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this is a poem i wrote for the B.Leaf's challenge.

Submitted: July 06, 2008

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Submitted: July 06, 2008



it was no ordinary day, that it wasn't

as i walked in the woods of the un-tamed beast

i was afraid for my life; afraid indeed

but i found a monastery that saved me

they saved me from the pit of fear and death

such an environment supplements my soul

the beauty of the eternal lake which rejuvenates every being

which one could not speak or explain the genuinity of

how could i have ended up in such a place?

its a forlorn place and yet, it has an authentic signature

i watch the fishes traverse the crystal clear water

it was done in such an elegant manner

it was their habitual nature to swim so gracefully

nature's ceremonials begin with a flicker of light

you would think that i stretch the truth

but it is no exaggeration in which i speak

it's the reality of mother nature

it's as if a planter came and buried the seed of life

life itself could not fathom the beauty that lingers about this place

its as if the wizard came and flicked his wand

it simply cannot be true

i must be in a very intense sleep

such a world could not exist....

could it really be true?

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