Dark Unknown

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The timeless comet is telling stories about Earth who has fel for Man, for Gliese to ease his fear. They are all in darkness, and ask to find the light.

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



Information reader might needs to know:

  • Gliese-581-d was originally reported to be the first potentially Earth-like planet in the habitable zone of a dwarf star. The Gliese-581-d system is relatively close to Earth, at 20.3 light years distance.
  • Comets are relatively small celestial bodies that rotate around a star. Comets are commonly made of water, olivine and carbon. It is believed that the materials which are needed for life brought to Earth by comets. Whenever a comet approach a star, due to heat, the stony surface of it cracks and inner materials spray out which seems like a, commonly blue, tail. Hale-Bopp comet has the longest orbit in our system.
  • Scientists believe that Earth without moon would slow down much faster. Days would last only 8 hours at present time and there would be enormous hurricanes on Earth. So, the possibility of life in Earth would be much lower.
  • Earth protects its atmosphere by magnetic layer which is due to rotation of its liquid core. Mars has no liquid core.
  • Every star will once get out of energy it needs to produce heat. When it happens, there are two possibilities. The star will explode and pieces of the solar system, spread in space, will start rotating around some other object until they cool down. Or, the star will turn into a black hole that nothing could get close to it, unless get swallowed by it.
  • Earth looks blue from the space and is the brightest planet in solar system due to reflection of light on oceans within atmosphere.





I am so afraid. I am in Darkness. It isn’t about unknown.

The need to know is frightening.



One of them is coming. The blue light is diffusing on my moons. I feel the warmth. I can smell the primitive scent of olivine.

Once in a while, one of them visits me and tells me stories about galaxy and space, stories about darkness and light turning to each other and about deaths transforming into births.

Regarding the recent change in balance, this should be ‘Heralda’ coming this way. One of the oldest comets I have ever met. He used to visit here once in 3380 years. But, after the change, he started passing by 626 years earlier, which means every 2754 years once. The last time he passed by, he told me about the change. He said it was a sacrifice of a solar system. Whenever a change such as sacrifice or birth happens, we all have to change our paths.

Every solar system has to sacrifice itself once. Just because, tiny particles at the center of the system are out of energy to perform some tiny task, the whole solar system has to sacrifice itself in order to maintain the balance and serve the gravity. The whole system, sun, planets, moons and  comets turn into a mound of boiling rock and gas, just as we all were in the far past. This happens only to lucky ones. This way they can give birth again. The others which are not lucky, after sacrifice turn into nothing, pure absolute nothing. Heralda says, some of them turned to darkness and always stay in distance. He says no one could get close to them. Maybe someone did, but they turned into darkness too and stuck in distance.

The smell of olivine is getting closer. Just a few decades later, after one triple and two single eclipses, I will be amazed by tales of my messenger. Soon, Heralda, pulling along brightness of his blue tail, will be telling me lightening stories of dark space.


** Earth **

The most amazing stories of all which Heralda have told me were about Earth. She is some planet deep in the space carrying on with a sun and a moon. Just one moon! I can’t imagine it. It means she has never experienced double or triple tide, when two or all three of your moons get close to you. When the tide’s in, you feel like your oceans are turning to clouds. They get so light that you feel afraid of being so bare. And, Earth could never sense it with a mere moon. Anyway, it’s better than having no moon. Heralda says, ‘Sola’ has no moon. Her solar system is somewhere between mine and Erthe’s. He’s solitary is slowing him down rapidly. Soon, she has to stop and then she will fall into her sun. Heralda says there are always catastrophic storms on Sola which repeatedly furrow her surface. Anyway, Earth at least has one.

It wasn’t long time ago when Heralda, in one of his visits, told me about Earth becoming a cradle. Earth gave birth to Man. Heralda told me ‘BrightestBlue (this is what Heralda, by any reason, calls Earth) could never be a cradle unless she had made all the unique decisions of her life. And, she could never make those decisions, unless she was at the right time at the right place’. I was staring at his beautiful blue tail while he added ‘if anyone, even Earth, were in Mars’s place they couldn’t stand and would freeze down. It is just the matter of time and place’.

The last time Heralda passed by, he said Earth has become dumb. Heralda said she was still rotating around her sun, but just because of gravity, not by herself. She is alive, but lifeless, the same as Mars. Mars froze himself deep inside. There is no heat inside Mars anymore. So, he doesn’t have any magnetic protection layer against solar storms, and no atmosphere. Sure, Mars will never be a cradle. The last time Heralda passed by, he said Man was completely vanished on Earth and she was just looking like frozen never-being-cradle Mars.

But, the story of Earth was different. She held the warmth inside her and it gave her protection against solar storms. She let the comets to settle down on her and they brought carbon, olivine and water for her. Earth tolerated collides of others, even though they ripped apart parts of her, as her moon. She never gave up her moon. So, in return, Earth had the protection of her moon against space debits. Her moon helped her all these years to stay spinning and avoided catastrophic storms in earth, as those which continuously furrow Sola.

I have listened many stories about Earth cradling Man. These were the most amazing stories of all Heralda told me. I’m not sure about Man, but I do know that Earth loved Man. She even called herself ‘Home’, instead of Earth or BrightestBlue. She called herself mere ‘Home’, for Man, which is now empty.

The blue diffusion on my moons is getting denser. Just after the triple eclipse passed, my sage messenger would be here to tell me tiny stories, as the celectial body has just fallen into my oceans, and huge ones, as sacrifice of a solar system, about infinite space. My messenger will come to take me out of dark unknown.


** Eclipse**

It is happening again. The dark stains of my moons are covering me. I am afraid. Now, my largest moon is covering most of Sun. Later, the two others will cover almost all of it. Just three or four spots of light will remain. There’re hardly enough to maintain my belief that there is still a sun and that I will be in light again. Darkness of triple eclipse frightens me in a different, much more profound way than the tides do.

Once, during a triple eclipse, while I was lost in my dark wonders and I was clawing to last few traces of my belief, my smallest moon got close, looking straight into me with his dark face, and revived the question in me ‘Why we are afraid of darkness?’

The last bright part of sun is being covered by third of my moons. I haven’t answered the question of my smallest moon yet. I just don’t know. I just want to get out of darkness. I don’t care ‘Why we’re afraid of darkness’. It feels like I myself am not here too. I’m not afraid of death. We all have to sacrifice once, to give birth again and to serve the balance. But, until then, In order to stay alive I have to stay where I am supposed to. In darkness, I don’t feel like being at the wrong place, I feel myself like being nowhere. Now in darkness, every second passes by like a year. I’m afraid. I know nothing. I just want to get out of it.



2754 years later – 20.3 light years away, close to solar system of Earth

I am getting closer. I can feel the cracks on me. Whenever I approach a sun, my skin breaks apart. I lose a lot of flesh, spreading away out in an ugly blue gas smelling malodorous carbon and olivine, mixed with water. She can probably smell it now.

From the distance, they all seem amazed of their sun, turning their lighten face to him and wandering around him. Gravity and balance are still ruling the flat circle of her solar system. Everyone was just as calm and obedient as before, including her, the brightest blue one. Just as the last time.

I don’t know exactly, when was the last time. For me there is no year or day and night. Everything changes regularly within my orbit. There is always light and darkness turning into each other and deaths transforming into births. They regularly change my orbit and my life.

‘BrightestBlue’ has always been unique. Also, she used to be a cradle. She gave birth to Man. It was just the time when she changed in a strange way. She wasn’t anymore a sphere of stone and gas which was rotating around sun and spinning. She was a sphere of stone and gas who was rotating around sun and spinning, to be home for Man. During those times, sometimes I was feeling like she could go on moving even without gravity, even if whole the galaxy was destroyed.

Only someone so placeless, timeless and so close to death could understand this, someone like me. However, this wasn’t her choice. It was just a matter of being at the right time at the right place. But, I wonder, what do we are, other than a row of specific places and times?

Anyway, profound and deep experience of BrightestBlue, traced with pain. A few visits before, I realized Man was gone. It was gone like dead. Home was empty. I never knew how. Earth had become dumb. What should she call herself now? BrightestBlue? Sister of Mars? Earth? No, she has to remain what she is, Home. But, empty home.

The last time I visited Gliese, just after he had triple eclipse, he had changed too. He used to be very quite. However, he had become excited and anxious and filled with questions. He was frightened of darkness, curious about all of the particles of galaxy and even about BrightestBblue that he called ‘Earth’. He was worry about a tiny celestial body which had recently collided him. It was just a tiny pure white object that fell into one of his oceans. I couldn’t help him much. I just spread out my flesh while I was passing by his sun and told my repetitive stories of galaxy.

Gliese was frightened of darkness, as we all are. But the dark unknown that BrightestBlue is now frightened of, is much profounder. However, I’m going to take her to light.

Soon, I will meet dumb BrightestBlue. I am going to tell her about the tiny celestial body has collided Gliese. BrightestBlue will know. She will be out of her frightening darkness, and will come back alive on her lightened unique path of life, as ‘Once Home’ for Man which is now living on Gliese.

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