For Keeps

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We all play the game, but what are you playing for?

Submitted: February 29, 2016

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Submitted: February 29, 2016





I put my chips on the table

And the devil dealt me in.

I've been playing for so long now,

all by myself,

And I know your playing the same,

Across the room,

At a different table,

But with similar stakes.

I'm waiting to know you,

But you don't know I'm here.

I've been playing a game that I could only lose.

But you know all the cheats, the secrets and tricks,

You've been counting cards while I've been barely breaking even.

It's a victory meant for you and you alone,

I'm not so sure the reward is much of a prize,

But it may just be worth it, so roll the dice.

They said it was a game of love and hate,

But that's old and trite.

And you see I beleive its more of a game of souls.

A not so thorough elaboration of this proclomation

Would be simply this: if you play you can win,

Maybe to find something

You've not yet found:

Happiness perhaps, and love is in the cards.

But it's a dangerous game,

One that can kill or if lucky elate

The heart of the queen and a king's soul.

A game of wits,

Even a physical challenge,

But as always a game of  heart and minds.

But let's be clear:

If you're playing to win, know that I'm not.

I'm playing for keeps.




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