Worse Off

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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



Worse Off

Worse off then I've ever been,

It all seems to come back again,

Worse now than it was before,

Feeling like some sick, twisted metaphor.

Ache for time gone by, once more,

Insomnia stains grow dark again, pity the poor.

Not the poor of pocket but the poor in joy,

Those rich in sorrow, rich in pain, see the boy

Lost in his darker dreams, the nightmares return

Stronger than before, he's taken a wrong turn,

A U-turn back to where he used to be,

A sadder colder place he tried to leave, but he...

He can't find his way, despite where the light is,

Taken by those things once we could dismiss.

And now faded stains turn purple again,

And what a shame, they were on the mend.

It's a vicious cycle, a perpetual sorrow, 

A worse kind of night that doesn't find tomorrow.

Can you hear me?

Trapped in an unwelcome reality.

Where one wants to stay awake,

Because the dreams carry to much heartache,

But the conscious world is so unfair,

And those "benevolent forces" seem not to care.

We're all alone, in a crowd, isn't that the truth?

You, with pained wisdom, who'd rather be aloof.

We can't change it, not anymore.

So back it comes, just like before.

And now, I'm worse off than I've ever been,

While it all just comes on back again.

© Copyright 2018 Farren N. Keys. All rights reserved.

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