Have You Ever Seen A Sunset

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: September 29, 2019

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Submitted: September 29, 2019




Have you ever seen a sunset

Orange skies with open eyes tinted red as fire casts its light in shades of yellow. The world turns purple. The sun ducks out. A hint of green and deeper blues and violet before the black fills out.

Just like that it's night time again One thing ends another begins But the night is cold Its lonely It's a cliche but its gotta be true because we say so

Even the moon fades away every now and again Not wanting to face the same sick blackness every night Not wanting to stand up after the fight When the light of its life walks away Gone away You're here to stay But you went astray

Fuck the stars If they're gonna give me direction why do they keep moving

Just slow down sit down

Do like I'm doing

Sitting in one spot staring out at a sunset that set, sleeping with my socks on, with my eyes shut still staring at the center star

But it's bizarre

That I'm betting you never bothered to question the belligerent bright light above you. Burning you, blinding you. It's it's most beautiful in the beginning...and when it's leaving.

The moon only ever wanted to have friends but the sun boxed him in...sure the fireball talks big, boasting up his little white friend, but he only let's the line shine on him when he's gone away.

I forgot what I was gonna say

I guess I just got distracted by the light in my eyes

You complacent bathers never thought to wake up in the middle of the night to bask in the glow of the moonlight. The bats got it right.



Vitamin D-ficieny

But what about the sunrise?

Forget it

Give me the nighttime. Hand me the moonshine. I'll drink it in and drink it deep. And when the cold gets too lonely and the moon gets too overgrown that it turns away I'll wait for it, and sleep throughout the day.

This is the symphony of sadness.

The depression dirge.

This is the march of madness

Chirping through the night

Saddled up on crickets

It's the reason creatives create in the dark.

This is real. Daylight is decieving.

In the day we hide away the truth. Because in the light it's easy to see what's left behind after you strip away your youth. Smiling faces and well lit places are nothing but showrooms and the sun is a spotlight...ready for your close up, don't forget your makeup.

But when you slow down and the sun goes down you remember who you really are when your sitting in the dark...because when you can't see yourself you're acutely aware of who you are, because that's all you have left.

Out of sight...and only in mind.

And it isn't pretty. But that's why it's dark.

Be who you are. Turn off the lights.

It won't be pretty.

The nighttime is most beautiful in the beginning...and when it's leaving.

Have you ever seen a sunset?

© Copyright 2020 Farren N. Keys. All rights reserved.

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