Love rush

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This poem is about when a girl feels lonely and is looking for love.

Submitted: July 02, 2008

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Submitted: July 02, 2008



Once again, the sea is empty --

A vacant heart indeed

Why must I be alone again--

When I am in need

The school of fishes have disappeared

I am left alone

Noone to hold me, or kiss me

Noone to call my own

Till I heard a distant sound

I looked and then I saw--

Saw a face of another

I was left in awe

He was such a genuine kind

I swam to him with hope

Hope that he would fall for me

And untie this rope--

That kept me from the taste of love

Oh the pain it caused

He had to be the one

My loving gift from God

But I guess I was wrong...

Another joke once again

He laughed at me and swam away

And I again, am left with a heart to mend

I felt like giving up...its no use

I'm no good anyways

"Now that's a lame excuse"

I turned around

It was an interesting looking guy

"Did you ever try waiting?"

I said no and asked why

"Well....patience is the key"

"It's the key to your heart's desire"

I've never thought about it that way

Now I felt inspired--

To just simply wait--

For my prince charming to find me

Because if he's really charming

He'd find me first

He'd make the move

He'd hold my hand

He'd be my friend

He'd take time with me

And thats how you know

If he's really the "charm"

The one to hold you--


You're worth it girl

You're a princess

You deserve better than that

Just wait....its the best thing to do...

By the way, do you think that interesting guy was hinting something to me?\"\"\"\"

Well.....its just best to wait.

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