happiness i seek

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Submitted: October 05, 2011

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Submitted: October 05, 2011



my life a train wreak,

going to fast.

if im not carefull,

ill never last.


take in the air,

breath by breath.

slowly decaying,

nothing left,


no emotion,

pain to bear.

i block it out,

nothing there.


i tell myself,

its in my head.

you cant see,

but i have bled.


im at a point,

life so low.

nothing left.

whats to show?


as i cower,

my head ducked down.

each step i take,

wearing a frown.


step by step,

door by door.

cant take the pain,

any more


it trickles down,

krystle red.

not only flesh,

my heart has bled.


people dont know,

how it is.

just falling away,

into bliss.


no ones felt,

the pain i feel.

there in dream world,

well my ones real.


its a fight,

night and day.

to stop myself,

falling away.


people dont notice

i am here.

bit by bit i seem,

to disapear.


more withdrawin,

can they see.

all i want is,

to be free!


away from pain,

and this dispair.

is there a place,

for me out there.


is there a place,

i can be.

where im not scared,

to be me.


i just want someone,

to like me for me.

support me in what,

i want to be.


i have a dream,

just like you,

it may not be the same,

but i have one too.


i dont want to be rich,

or have a fast car.

where sun shines down,

or live a far.


i dont want great stuff,

or a big place.

just own a smile,

for my face.


i dont want material things,

just to be happy.

in a place,

i can be me!

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