Maddie comforts her best friend as he goes through a tough time.

I watched as Robert's girlfriend picked up her purse and walked away.  He sat down and palced his head in his hands and stayed there.

I walked over to him and sat down beside him, "hey." I said.

He glanced up between his fingers and then looked back down and sighed.  finally he lowered his hands and sat up to face me, "Hey."

I tilted my head sideways, like it would help me understand him better.  He was the one person I could never figure out.  I guess that's why we were such good friends, "do  you need to talk?  You know me.  If you talk, I'll listen."

He leaned back adn sighed, "No. I"ll be fine."

I bit my lip, trying to think of a way ot help him.  I grabbed his hand, "Come with me.  You need some fresh air."

I led him out of the crowded gym and out into the cool night.  I let go of his hand and we walked side by side through the samll garden outside the gym.

"I konw you don't whant to talk about it, but what happened?"

"She decided she didn't like me anymore." And so she left him sitting alone and depressed in the middle of the biggest dance of the whole year. 

I winced slightly, "She has great timing you know.  I see why you liked her."

He laughed one of his painful, forced laughs, and again I wainced at his pain, "Ya, Well. It's not like she's the first girl to make that decision."

Fury flared up inside of my slightly over-protective heart.  At that moment I wanted to find her and rip all of her perfectly curled air out, "Becasue you have horrible taste when it comes to chicks." I say angrily, "You need to find a girl that is more your type."  The thought crosses my mind that in many ways, I am his type of girl.  No.  I quickly push that thought away.

We turn and start to walk back to the crowded dance.

he sighs yet again, "I guess you're right."

I smile, "of course I'm right."

As I walk I stare at the ground, enveloped in my own thoughts.  Suddenly I am aware that his eyes are on me.

I look over at his steady gaze, "What?" I ask, somewhat self-consciouse.

He just shruggs./

We walk back into the crowded dance.  Suddenly the music slows and couples start to come together on the dancefloor..  I cross my arms across my chest, ready to sit this one out.

He taps my shoulder and gestures to the dancefloor.  I nodd, suprised by the offer, and unwind my arms.

he takes my hand and spins me slowly before pulling me to him.

I find myslef loooking into his eyes, find myslef studying the handsome lines of his sharp features.  I can feel his hand on the small of my back.  i can hear the song coming to an end and find myself wanting it to last longer.

I realize that we've now danced into the hallway.  We stop moving.  out eyes are still locked.

he takes his hand out of mine so that he can brush a strand of hair from my face.  Then, he puts his and on the back of my neck and pulled me even closer to him.

Out lips brushed together and the moment tasted so sweet that I never wanted it to end.

We pulled away and his hand rested on my cheek where his thumb traced circles absently. 

A faint smile pulled at the corners of his mouth, "You know I've always loved you right?" He says softly.  His eyes bore into mine with an intensity beyond anything I thought he was capable of.  I now see why all the girls truly fell in love witih him.  How ever did they manage to walk away?

"Yes." I said breathlessly.

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