Are we Thankful ?

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Aren't we sometimes fed up by our way of life when we look at the successful and rich people.... Well here's what I just realised !!!!!!!!!

Submitted: April 07, 2016

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Submitted: April 07, 2016



I went outside in my car

and reached an ostentatious place.

All was glittery and bright

as clear as a moonlit night.

Luxury Cars with sparkling glow

and Beautiful Mansions were everywhere.

Everything I had seemed unworthy,

my car seemed useless,

my house seemed like a mess.

Then with a heavy heart I moved on,

thinking about how miserable life 

I was leading,

with less glitter and glamour.


After some long sad hours,

Suddenly I reached a place which was 

as dirty as a dustbin.

Houses made of mud,covered with tin,

shattered doors and stinking water

flowing in front of every house.

But when I looked at the people there,

with much happier faces, laughing with

their children,trying to forget their 

hurting wound of poverty and illness for

a while.

Many times they sleep with stomach hurting

with hunger, yet they try everyday 

to make their lives better knowing that it is 

close to impossible for them to stabilise 

in this world of mean and dominating people.


I finally came back home, sat down for

a while, trying to understand the

human nature.

When a human thinks of a house

more luxurious than his, he starts hating

his house,

But when he thinks about the homeless ones,

his house seems like a luxury itself.


It is not about stop Dreaming about

betterment and forging ahead,

It is about thanking god about what one has

and help the ones in bad condition,

instead of chasing the short-lived

glitters and glamours of the society.


Real happiness and contentment can

only be found by helping others...

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