “Yeah, they’re so good,” said Jett, “did you see how they combined their elements together? It made their elements much stronger.” “I wanna learn to do that,” said Jax. “Me too,” said Joey. “Guys, we probably can learn to do that. Tomorrow morning, let’s get up at 7 o’clock  and lets practice throughout the whole day!” said Jason, getting very excited. They all agreed.


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