Goodbye My Friends

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Swimming in leaves in September

Submitted: February 09, 2011

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Submitted: February 09, 2011




When I first met you or how, I can’t remember

but swimming in leaves in september

and skipping rocks in the sun

or making the biggest bubble of gum

are memories still part of me.

Telling each other secrets or who we wanted to be,

our biggest crush for that week,

or out on a dream fast asleep,

holding our stuffed animals warm,

our friendship, impossibly torn.

Making tiny footprints in each others’ hearts,

pinky swears, mud and funny farts.

Giggles on the sand at a hot beach,

the shapes in the clouds we could never quite reach.

Barbie was our idol and favorite past time

“Neon-Kelly”, and limerics that rhymed.

Whether it was learning, arguing or events

we grew together, every moment well spent.

Rising to young women, lady’s in fact

with our past and our future still in tact.

Highschool came and flew by with great stories all around

of many times picking each other up from the ground.

Drunk, happy, sad, mad, heart broken and PMS

“You girls better clean up that mess!”

Every moment I have had with each of my girls

has made me who I am, filtered into my world.

Thank you for being my sisters, confidants and mothers,

my best friends when there weren’t any others.

You have left footprints words can’t follow

and we find ourselves beginning to show

our adulthood, our responsibilities, our strengths.

I’m leaving for a short time, seems forever in length

and I’m packing you in my suitcase I promise

in pictures and things to reminisce.

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