The true Human

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man named John who is always to eager to help others, meets god one day

A true Human

There was a man who could never see anyone in pain and was always there to help others.His name was John.Whenever he saw anyone hurting anybody or doing bad to someone,he did every possible thing to stop it.Nobody liked his interference.All people in his family and neighbourhood were very annoyed with him.One day,he saw his neighbour,who usually came drunk every night, beating his wife and children.The man was called William , and his brother Robert was the same bad guy as he was.As soon as John saw William beating his wife,he ran towards him and slapped him hard across his face.William filled in rage called his brother and they both started beating John badly.They hit him with sticks,punched him,and made him badly wounded.John was badly hurt and he reached his house in hope that his mother would praise him for his work.But, his mother was very angry with him now.She shouted at him while dressing his wounds saying,''How many times should I tell you not to interfere in anybody personal matters ? John said,"But he was beating his wife !! His mother shouted again saying," Just shut your mouth and from now onwards you'll never try to save anyone".Tears fell from John's eyes.He was more hurt in his heart than he was from outside.He cried till midnight laying on his bed . As his mother was asleep,he walked out of the house crying.He sat on the shore of the river.The moon was shining bright and clear.All the place was covered with dense fog.Suddenly, John saw an old man appearing  from far.John ran towards him as the old man fell and was unable to move.As,John reached near him,he saw the man was bleeding badly,his body had wounds all over.John picked him up, and started running towards the hospital.The old man stopped him saying,"Son I cannot be saved now,It's too late, I'm already dead.John said,"No sir please don't loose hope,you'll be saved".The man said," Please take me to that bench and let me lay there."John said,"But sir you should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible." Old man instructed," Do as I say ! John took him to the bench nearby.The old man asked John,"Do you no who am I? John replied,"No sir."  The man said," I'm God ! This old man's son murdered him for money which he had with him." Humans have turned into monsters , they do not have mercy for anyone.They kill the ones who love them just for their little needs.I saw you saving a woman from her husband few hours ago.But,unfortunately she died.There are very less people like you in the world now,do not stop helping others .I reside in every body which has a soft heart and care for others." John could not understand anything,he was amazed.But he replied," Yes,sir I surely will not stop helping others !!". God smiled and took the old man's body into the sky.While John was returning to his house, he saw cops taking William and his Brother to jail.He asked the people nearby. They told him that william had killed his wife.Tears fell from John's eyes,and he was now determined that he would never let another human die like this.He looked at the sky and said," Thank you God ,for teaching me such a lesson of humanity.


Submitted: May 14, 2013

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There aren't enough people like John in the world; I try my best, but it's not enough. Good story; a nice message to it and it's well written. Good job :)

Sat, July 13th, 2013 4:41pm


Yes, there aren't enough good people like John in this world !! But , at least we're part of them :) .
I'm coming up with some more stories , I would love if you'll go through them ;)

Mon, July 15th, 2013 7:57am

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